System of Care Handbook: Transforming Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, and Families / Edition 1

System of Care Handbook: Transforming Mental Health Services for Children, Youth, and Families / Edition 1

by Beth A., Ed. Stroul Ed.

The new cornerstone of the forward-thinking SCCMH series, a one-stop reference on developing systems of mental health care for children and their families.See more details below


The new cornerstone of the forward-thinking SCCMH series, a one-stop reference on developing systems of mental health care for children and their families.

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Brookes, Paul H. Publishing Company
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Systems of Care for Children's Mental Health Series
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New Edition
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6.30(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.60(d)

Table of Contents

Series Preface     ix
Editorial Advisory Board     xi
About the Editors     xiii
About the Contributors     xv
Foreword: The Fantastic Voyage   Ira S. Lourie, M.D.     xxix
Foreword: Finding a Balance in Systems of Care   Samantha Jo Broderick, M.S.W.     xxxi
Foreword: Family-Driven Systems of Care   Sandra A. Spencer     xxxiii
Acknowledgments     xxxv
Introduction     xxxvii
Systems of Care: A Strategy to Transform Children's Mental Health Care   Beth A. Stroul   Gary M. Blau   Diane L. Sondheimer     3
Evaluation Results and Systems of Care: A Review   Brigitte Manteuffel   Robert L. Stephens   Freda Brashears   Anna Krivelyova   Sylvia Kay Fisher     25
Integrating the Components into an Effective System of Care: A Framework for Putting the Pieces Together   Sharon Hodges   Robert M. Friedman   Mario Hernandez     71
Building Systems of Care
Building Systems of Care: Critical Processes and Structures   Sheila A. Pires     97
Individualized Services in Systems of Care: The Wraparound Process   Janet S. Walker   Eric J. Bruns   Marlene Penn     127
Implementing Evidence-Based Practices within Systems of Care   Christine Walrath   Karen A. Blase   Patrick J. Kanary     155
Financing Strategies for Systems of Care   Sheila A. Pires   Beth A. Stroul   Mary Armstrong   Jan McCarthy   Karabelle A. Pizzigati   Ginny Wood   Holly Echo-Hawk     181
Sustaining Systems of Care   Beth A. Stroul   Brigitte Manteuffel     213
Recommended Practice Examples: The System Level
Partnerships with Families for Family-Driven Systems of Care   Trina W. Osher   Marlene Penn   Sandra A. Spencer     249
Partnerships with Youth for Youth-Guided Systems of Care   Marlene Matarese   Myrna Carpenter   Charles Huffine   Stephanie Lane   Kayla Paulson     275
Cultural and Linguistic Competence and Eliminating Disparities   Mareasa R. Isaacs   Vivian Hopkins Jackson   Regenia Hicks   Ed K.S. Wang     301
Evaluation and Continuous Quality Improvement   Angela Sheehan   Brigitte Manteuffel   Chris Stormann   Teresa King     329
Monitoring Fidelity to System of Care Principles in Service Delivery   Mario Hernandez    Keren S. Vergon   John Mayo     359
Social Marketing   Maria J. Rodriguez   Lisa Rubenstein   Barbara Huff     381
Recommended Practice Examples: The Service Delivery Level
Strengths-Based, Individualized Services in Systems of Care   Knute Rotto   Janet S. McIntyre   Celia Serkin     401
Improving Services Through Evidence-Based Practice Elements   Jason Schiffman   Christina M. Donkervoet     437
Services for High-Risk Populations in Systems of Care   Bruce Kamradt   Stephen A. Gilbertson   Margaret Jefferson     469
Services for Young Children and Their Families in Systems of Care   Deborah F. Perry   Roxane K. Kaufmann   Sarah Hoover   Claudia Zundel     491
Services for Youth in Transition to Adulthood in Systems of Care   Hewitt B. "Rusty" Clark   Nicole Deschenes   DeDe Sieler   Melanie E. Green   Gwendolyn White   Diane L. Sondheimer     517
School-Based Mental Health Services in Systems of Care   Krista Kutash   Albert J. Duchnowski   Vestena Robbins   Sandra Keenan     545
Services for Youth in the Juvenile Justice System in Systems of Care   Joseph J. Cocozza   Kathleen R. Skowyra   Joyce L. Burrell   Timothy P. Dollard   Jacqueline P. Scales     573
Services for Youth in the Child Welfare System and Their Families in Systems of Care   Jan McCarthy   Frank Rider   Caraleen M. Fawcett   Steve Sparks     595
Services for Youth and Their Families in Culturally Diverse Communities   Mareasa R. Isaacs   Larke Nahme Huang   Mario Hernandez   Holly Echo-Hawk   Ignacio David Acevedo-Polakovich   Ken Martinez     619
Future Directions for Systems of Care
Workforce Implications: Issues and Strategies for Workforce Development   Joan M. Dodge   Larke Nahme Huang     643
Policy Implications: New Directions in Child and Adolescent Mental Health   Sybil K. Goldman   Beth A. Stroul   Larke Nahme Huang   Chris Koyanagi     663
Research and Evaluation Implications: Using Research and Evaluation to Strengthen Systems of Care   Robert M. Friedman   Nathaniel Israel     689
Index     707

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