Tactics & Techniques in Psychoanalytic Therapy VI / Edition 1

Tactics & Techniques in Psychoanalytic Therapy VI / Edition 1

by Peter L. Giovacchini

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Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc.
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Tactics and Techniques in Psychoanalytic Series
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1st softcover ed
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6.42(w) x 9.02(h) x 2.03(d)

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Table of Contents

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Pt. IIdentity and Psychopathology1
1Psychopathologic Aspects of the Identity Sense3
2Defensive Meaning of a Specific Anxiety Syndrome10
3The Submerged Ego19
4The Frozen Introject29
5Compulsory Happiness: Adolescent Despair41
6Fantasy Formation, Ego Defect, and Identity Problems55
7Identity Problems67
8The Blank Self79
9The Concrete and Difficult Patient92
Pt. IIDevelopmental and Ego Aspects of Psychopathology103
10Maternal Introjection and Ego Defect105
11Frustration and Externalization117
12Aggression: Adaptive and Disruptive Aspects126
13Regressed States, Timelessness, and Ego Synthesis136
14The Symbiotic Phase148
Pt. IIISpecial Types of Object Relationships177
15Mutual Adaptation in Various Object Relationships179
16Resistance and External Object Relations194
17Integrative Aspects of Object Relationships210
18Treatment of Marital Disharmonies: The Classical Approach221
19Characterological Aspects of Marital Interaction253
Pt. IVClinical and Technical Issues261
20Transference, Incorporation, and Synthesis263
21The Influence of Interpretation Upon Schizophrenic Patients279
22Modern Psychoanalysis and Modern Psychoanalysts: A Review292
23The Need to Be Helped316
24Technical Difficulties in Treating Some Characterological Disorders: Countertransference Problems327
25The Treatment of Characterological Disorders340
26The Analytic Setting and the Treatment of Psychoses356
27Interpretation and Definition of the Analytic Setting367
Pt. VPsychosomatic Considerations379
28Some Affective Meanings of Dizziness381
29The Ego and the Psychosomatic State388
30Somatic Symptoms and the Transference Neurosis402
31Ego Equilibrium and Cancer of the Breast415
Pt. VIEgo Adaptations and Creativity427
32On Scientific Creativity429
33The Ego Ideal of a Creative Scientist444
34Dreams and the Creative Process460
35Characterological Factors and the Creative Personality475
36Creativity, Adolescence, and Inevitable Failure489

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