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Swiss Dance Charts


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Disc 1

  1. Bla Bla Bla 2k10  -  Bootmasters
  2. Missing  - Alex F.
  3. Blast Off!  - Lizzie Curious
  4. Flying Away  -  Walser
  5. I'm A Jamaican  - Winston Blue
  6. Feel The Love  - J.R. Summerville
  7. Starting Tonight  - DJ Antoine
  8. Come 2 The Party  - Dany P-Jazz
  9. Shine On Me  - Max Urban
  10. Celebrate The Spirit Of Street Parade  -  Guru Project
  11. Bass, Beat & Melody Reloaded!  -  Brooklyn Bounce
  12. Feel The Energy  -  Steamrocker
  13. Get It On  - Silvan Salzmann
  14. To The Moon  - Davide Styloso
  15. I Got It 2010  -  49ers
  16. Give Me A Sign  -  Manu-L

Disc 2

  1. Fire Burning  - Mauro Panello
  2. I Am Free  -  Gordon & Doyle
  3. Think About Me  - Mauro Panello
  4. Fugly  -  DJ Lee
  5. For You!  - Dave Soerensen
  6. Over Me  -  Apollo
  7. The Crazy Little Things  -  2 Sonic
  8. Alegria  - Jonatan F.
  9. It's The Day After The Party  -  Belmond & Parker
  10. Every Single Day  -  Sample Rippers
  11. With Arms Wide Open  - DJ RG11
  12. Sensuality  -  Elaya
  13. L'amour Toujours  -  Brisby & Jingles
  14. No Matter What  -  EBJ
  15. Sick Of Love  - Robert Ramirez
  16. Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood  - Cristian Marchi

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Ben Watt   Composer
René Dupéré   Composer
Daniel Gonzalez   Composer
Franco Dragone   Composer
Paul Hutsch   Composer
Manuel Tadros   Composer
Claude Amesse   Composer
Giuseppe Calabro   Composer
Matthias Menck   Composer
Scott Stapp   Composer
Mark Tremonti   Composer
Dick Holler   Composer
Luca Moretti   Composer
Ron van den Beuken   Composer
Michael Lee Bock   Composer
Nils Karsten   Composer
Fabio Antoniali   Composer
Paolo Sandrini   Composer
Pep's   Composer
Nino Taglialatela   Composer
Imhoof   Composer
Tom Pulse   Composer
Th. Schatz   Composer
Remady   Composer
Carlo Montagner   Composer
Darren Bailie   Composer
Mike Wilkie   Composer
Walser   Composer
L. Di Agostino   Composer
Dany P-Jazz   Composer
Rene Seidl   Composer
Sascha Winkelmann   Composer
Lizzie Taylor-Allee   Composer
Stefan Ädel   Composer
Anders Nyman   Composer
Volker Heinrichs   Composer
Gabriele Kremerskothen   Composer
Dennis "DJ Bonebreaker" Bohn   Composer
Luigino Di Agostino   Composer
Sascha Linde   Composer
Diego Maria Leoni   Composer
Robert Ramirez   Composer
Johnny Summerville   Composer
Mario Ries   Composer
Tracy Anne Thorn   Composer
Moris Marchionna   Composer
Ben Mühlethaler   Composer
Emanuele Braveri   Composer
Davide Ida   Composer
David Holler   Composer
Amaan Hirji   Composer
Thomas "DJ Avalanche" Elling   Composer
Richard Billis   Composer
Riccardo Romanini   Composer
Patrick Bertrams   Composer
Matthew Corbett   Composer
Massimo Boscolo   Composer
Manuel Babes   Composer

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