Swiss Chocolate

Swiss Chocolate

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by James M. Weil

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Life in a Swiss boarding school is idyllic for Drew Smith. Captivated by the beauty of the Swiss Alps, he is also in love with the girl of his dreams, Alexandra Cavalletti, a young aristocrat from Rome.

His world is ripped apart when he and Alexandra are expelled from school after being caught making love in the woods one night. Drew goes home to a broken

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Life in a Swiss boarding school is idyllic for Drew Smith. Captivated by the beauty of the Swiss Alps, he is also in love with the girl of his dreams, Alexandra Cavalletti, a young aristocrat from Rome.

His world is ripped apart when he and Alexandra are expelled from school after being caught making love in the woods one night. Drew goes home to a broken family, and all that he has come to expect out of life is swept away. He spends the next thirty years trying to recapture all that was lost, including the love of his life.

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Meet the Author

James Weil is an award-winning writer who has written for newspapers, magazines, and scientific journals. Fresh out of high school, he was accepted into Antioch’s Summer Seminar for Writers at Oxford, England. From there he attended Antioch’s Writer’s Year Abroad in London. Taking a two-year hiatus from school, he moved to Padua, Italy where he made a living working odd jobs and tutoring English to medical students at the University of Padua. During his two-year stay in Italy, he traveled extensively throughout the country, and speaks several dialects of Italian. He received his B.A. in Journalism from Temple University with a minor in business. After several years working for next to nothing in newspapers and magazines, he decided to go into the business end of publishing and found a job in circulation management with a controlled-circulation magazine publisher in Westchester, NY. The company was years behind the times, and their fulfillment house was sending their circulation files on microfiche. Realizing quickly that this would never do, he researched database software that would fit the needs of the company. Visual FoxPro 3.0 was the hottest database programming language on the market for small to medium businesses, so he ordered a copy, had the fulfillment house send all their data on tape, and taught himself computer programming. Within months, he built a robust circulation management system, enabling the marketing department and upper management to segment their circulation data and produce detailed reports about their target audiences. Quickly realizing he could make a small fortune as an independent consultant, he quit the publishing business and went out on his own. In just a few years he made a name for himself in the FoxPro community, and travelled extensively throughout the U.S. and Europe mentoring others, as well as designing database systems for companies of all sizes. Things were going gangbusters until September 11, but after that most of his independent work dried up, and he found regular jobs programming in an assortment of industries. He finally landed his dream job with the State of New York, where he now works with an extremely talented group of people. In the intervening years he wrote three novels: Swiss Chocolate, El Aguila, and Esmeralda. All three books got picked up by his agent, Chamein Canton of Chamein Canton Literary Agency. Chamein Canton is an award-winning, bestselling romance writer who has published nine books, and works her agency fulltime. He and Chamein became very good friends, and he began helping her by vetting manuscripts and query letters. Eventually she gave him the authority to sign writers he really fell in love with, and is responsible for getting four new writers published. In return, she taught him the ins and outs of the book publishing industry, a leviathan that is nearly impossible to keep up with. James Weil is as passionate about writing as he is about editing, and is torn between two loves, but most of all, he lives to see new talent get a start in the publishing business.

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Swiss Chocolate 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book was terrible. The author is obviously not a writer. It was easy to tell that this story was written in a hurry. There were many mistakes, which shows poor editing. The language was unnecessary and the author obviously does not care for women. I think the author should stick to his day job and forget about writing. I won't waste my money or time reading any more of his trash.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book because  the author is a painter with his words !!! He brought the European cities and countries to life.  I could not putthe book down,  The novel is spell binding! Brilliantlly done!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The name of the novel has nothing to do with how to make or even eat chocolate. Was I bummed? No I was shocked. But being lucky enough to know the author, James Weil as a Facebook buddy, I should have expected it. Be forewarned, this is some intense and in your face material. What is between the covers of this novel- to the synopsis: “Drew Smith, a teenager from a wealthy family in New Jersey, is sent to a Swiss Boarding School and falls in love with Alexandra Cavalletti, a beautiful, aristocratic girl from Rome. The innocence of their love affair turns disastrous when they are expelled after being caught in the middle of their young passion. Drew returns home to his dysfunctional family and Alexandra's life is affected when her mother goes insane and sells off the family fortune for a song. Despite their travails, Drew and Alexandra remain in contact and cross paths over the years. Drew never really let's go of her, even though she moves on.” During the summer I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of James’ writing when he shot me over a short story he had written, so I had an inkling as to what was to come. His writing is intense, heartfelt and brutally honest, laying it out there for all to see .For some that is hard to read let alone to write. I am going to say this is a daring move, exposing such deep feelings to so many people. The thing is, if you get to know the guy, you will see that he does that on a daily basis, he wears it all on his sleeve, good or bad, for everyone to consume, kudos. His novel is a mirror reflection of himself: raw, uncensored, and brutally honest. That is the reason for the five stars: total and complete honesty of self. I don’t believe I have read it to this degree before. To believe what I’ve written, go to his Facebook page, become his friend, experience James Weil and then decide if I am not point on here. I am just trying to be honest.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Awesome book. James is one of the best writers I have read. Love his style and honesty. Well worth the read. Also love, love, love his book El Aguila. It is an incredibly important piece of contemporary literature. El Aguila completely affected my perception of immigration and sealed my thoughts on this in a very permanent way. It is very important stuff ~ and well researched. Both books are very important pieces of literature.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Swiss chocolate is one of the best novels I have ever read. Mr. Weil is a master storyteller, and you feel like you are right there with him throughout his travels through Europe. All the characters are multidimensional, and there are many layers of intertwining themes as this brilliant story unfolds. This is much more than a coming-of-age story; it is unique in its brutal honesty about the destruction of two great families with a long lineage of aristocracy, and the consequences for the young victims who are forced to endure their fates. I cannot overemphasize the importance of this great book. It is a must read.
DagTagJS More than 1 year ago
'Swiss Chocolate' is a great book.....among the best I've read in awhile. Honest, straight-forward, exciting and tragic. The Author has a simple, yet elegant style. He is very open about Drew's life in a dysfunctional family and his love of Alexandra, that spans decades. He has a gift for expressing intricate details of the beautiful places he travels. You feel like you're right there with him on his journey. I highly recommend it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Swiss Chocolate is the type of American novel that is difficult to put down. Once you start, you are in for a deeply moving adventure of love and coming of age. James Weil is a master of character development and human relations. Drew Smith, a troubled though gifted and sincere lad from a semi-functional, suburban NJ upper-middle class home--tennis club, private schools, alcoholic mom and philandering engineer-businessman father. There is "old money" in this family. Alexandra is an Italian aristocratic beauty: graceful, independent and determined to maintain what is rightfully hers. Weil's depiction of their family lives, environments and social class is extraordinarily well done. Weil has a sociological gift. I especially enjoyed Drew's Aunt Tess, an artist and cosmopolitan. We all should have an Aunt Tess in our lives. The action takes place in the Swiss Alps, suburban New Jersey, London, Oxford, Rome, Greece, Spain and Padua. Weil makes these locations come alive. I identified with Drew's struggle to become a man and a writer, notwithstanding the betrayal of his callous father and the despair of his helpless mom. Alexandra deals with her loving father's early death and the resulting insanity and self-destructiveness of her mother. Her brother, at her mother's insistence, assumes all the power and wealth in the family. Alexandra is determined to make a new life, defying the social mores of her class and society. She will not be undercut by fate. The powerful interaction between Drew and his first love, Alexandra, makes the book riveting. A must read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
ROFL! Tell me what you really think of my work! LOL! I don't even take myself seriously, much less the reviews of some poor idiot with a grudge! Ha!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think Dailey Swan Publishing is destroying the reputation of their writers with their lack of professionalism, disregard for grammar and spelling, and blatant dishonesty.