Taboo [Original Broadway Cast]

Taboo [Original Broadway Cast]

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  1. Freak/Ode to Attention Seekers  - Raúl Esparza
  2. Stranger in This World  - Euan Morton
  3. Safe in the City
  4. Dress to Kill
  5. Genocide Peroxide
  6. I'll Have You All
  7. Sexual Confusion  - Euan Morton
  8. Pretty Lies  - Euan Morton
  9. Guttersnipe  - Euan Morton
  10. Love Is a Question Mark  - Euan Morton
  11. Do You Really Want to Hurt Me  - Euan Morton
  12. Church of the Poison Mind/Karma Chameleon  - Euan Morton
  13. Everything Taboo
  14. Talk Amongst Yourselves
  15. The Fame Game  - Euan Morton
  16. I See Through You
  17. Ich Bin Kunst
  18. Petrified
  19. Out of Fashion  - Euan Morton
  20. Il Adore
  21. Come on in from the Outside

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

David Kuhn   Bass
Ted Mook   Cello
John McDaniel   Background Music
Charles Pillow   Reeds
Daniel A. Weiss   Guitar,Keyboards
Kevan Frost   Guitar
Jennifer Cody   cast
Nathan Peck   cast
Sarah Uriarte Berry   cast
Gregory Treco   cast
Jeffrey Carlson   cast
Sean Carney   Violin
Liz McCartney   cast
Donnie R. Keshawarz   cast
Euan Morton   cast
Raúl Esparza   cast
George O'Dowd   cast
Arthur Dibble   Viola
Curtis Holbrook   cast

Technical Credits

Boy George   Composer,Concept
Mark Davies   Book
Frank Filipetti   Engineer
Ted Jensen   Mastering
Steve Margoshes   Orchestration
Mike Nicholls   Costume Design
John Themis   Composer
Richie Stevens   Composer
Charles Bush   Book
John McDaniel   Producer,Vocal Arrangements,Dance Arrangement
Tim Goodchild   Scenic Design
Rosie O'Donnell   Audio Production
Kevan Frost   Composer,Producer
Christopher Renshaw   Director,Concept
Jonathan Deans   Sound Design

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