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Still on their quest to teach TJ Finkelstein the life lessons she’ll need to be a great world leader, 23rd-century goofballs Tuna and Herby are brewing up even more trouble for the new kid in Malibu. As the boys try to repair their futuristic gadgets, a little glitch in their Thought Broadcaster Pen lands TJ in the body of her nemesis, TV star Hesper Breakahart


Still on their quest to teach TJ Finkelstein the life lessons she’ll need to be a great world leader, 23rd-century goofballs Tuna and Herby are brewing up even more trouble for the new kid in Malibu. As the boys try to repair their futuristic gadgets, a little glitch in their Thought Broadcaster Pen lands TJ in the body of her nemesis, TV star Hesper Breakahart . . . and vice versa. And the plot thickens when Tuna and Herby decide to put TJ’s new look and superstar power to use. The time stumblers set up a concert for “Hesper” as a diversion while they sneak aboard a nuclear submarine and borrow a plutonium power pack—one of the items needed to fuel their time pod and get them out of TJ’s life. Meanwhile, Tuna and Herby are hounded by their own nemesis, Bruce Bruiseabone, who’s having a little trouble with forgiveness . . . a lesson that TJ realizes she might also need to learn as she walks a mile in Hesper’s shoes—and body!

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Are things finally looking up for TJ Finkelstein? Tuna and Herby, her goofy friends from the 23rd century, say they’ve repaired their time-travel pod. But before they head home, they have a few problems to fix. (Insert uh-oh here.) Little things like . . .
  • TJ’S bald head! The goofballs’ Swiss Army Knife has shaved everything in sight, from trees to shrubs to . . . Well, you get the idea.
  • Fueling their time pod. All they have to do is sneak aboard a top secret nuclear submarine and “borrow” its plutonium power pack.
  • And worst of all worsts, the minor matter of TJ and her archenemy, Hesper Breakhart, switching bodies. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)
Join this unlikely trio as they stumble into one hilarious catastrophe after another . . . while accidently learning the importance of such core values as love, honesty, patience, and kindness. Tyndale House Publishers

Are things finally looking up for TJ Finkelstein? Tuna and Herby, her goofy friends from the 23rd century, say they’ve repaired their time-travel pod. But before they head home, they have a few problems to fix. (Insert uh-oh here.) Little things like . . .

  • TJ’S bald head! The goofballs’ Swiss Army Knife has shaved everything in sight, from trees to shrubs to . . . Well, you get the idea.
  • Fueling their time pod. All they have to do is sneak aboard a top-secret nuclear submarine and “borrow” its plutonium power pack.
  • And worst of all worsts, the minor matter of TJ and her archenemy, Hesper Breakahart, switching bodies. (Don’t you just hate it when that happens?)
Join this unlikely trio as they stumble into one hilarious catastrophe after another . . . while accidently learning the importance of such core values as love, honesty, patience, and kindness. Tyndale House Publishers

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TJ and the Time Stumblers , #5
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8 - 12 Years

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TJ and the TIME STUMBLERS Book 5
By Bill Myers

Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Bill Myers
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4143-3457-8

Chapter One

Beginnings ...

TIME TRAVEL LOG: Malibu, California, January 23

Begin Transmission: Bruce Bruiseabone is closing in. Must find fuel for time-travel pod and begin journey home. No doubt subject will be brokenhearted. Someday, as hard as it'll be, she may get over me. End Transmission

Chad Steel did his best to smile as the New Kid did her best to sing. He might have succeeded if her screeching didn't make his face cringe and his eyes water. And don't even ask about the dogs across the street. The poor things were howling like they were being tortured. Honestly, you'd think the Humane Society would force the school to close their choir room windows.

It's not that the New Kid was bad ...


(Sorry, I didn't mean to yell, but it's the only way you could hear me over all her shrieking and screaming and, of course, Mr. Hatemijob's sobbing.) Malibu Junior High's cranky choir director had asked the New Kid to try out for a solo in their spring concert. She was pretty shy and reluctant about it, but Mr. Hatemijob kept insisting she try. So finally she agreed. It would have been better for everyone (including Mr. Hatemijob's breakfast) if she hadn't.

Once his ears stopped ringing (and his stomach stopped heaving), Mr. Hatemijob smiled at the New Kid and said the most encouraging words he could find. "Well, now, your singing is so ... how can I put it? ... the worst thing I've ever heard in my entire life!"

And since he was a teacher, he also felt he should give a little instruction.

"Maybe you should transfer from my class and attend another that would put your unique vocal skills to better use."

"Yeah—" Hesper Breakahart giggled from across the choir room—"like sign language."

And since Hesper giggled, all the Hesper wannabes giggled. (When you star in your own TV series on the Dizzy Channel, you have lots of wannabes giggling whenever you giggle.)

But Chad could see how the New Kid's cheeks burned with embarrassment. And even though he and Hesper were a couple (at least according to Hesper), he heard himself say, "Come on, guys, she wasn't that bad."

Of course everyone looked at him like he was nuts. Well, everyone but Hesper Breakahart. It's hard to look at someone like he's nuts when you're busy shooting death rays at him from your eyeballs. No one disagreed with Hesper Breakahart.

But Chad kinda liked the New Kid. It wasn't just because they were next-door neighbors. It was because there was something kinda wholesome and down-to-earth about her ... well, except for the way she always got tongue-tied around him ... and all the weird stuff that happened whenever she was around.

Weird stuff like—

"LOOK AT THAT!" Elizabeth Mindlessfan, Hesper's best friend since forever, cried.

Hesper turned to see a stack of sheet music on the shelf by the open window begin to blow across the room. And we're not talking a single sheet of music at a time. We're talking the entire stack—as in a foot-high pile of paper that mysteriously floated past the kids and came to a stop directly above Hesper's head.

And if that wasn't weird enough, Chad heard the New Kid whisper, "No, Herby! Herby, no!"

He watched with everybody else as the stack started to tilt.

"That's not funny!" the New Kid whispered. "Tuna, stop him!"

But whatever weird spell the New Kid was chanting made little difference. The papers slid off the stack and crashed down on top of Hesper Breakahart's head.

"Augh!" she screamed. "My expensive Beverly Hills haircut!"

Everyone in the room laughed—well, except for Hesper's wannabes, who were too busy picking up the papers and throwing them on top of their own heads, screaming, "Augh! Our expensive Beverly Hills haircuts!"

And the New Kid? She was staring off into empty space, continuing to whisper at some invisible fish named Tuna and some imaginary friend named Herby ... until she caught Chad staring at her. That's when she stopped and looked away, her face growing even redder than before. Poor thing. If it weren't for all that weirdness, she would be completely sweet and normal.

* * *

Forty-five minutes later, the completely sweet and normal TJ Finkelstein was outside, walking on the school's track at lunchtime. She'd prefer to be inside, eating her lunch in the lunchroom at lunchtime, but she figured it was better to yell at her two invisible pals from the 23rd century where no one could overhear.

"How many times have I told you to stay at home?" she demanded.

Herby, a tall surfer dude, floated beside her with his legs crossed. "But if we stay at home, how can we secretly spy on you without you knowing it?" he asked.

TJ gave him a look. Herby's brainpower was as bad as her singing.

"What?" he asked, flipping his bangs aside and flexing his arm muscles. He always flipped and flexed for TJ. (His flirting was as obvious as his lack of brain cells.)

Tuna, the smarter of the two (which is like comparing the intelligence of one tree stump to another), floated at her other side. "You must admit that Hesper Breakahart was incredibly rude to you."

"And you're going to fix that by dumping a stack of papers on her?" TJ asked.

"Actually, that was Herby's idea."

"Only because you wanted to use the Morphing Blade and turn her into an earthworm," Herby said.

TJ frowned at Tuna in disapproval. "An earthworm? Really?"

Tuna shrugged. "I was going to let her keep her pretty hair."

"Listen, guys, I really appreciate your trying to help. I can't stand Hesper any more than you. But shouldn't you be working on your time pod so you can get back to your own century? Haven't you done enough research on me for your history report?"

"We can never do enough research on the great TJ Finkelstein," Herby said, flexing his other arm.

"Remember," Tuna added, "someday you will be a great world leader."

"You keep saying that," TJ sighed. "But how can I become a great world leader when I'm the seventh grade's worst loser?"

"Our history holographs don't lie," Tuna said. "Everything about you will be great."

"Well, except for your singing," Herby said.

TJ shook her head. "Seriously, guys, you've been here for like five months now."

Herby glanced down at his shoelace and read the time. "Actually, 105 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes, and 12 seconds."

"Right," TJ said. "But my point is—"

"Make that 105 days, 14 hours, 24 minutes, and 18 seconds." (Herby liked to be precise.)

"Thank you. What I'm trying to say is—"

"105 days, 14 hours, 24—"

Raising her voice, she repeated, "What I'm trying to say is, after all this time, shouldn't your time pod be fixed?"

"Actually," Tuna said, "that is what we have come here to discuss."

"All our repairs are done," Herby said. "Everything's de-zworked."

TJ couldn't hide her excitement. "Really?"

"Well, except for the Swiss Army knife," Herby said as he pulled it from his pocket.

"Not now," Tuna warned.

"Right." Herby opened the blade. "I'm just saying that some of the features still cause major quod-quod."


"Like this fingernail clipper. Instead of clipping our fingernails, it—"


Before Tuna could finish, there was a blur of action as the Swiss Army knife leaped from Herby's hands and

BUZZ-cut ... BUZZ-cut ... BUZZ-cut

everything in sight. And I mean everything. The trees, the grass, the two 23rd-century time travelers, who were suddenly and completely


bald. And one rather unhappy seventh grader who, fearing the worst, reached up to her head and felt her brand-new do.


Make that her brand-new lack of do. That's right, TJ Finkelstein looked like a beach ball that'd just had a close shave after drinking a bottle of hair remover.

TRANSLATION: She was bald.

TJ groaned. "Terrific. Just terrific."

"Sorry." Herby shrugged.

"It will grow back," Tuna said.

"We hope," Herby added.

As they spoke, a very upset and very bald squirrel, with a very nonbushy tail, scampered over to them and chattered angrily. After giving them a piece of his mind, he turned and raced for the nearest buzzcut tree hoping to hide among the leaves. (Good luck with that.)

TJ took a deep breath and tried her best to stay calm (a technique you learn when haunted by 23rd-century time stumblers). "You say you'll be heading home soon?"

"That is correct," Tuna said.

"Just as soon as we find fuel," Herby said while carefully—very carefully—closing the blade to the knife and slipping it back into his pocket.

"And the gas station down the street won't do the trick?" TJ asked.

"Correct again," Tuna said. "As we have previously stated, we will need one plutonium power pack from a nuclear submarine, one bowl of chili from a Texas housewife ..."

"And one flock of African ostriches to digest the chili," Herby finished.

"So how's that coming?" TJ asked.

Both boys felt a sudden need to examine the ground or the tops of their shoes or anything that didn't involve looking into her eyes.


Tuna finally answered. "We have found a nuclear submarine. It's docked down at Long Beach, not too far from here."

"But ...?"

"It is well guarded and we can't approach it."

"But you're invisible," TJ argued. "No one can see you."

"No one but you," Herby said, flexing both arms and flipping his hair (which would have been easier if he had any hair to flip).

TJ ignored him and asked, "Okay, if you're invisible, why don't you just go to the submarine and take it?"

"You mean, 'borrow' it," Tuna corrected.

"Once we return to our century we'll send it back," Herby said.

"Okay," TJ repeated, "if you're invisible, why don't you just go in and borrow it?"

"Obviously," Tuna said, "because their thermal indicators will detect our radiant body signatures." (Sometimes Tuna gets a little technical.) "Which would indicate an intruder has compromised their security, thereby leading to our eventual and inevitable incarceration." (Sometimes Tuna gets a lot technical.)

Herby nodded. "Not only that but we'd get in trouble."

Before TJ could respond, or at least let out another groan, the ground began to

rumble ... rumble ... rumble ...

under her feet.

"Do you feel that?" she asked.

"Perhaps it is a minor earthquake," Tuna said.

rumble ... rumble ... rumble ...

"Or a major one," Herby said.

TJ would have agreed . . . if it weren't for the far end of the track peeling up from the ground and rising high into the air. "Uh, guys?"

His back to the track, Tuna continued, "That's another reason she should never have moved here from the Midwest."

"Yeah, dude," Herby agreed, "but what about their tornadoes?"

"You do have a point there," Tuna said.

rumble ... rumble ... rumble ...

Not only was the track rising into the air, but the top of it was turning into a hideous-looking face.

"Uh, fellas?"

"If she had to move, she could have moved up north," Herby offered.

"Too much snow."

Now arms were stretching out from both sides of the rising track.

"Whoa, guys ..."

"And the South?"


TJ watched as legs formed, then feet, with the left one


away from the ground, then the right one



So just for the record, we're talking about a piece of track, towering 30 or so feet above our heroes and wearing a rather unpleasant expression. Oh, and it talked. Let's not forget the talking.

"Hello, boys."

The voice stopped Tuna and Herby's discussion. They turned, looked up, and saw the track leering down at them. Oh, and a foot rising up to pulverize them into the ground. Let's not forget the pulverizing foot.

Tuna looked at Herby.

Herby looked at Tuna.

Then they screamed in two-part harmony:

"Bruce Bruiseabone!!"

Now, for those of you taking your first trip into TJ's Land of Insanity, let me explain that Bruce Bruiseabone is Tuna and Herby's archenemy. For reasons you don't want to know (but will have to learn in chapter two), he has come back from the 23rd century to destroy the boys' history report on TJ (and the boys, too, while he's at it). And for other reasons you don't want to know, he always shows up morphed into something big and scary—a runaway elephant, an attacking UFO, and this, his latest and greatest: a monster track about to stomp them to their deaths ... or at least into some very bad bruises.

All of this allowed our boys to show their true and heroic colors, which involved


their bald little heads off and racing away.

Needless to say (though I'm going to say it anyway), our heroes were running for their lives. But where exactly do you run from a track?

"The bleachers!" TJ shouted.

Without saying a word (unless you count hysterical yelling and screaming as words), the trio raced to the nearby bleachers and ducked underneath. Not a bad idea except wooden bleachers are no match for a 30-foot piece of track made of red crushed gravel. Red crushed gravel that


down on top of the bleachers and completely ruined them—except for the little pieces that might be useful as toothpicks. But being more in the mood for lifesaving than teeth-picking, TJ looked for another escape. Spotting the school cafeteria ahead, she shouted something incredibly intelligent like

"The school cafeteria up ahead!"

Of course Bruce was doing his own shouting. Sweet little endearments like:

"I'm going to crush you. Then I'm going to smash you. Then I'm going to eat you...."

This brings up an entirely different discussion about what red-gravel tracks eat. But TJ had no time for such small talk. She thought it was a better idea to keep running as the track stomped closer and closer.

The cafeteria stood just 20 feet ahead, but the stomping grew closer.

Now the building was 10 feet away.

Red gravel began falling all around her. He was right above her head.

Finally she ducked under the cafeteria's porch roof, where she would be nice and safe.


Okay, maybe not.

Reaching for the cafeteria door, she threw it open and stumbled inside. She turned to yank it shut but Tuna and Herby were right behind. "Hurry up!" she yelled. "Come on!"

They finally dove through the door and TJ yanked it shut.

The good news was they were safely inside.

The bad news was the 327 students. The 327 students who stopped talking and turned to see TJ Finkelstein completely bald, yelling at two imaginary friends, and covered from head to toe with red gravel.


Excerpted from Switched! by Bill Myers Copyright © 2012 by Bill Myers. Excerpted by permission of Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Bill Myers (www.Billmyers.com) is a bestselling author and award-winning writer/director whose work has won forty national and international awards. His books and videos have sold eight million copies and include The Seeing, Eli, The Voice, My Life as, Forbidden Doors, and McGee and Me. Bill Myers trabaja con los jovenes y es un escritor/director cuyos libros y peliculas han ganado cuarenta galardones nacionales e internacionales. Es el cocreador de McGee and Me, y autor de la serie Forbidden Doors, la serie My Life as..., The Seeing.

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Switched! 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
KMarkovich More than 1 year ago
What a fun book! When TJ and her enemy Hesper Breakahart get their bodies switched, TJ learns that maybe Hesper is mean because she has a rough life, even if she is a superstar and has lots of money and fans. (Or maybe not). Of course, there are lots of crazy moments as Tuna and Herby, the 23rd century time travelers, make a mess of so many things!
amybooksy More than 1 year ago
Switched! is probably the strangest of the series yet. Especially when TJ turns into Hesper. It was funny, but not as much as the others. 4 stars.
BeachNana8 More than 1 year ago
In this adventure TJ and Hesper Breakahart (TJ's enemy) get their bodies swapped. More complications follow these strange events as Herby and Tuna, the 23rd century bumbling time stumblers mess things up. But TJ continues to learn valuable life lessons. The craziness of the story will make it a favorite of all children and teens.
thecraftyhome1 More than 1 year ago
TJ and the Time Stumblers book 5 Switched! continues the adventures of TJ and her two 23rd century, time-traveling buddies, Tuna and Herby. Bill Myers continues his funny stories dealing with issues that junior highers deal with. In this book TJ ends up being switched with the one girl who she can't stand, Hesper Breakahart, the spoiled, rich, famous TV star. She spends 2 days trapped in her body and learns how tough life is for Hesper. During this experience she realizes why Hesper may be the way she is and learns to forgive her. It still isn't easy for her but she does learn the valuable lesson. Once again these are my favorite books but they are okay. I am not thrilled with the incorrect words and the way some of the characters are described, but I am sure some parents and kids would not have issues with these things.
rlighthouse More than 1 year ago
Another Good Book in the Time Stumblers Series 105 days ago Tuna and Herby landed in T.J.'s life and it has been crazy ever since. T.J. is trying out for a solo at school and the local celebrity has a few words to say about it along with her followers. T.J. learns the lesson of forgiveness in this book, the 5th book of the Time Stumblers series. This series is nice for kids-not only do they have a good story to read there is also some important lessons included in each book.
AlaskanTebowFan More than 1 year ago
"Switched!" is the 5th book in the "TJ and the Time Stumblers" series by Bill Myers. It continues the story of mishaps and adventures that junior higher T.J. Finkelstein experiences as a result of her from-the-future companions Herby and Tuna and all their 23rd century gadgets and inventions.  In this installment, they learn a valuable lesson about empathy, compassion and forgiveness as they "walk a mile" in other's shoes as a result of a body-switching gizmo. TJ begins to understand that the life of her adversary, Hesper Breakaheart, is not all sunshine and rainbows, and the futuristic Herby and Tuna learn why their archenemy is out to get them.  As far as the series goes, this is probably the second best "moral to the story" but it unfortunately feels like each book gets a little more obnoxious than the last. I didn't really enjoy "Switched!" but because I did appreciate the moral and practical lessons in it, I am giving it 3 stars. :)
AnotherBibliophile More than 1 year ago
Craziness, Silliness, You Might Even Say Zworked. This is a really fun series with unbelievable events and crazy time travelers. These stories are intended to teach lessons, which they do, but they are very silly, and take a roundabout route to the lessons. Switched! is number 5 of 6, and I’m glad I read them in order. The writing is simple, with sound effects tossed in. These books are great for young readers.
Nicnac63 More than 1 year ago
Switched!!!!, by Bill Myers, is book #5 in the TJ and the Time Stumblers 6 book series. These are highly entertaining and engaging books. The entire series is unique in page appearance, and filled with Biblical messages. In this installment of TJ and her muddled, chaotic friends from the 23rd century, Herby and Tuna, deals with all the chaos of the rest of the series. This one, however involves Herby and Tuna shaving TJ bald! Within all the wackiness and mayhem, TJ switches bodies with her archenemy, Hester Breakahart. Lesson learned—you don’t know someone else’s life unless you walk in their shoes. In this case—literally. 
Virginia76 More than 1 year ago
TJ's visitors from the 23rd century are still around, and causing trouble as usual. They accidently have TJ and her archenemy, Hester, switch bodies, and that leads to trouble. I thought this book was good and crazy like the others in the series. TJ learns a lesson in kindness after she realizes what Hester's life is like.
MistyNordyke More than 1 year ago
 TJ and the Time Stumblers Series , #5 I received this from Tyndale Blog Network free for my book review. When I requested this book I thought my daughter would love it, so I gave it to her to review. She loved the book, she did not want to put it down that is how much she was into reading it. The part she thought was funny is when Tuna & Herby shaved TJ's hair off with the Swiss army knife. She also liked the book cover the illustration really catches the eye. She says she would recommend this book to other children to read.  Age range: 8 - 12 Years
LanaK More than 1 year ago
Another funny tale of the misadventures of TJ Finkelstein and friends.  With one problem after another tripping up TJ and friends, including body-switching, this book keeps young readers on their toes and engaged throughout.  It also teaches young readers the importance of genuine friendship and concern for others while setting a positive example in TJ.  I highly recommend it for elementary-aged readers.
SophiesMindset More than 1 year ago
Predictable. This book felt like a replay of most of the other Time Stumblers books. They're zany and zonked as usual, but Myers' is running out of ideas for TJ and her friends. The lessons are still good ones, but the writing and scenarios created felt like a rerun instead of a new episode.
kristen4mk More than 1 year ago
The topic of this, our fifth book in the 'TJ and the Time Stumblers' series, is Forgiveness.  Continuing on her journey to becoming a great world leader (and bringing back the hula hoop!), 13 year old TJ Finkelstein learns how to put herself in someone else's shoes - literally, as there is yet another malfunction of one of Tuna and Herby's special tools.  We discover TJ REALLY can't sing, and Hester Breakahart's life just isn't all that awesome behind the scenes. This book teaches a great lesson on the importance of forgiveness, and that a little understanding goes a long way.  Especially if you have to go to school with Hester Breakahart. :) This is an excellent series for your pre-teens and early teens.
J4Life5 More than 1 year ago
This series for kids is entertaining and funny. I love the made-up words and the futuristic gadgets that somehow always manage to malfunction to create catastrophe after catastrophe. Through these catastrophes, TJ learns some life lessons that help shape her into the leader she will become (if we believe Herby and Tuna). In this book, TJ learns about forgiveness and works on forgiving Hesper (the mean girl from her school). Fans of Freaky Friday will enjoy this take on switching places with others. I like the way readers learn about forgiveness in a funny and entertaining way that appeals to kids.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Switched!: In a Freaky Friday sendup, a futuristic gadget lands TJ in the body of her classroom nemesis, teen celebrity Hesper Breakaheart, and vice versa. By walking the proverbial mile in Hesper’s shoes, TJ learns about the hardships the pouty celebrity deals with, and finds it easier to forgive her snotty behavior. I received the TJ and the Time Stumblers series (6 books in all) for my classroom, and they quickly became hits with a lot of the kids. A Christian riff on Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, the Time Stumblers series features Herby and Tuna, two silly guys from the 2200’s who travel back in time to the twenty-first century in order to get some first-hand data for their history project on TJ Finkelstein, a great world leader from their past. They end up stuck with a seventh-grade version of TJ in her own time, and while they work on finding their way home they help TJ learn many of the biblical virtues and life lessons that will make her a godly and revered leader one day. My female students love that the books feature a godly heroine who, though destined for greatness, struggles with the same hardships, homework, and heartbreaks as them; and the boys get a kick out of Herby and Tuna’s antics.
Jamelyn More than 1 year ago
Switched! is the fifth book in the TJ and the Time Stumblers series written by Bill Myers. This is a youth fiction novel that, in my opinion, would be a great book for 10-13 year olds. Girls or boys would enjoy it, but I have no girls so I can't give an adolescent girl's review. :) I did have my 12 year old son give it a read so that I could put his opinion out there. But first I'll give you my spill. First of all, Switched! is a Christian fiction book, has a fantasy feel to it (time travel, invisible characters) as well as exciting and hilarious adventure, and is written in a fashion that would appeal to adolescents (primarily preteens). At 156 pages, the font isn't teeny tiny, so it won't take a child forever to read. At times, there is large font to convey excitement, which is appealing to the eye. The chapters are about the right length for a kid who likes to read one chapter at a time (about ten pages per chapter). Goofball friends Tuna and Herby from the 23rd Century have teamed up to make their friend TJ Finkelstein the greatest leader of the world. First, however, they have to teach her many lessons along the way to prepare her for greatness. But when a futuristic technological gadget malfunctions, TJ finds herself in the body of her nemesis Hesper Breakahart! If that's not problematic enough, Tuna and Herby find themselves having a battle with their own enemy--Bruce Bruiseabone. The story is action-packed, full of hilarious problems to solve and goofy characters. My son liked the part when TJ thought that Bruce Bruiseabone was trying to get after her. He was in the form of a crab and he chased her. She thought he was trying to kill her, but he was trying to tell her something. The book was funny, and he also recommends it for preteen adolescents. If you're looking for a good series for your Christian adolescent like this one, I recommend it. It's funny, it's off the beaten path, and it's full of adventure from start to finish. I've not read the whole series, but I have a feeling that it will be one that my kids will enjoy in the future!
hannah97 More than 1 year ago
Switched! by Bill Myers is a good book for kids and their parents alike. It has a good lesson and values such as love, honesty, patience, and kindness. All in all a great book to read!