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Take Me

Take Me

4.2 29
by Diane Alberts

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A sexy category romance novella from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

It's all fun and sexy games...until someone gets married.

Some women are more dangerous than others. For me, it's like a stoplight. Green means go. Yellow is proceed with caution. And red? Red means you'd best run like hell, because that woman is gonna be serious


A sexy category romance novella from Entangled's Brazen imprint...

It's all fun and sexy games...until someone gets married.

Some women are more dangerous than others. For me, it's like a stoplight. Green means go. Yellow is proceed with caution. And red? Red means you'd best run like hell, because that woman is gonna be serious trouble. The red hair on that hot little Vegas showgirl should be my warning, but I'm a sucker for breaking the rules...

Morgan Collins is a dancer with a body meant to bring a grown man to his knees, and keep him there. Yet I can't resist the sexual attraction—intense, fierce as hell, and red-fucking-hot. But I won't let myself get burned after one night of booze and lust. All I have to do is walk away. Except when I wake up the next morning, Morgan is my wife...and all hell is about to break loose.

Previously released on the Ever After imprint in August 2013.

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Entangled Publishing, LLC
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Take a Chance , #4
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Take Me

a Take a Chance novella

By Diane Alberts, Shannon Godwin

Entangled Publishing, LLC

Copyright © 2013 Diane Alberts
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-62266-240-1


Mike Worth leaned back against the bar and surveyed the Friday night crowd packed in the small, dimly lit room. He held a cold Lager in one hand, had his best buddies surrounding him — whose recreational basketball team had won yet another game earlier in the evening — and a full night of open possibilities in the great city of Vegas ahead of him. What more could a guy ask for?

Well, maybe a hot woman with no attachment issues or dreams of a white wedding dress ... but he could also be fine just the way he was.

Not that he had anything against marriage, per se. The institution was interesting, and he liked to study the general notion of fidelity from afar. But for him? Nah. He got bored when he ate the same meal two nights in a row — how the hell was he supposed to be satisfied with waking up next to the same person every day for the rest of his life?

Madness. Pure madness.

Of course, the fact that his best friend, Garrett, was about to marry Mike's little sister, Kiersten, wasn't madness. It made perfect sense. His sister deserved every happiness in the world, and if she wanted to wake up to his dumbass of a best friend staring at her every day, then so be it.

To each his own. Or her own.

Garrett better damn well take excellent care of her or else he'd forget the whole "friend" thing and come down on him harder than an anvil on Wile E. Coyote. And Garrett damn well knew it, too.

The devil himself slid into the barstool next to him and slapped him on the back a little bit harder than necessary. "So, you ready to be my best man? Or are you going to stay true to character and try to help me escape the wedding, instead of stay in it?"

"If you were marrying anyone but my sister, I'd do my bro-duty and toss you out of the rectory window, screaming at you to run for it before you make the biggest mistake of your life." Mike lifted the beer to his lips and took a long draught. "But, since you had to be a dumbass and pick my sister out of all the women in the world to fall in love with, you're getting married whether you have frozen feet or not."

Garrett held up his feet. "My toes are fine."

"Good. Or I'd burn them the fuck off, then carry your crippled self down the aisle to say 'I do.'" Mike shuddered. "Shit. Even saying that hypothetically makes me want to gag."

Garrett cracked up. "You just wait. One of these days you'll meet a girl who makes you forget everything you wanted out of life and show you how much you were missing."

Mike groaned and scooted away from Garrett. "You sound like such a girl right now. Just so you know."

"That might be true, but I'm in love." Garrett shrugged and ignored the woman across the bar eyeing them both as if she couldn't decide which one to hit on.

Though Mike would normally help her make the right decision — AKA him — he ignored her, too. Tonight wasn't about picking up women. It was about Garrett's bachelor party.

"Please. You're ruining the perfectly good buzz I've got going on here."

His friend raised a dark brow. "Funny. I didn't hear you argue about my prediction."

"Did I argue with the Mayans who said the world would end in 2012?"

"How could you? They're dead."

"Exactly." He grinned. "And I would be too before I ever made the mistake of getting tied down. Death before marriage, I say." He held his beer high and used a thick Scottish brogue to say, "They'll never take my freedom!"

"Oh God." Their buddy Stephen approached and rolled his hazel eyes. "Please tell me you guys aren't arguing about which parts of Braveheart weren't true to history again. Last time you guys got started, I fell asleep in a strip club. During a fucking lap dance."

Alistair, their team's point guard, chuckled and scooted closer. His green eyes shined with laughter. "That was pretty damn funny. It was even funnier when the stripper slapped you and stormed off."

"Hilarious," Stephen drawled.

Mike held his hands up. "We're not talking about history tonight. We were actually discussing marriage ... and why I'll never do it."

Alistair pinched his lips together. "Never is a hell of a long time."

"Not long enough when you're talking marriage." Mike took another drink. "I'll stay in the green zone, thank you."

"Green zone?" Garrett asked, his brow wrinkled.

Alistair grinned and moved closer. "Is this that 'stoplight theory' you were babbling about the other night?"

"Yep. Ready to hear about it?"

"Hell yeah," Alistair said. "This should be good."

Stephen held his hand up. "Wait. If it's going to be as long as I think, then come sit in the booth Riley's saving over there. Some hot chick just left it empty and we snagged it before someone else could."

Booths in this bar were hard to come by, so none of them wasted time getting off their asses. As they walked, Mike turned to Alistair and pointed a finger in his face. "And don't mock me for caring about accuracy in historical movies. My fucking job as a history teacher is to know history, so obviously I'm going to slam something that's not one hundred percent accurate. It's a well-known fact that when the English —"

Alistair threw his hands up. "I know, I know. I heard you the first million times. So calm the fuck down."

Mike slid into the booth. "It's your fault for being the only one of us who isn't a teacher. Why a cop would want to hang out with a bunch of middle school teachers is beyond me."

"I'm beginning to wonder the same thing myself," Alistair said, sliding into the booth opposite Mike. His red hair and green eyes screamed of his Irish heritage — as did the smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks. "I wanted a break from the hard-asses I spend all day with but I didn't mean to go quite so far to the extreme as I did with you fucks."

"Yeah, whatever. Everyone knows math is the best," Garrett, a math teacher himself, said as he approached the booth. "If you didn't want to hear about variables and Pythagorean Theorem —"

Mike cut in with, "No one wants to hear about that shit, Garrett."

"Oh, and history is so much more enthralling?" Garrett asked, sliding next to Mike and slamming his elbow into Mike's ribs in the process. "Hearing about how dead guys died and the mistakes they made before those deaths?"

"Hell yeah it is. For one, you could —"

"Oh, both of you shut up. Science is the best," Stephen said, not even cracking a smile. "I'm the only one here who knows how to make a noxious gas so odorless that it could kill everyone in this room, and they wouldn't even know what hit them."

Alistair groaned and held his head. "Fucking nerds. Seriously guys. Stop. Just stop."

"Fine." Stephen said, motioning to Mike. "So tell us about your 'stoplight theory.'"

Garrett laughed, his blue eyes sparkling. "Oh, I can't wait to hear this one."

Mike thought about it. If Garrett had followed his rule, Kiersten would be alone. "Get lost. You're the only man this doesn't apply to."

Garrett rolled his eyes. "So glad to hear I get a pass."

"You're welcome. Now go get us some more drinks. This speech isn't for you."


"Seriously." Mike stared him down, and Garrett finally sighed and got up. Mike pulled some money out of his pocket and handed it to Garrett. "But here. Tonight's on me."

"Fuck you, Mike." But he took the money.

Once Garrett headed off for the bar, Mike leaned in and lowered his voice. "The rest of you need to listen up. Especially you, Al. You got way too close to the red light last week." He set his bottle down and bent closer. "You all know I love women. Every size, shape, and color. They're all perfect, in my eyes."

Alistair smirked. "Yeah, I think it's safe to say we all know that."

"But as with anything in this world, if you have too much of a good thing, you get used to it. Start to wonder why in the hell you bought a whole case of hazelnut coffee, instead of just a few packs. And then you're stuck drinking a piss poor choice for coffee — one you liked a week ago but now you never want to fucking see again."

Mike chugged the rest of his beer and scanned his buddy's faces as he did so. They looked at him with varying degrees of interest — but they were all hanging on the edge of their seats to hear the rest. He'd missed his calling. He could have been the next fucking Oprah.

But he'd have been an Oprah for single dudes.

"So I've come up with the perfect solution to this problem that afflicts men everywhere."

"You make it sound like a medical condition," Alistair said.

"It is, in some ways. Marriage should be a healable condition." Mike grinned. "But anyway, my solution to avoiding this issue altogether? You can compare your time with a woman to a stoplight."

Alistair laughed. "A stoplight? Are you fucking kidding me?"

"Do I look like I'm kidding?"

Riley shook his head. "No. Unfortunately, you don't."

"Well, it's as simple as this." Mike leaned in again and all three of his companions did the same. "Green means go. It's the first or second date and she's looking at you with those bright eyes and big pouty lips. Picturing you as her soul mate or some shit like that. I have no idea what goes on in girls' heads."

"Obviously," Alistair said dryly.

Mike ignored him. "This is the time to enjoy what's freely offered with no worries of tomorrow. Talk, laugh, and have some fucking fun. But when you see her again — and if you sleep with her again — then you're in the yellow zone." He held up a finger. "And you better think very carefully before stepping into the yellow zone, my friends. If you go back for second helpings, that's fine. Encouraged, even, if you know what you're getting yourself into. But the second you're finished, she's going to be wanting to see you again. And she's going to want confirmation that you want to see her again."

"So what do you do then?" Riley asked, his cheeks flushed.

"I give my very detailed, very sweet — yet stern — speech about how I'm not looking for a relationship right now. I tell her I can't see myself ever settling down enough to think of the big 'M' word. If she cries, then that's the end of the yellow zone." He swiped a hand through the air. "You're in the red, and you get the fuck out of there with your ass hanging outta your pants if need be."

"And if she's okay with you not wanting more?"

Mike shrugged. "I haven't met many women like this. Maybe one or two. Most of the time they cry and I book it out of there."

Stephen shook his head. "You're in the red zone way too much, aren't you?"

"I don't know anything about red zones," a feminine voice said, "but he's definitely in my seat."

Mike looked up and caught his breath at the vision in front of him. Her fiery red hair almost reached her waist, she had the brightest blue eyes he'd ever seen, and he could see the hint of dimples on either side of her mouth. Dimples that would surely pop if she smiled.

But instead of smiling, she glowered down at him as if he'd killed her favorite cat and cooked it into a soup. "Excuse me?" Mike splayed his arm across the top of the booth. "No one stole anything. This booth was empty and we sat in it. It's kind of the way seats in public places work. When you leave, it's up for grabs."

She slid into the seat next to him without invitation. In Garrett's seat. "I beg to differ. I got up to use the ladies room and then you were here. I even left my drink here to keep my seat, and put a note on top not to clear the table — that I'd be back."

Mike picked up an empty glass. "You mean this finished drink?"

"That's mine." She took it from him. "You can clearly see it's the same shade of lipstick I'm wearing now."

He looked at her lips. Her very red, very kissable lips. "Indeed. But where's this note?"

She looked on the table, then underneath. "It was here. I swear it."

"Well ... it's not now, so we didn't know." He watched her, unable to help himself. She had a certain vivacity to her that enthralled him. She practically hummed with energy and excitement. If this were any other night, he'd buy her a drink and get to know those lips a little better. "Sorry for the misunderstanding but we didn't see a note."

"Uh, thanks. I think." She fidgeted under his stare, and when she tugged the neckline of her shirt down nervously, he caught sight of a glittery bra.

Son of a bitch. One of the boys must've hired a stripper for Garrett — even though he'd specifically requested not to have one. If Garrett were marrying anyone else besides his baby sister, he would have laughed and paid for the performance. Hell, he would have even approved.

But not this time.

"Which one of you dickwads did this?" he asked to no one in particular. Mike scowled and pulled out his wallet. "I appreciate the fact that you came here to dance for our boy but you're not needed. I'll pay you for the dance anyway, but then you can go home."

She stiffened, and turned to face him with wide eyes. The fury in her eyes would have smote him on the spot, if she had the capability to shoot fire from them. He'd be nothing but singed ashes on the burgundy plastic seat.

"Buddy, you couldn't afford me even if you tried," she said. "And FYI? I'm not a stripper. Not all dancers are strippers, but I wouldn't expect someone like you to know that."

And with that, she shoved out of the booth and crossed the bar with her head held high and her jean-shorts-clad ass swinging with each step. Who the fuck wore shorts in March, anyway? Women with the longest, leanest, sexiest legs he'd ever seen. Women like her.

Her brown cowboy boots stomped their way across the room, and he had a feeling she used those boots to stomp all over men, too. She tossed one last spiteful look back at him and then sank into an empty barstool.

And he?

Couldn't look away.


Morgan Collins ignored the weight of that man's stare with the stubborn determination that had been rightfully handed down to her from a long line of stubborn Irish women.

But, really.

Of all the arrogant, insufferable, no good know-it-alls in the world, that man sitting in her seat was definitely the worst. And then some. First, he stole her booth and didn't even care. Then he topped that off with accusing her of being a stripper and trying to send her off sans the dance he'd thought she was trying to deliver.

She didn't know which was more insulting — the fact that he'd automatically assumed she was a stripper, or the fact that he hadn't wanted her to dance for him at all. Like, what the hell was his problem, anyway? How had he even known she was a dancer? Maybe he had recognized her from the stage. That could have led to his snide assumption about her being a stripper. Some men didn't know the difference between a Vegas showgirl who danced because she loved the art and a stripper who took her clothes off for money.

She wasn't one of those girls.

She danced because she was a dancer. She didn't know a life without dancing and hoped she never would. Dancing was her life. The thing that made her happiest and most fulfilled. A burst of masculine laughter crossed the loud bar and she looked over her shoulder. It was him, all right. How bad was it that she recognized his laugh already? He'd been over there, in her seat, for two hours now. Laughing with his buddies, tipping back the drinks.

While she'd been stood up by her blind date.

She was supposed to meet some guy her friend had hooked her up with but the jerk hadn't even bothered to show. Between that dating disaster, the audition she'd gone on earlier that she was sure she'd blown, and the asshat in her booth, her self-esteem had taken a blow today. A big one.

As she watched him in what she hoped was an un-obvious manner, his group of men stood up and exited the bar. Leaving only one behind — the same one who'd insulted her. He slid back into the booth, spread his legs across the seat, and stared back at her.

Wait. Back at her? Oh, crap, she was still staring, wasn't she?

He cocked a brow at her but she refused to look away. She'd been caught. Might as well make herself look cocky and bold instead of skittering away like a frightened lamb. When she didn't back down, he grinned and pointed at the seat opposite him — the other half of the booth that was quite empty now. He wanted her to sit with him.


Excerpted from Take Me by Diane Alberts, Shannon Godwin. Copyright © 2013 Diane Alberts. Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Meet the Author

Diane Alberts has always been a dreamer with a vivid imagination, but it wasn't until 2011 that she put her pen where her brain was, and became a published author. Since receiving her first contract offer, she has yet to stop writing. Though she lives in the mountains, she really wishes she was surrounded by a hot, sunny beach with crystal clear water. She lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her four kids, a husband, a cat, and a Senegal parrot. In the rare moments when she's not writing, she can usually be found hunched over one knitting project or another.
She is a multi-published, bestselling author with Entangled Publishing, Swoon Romance, and Decadent Publishing. She has, as of this date, four books with Entangled Publishing, one book with Swoon Romance, and five older books with Decadent Publishing. Diane is represented by Louise Fury from the L. Perkins Agency.

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Take Me (Take a Chance) 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
ReadYourWrites More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kim for Read Your Writes Book Reviews First off...I have to say I LOVE the cover for Take Me. I mean seriously who wouldn’t? I feel a little behind the eight ball so to speak when it comes to this series. I didn't read the first two books, only the third one and this one. But from the third book (Take Me), I could tell Mike was going to be someone special. And he was going to need someone just as special to capture his heart and let him know that it was okay to love someone. Mike totally met his match with fiery red-headed Morgan. There’s nothing like waking up in Vegas realizing you're married. That’s exactly what happened to Mike Worth and Morgan Collins after knowing each other for a very short amount of time. Mike is a middle school history teacher and Morgan is a Vegas Showgirl. The two originally met at a bar while Mike was with his friends celebrating one of them getting married. Mike mistakes Morgan for a stripper and the sparks fly for these two in more ways than one. Mike comes across being an alpha player, but deep down he's a good guy with a heart of gold. He's all talk with his red light, yellow light, and green light theory on relationships. Mike and Morgan are so much alike. I mean these are two people whose life goal is to NOT get married or have meaningful relationships. Mike watched his mother lose herself to the bottle after his father left the family. And in Morgan’s mind, her mother lost herself and her dreams to being married and having kids. The story is told from the points of view of both Morgan and Mike. I love that because you get to see what each is thinking. See their hopes, dreams, and biggest fears. One my favorite lines is from a drunk Mike, on why he’s marrying Morgan.. “I think I’m gonna fall head over ass in love with this woman, and she’s mine. I love how determined she is to succeed, and I want to watch her grow. Help her.” ~ To that end, once these two realize they’re married, Mike begs Morgan to at least give them a week to see if their hot sexual chemistry will just fizzle out or if there really is something to their relationship. I have to admit what happened between the pages of this book almost brought me to tears. Sadly, this is the last book in Diane’s Take a Chance series, but it brings all the series’ couples together and gives the series a very nice send off. Rating: 4.5 Source: Publisher
Darkfallen More than 1 year ago
This was another great addition to this series! Mike is NEVER getting married. Never! But picking up a girl for a one night stand after his best friends bachelor party....now that he can handle. But what happens when Morgan and Mike end up drunk on the Vegas strip? Not everything that happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and to his surprise that just might be what he needs. Now I don't want to give away anything so I can't go into much, but this was a smoking hot, heart warming read that I LOVED! Although book 3 in this series is still my favorite this one is a close second. I love how stubborn Mike and Morgan are together. How neither one of them wanted to be the first to give in. It made the banter between them comical at times. Overall Diane Alberts hits another homerun with this addition to the Take A Chance series.
beckymmoe More than 1 year ago
It's official: Take Me is definitely my favorite of the Take a Chance series. I liked both Mike and Morgan's characters, and was happy with how they got to their HEA. (Ah, a teacher hero. Really, what more can I want? Though I do have to say, he didn't have to do nearly the amount of prep work that I do when a sub is coming in, which I find grossly unfair, even if it is fiction. But I digress....) For a we-got-drunk-and-got-married story, this one was fairly believable. I was a bit concerned for a while there that Morgan was going to make a sacrifice that I didn't think she should have to make to get them to their happy ending, but thankfully Ms. Alberts didn't have her go that route. A sweet little epilogue wrapped the series up nicely, putting all the series characters together in one place for readers to enjoy. (Although...what about Alistair? I'd love to see him get his own story....) In a nutshell: a short and sweet novella that makes a fairly unbelievable premise almost believable. Entertaining read with likable characters. B- rating. I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
mceckk More than 1 year ago
Take Me by Diane Alberts 3 ½ stars Mike Worth doesn’t believe in love and marriage; well at least for himself. He is out with his best friend Garrett’s bachelor party, when he spies a booth in a crowded bar. Morgan is waiting for a blind date when she leaves a note on the table of her booth to say she will be right back; she just has to quickly use the restroom. She comes back to find Mike and his group of friends sitting in the booth. When Morgan returns Mike refuses to give up the booth. The barbs fly and there doesn’t seem to be instant love between these too – imagine if they could look into the future and realize they will be married by the next night! Mike and Morgan both have deep reasons why they never want to get married. When they were revealed they were solid reasons that I could see dominating someone’s romantic life. I could feel the emotion behind their decision during their discussion of why they each didn’t want to get married. While that part of the plot was written wonderfully, I did not feel the blossom of their love. I kept on waiting for some deep dialog and a deep connection being made, the scene the author wrote to convey this instant realization that this relationship they had was different than all the others they had before was quick and lacking the emotion needed to get the reader to acknowledge something big happened. This is the fourth book in a series, and in the spirit of full disclosure I have only read the last two books in this series. Mike’s character intrigued me in the previous book, therefore reading Mike’s journey to love seemed a logical choice. Mike still delivered his wise cracks, which are great, but I still did not get the feeling that I knew the true heart of Mike when the book ended. I received this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
Muffet More than 1 year ago
I loved this last book. Mike and Morgan kept me entertained thru the whole book. Love Mike and The way he was so funny but intense. Have to say my Fav of all the men in this series. I will not give anything away. But all the people who Did not like the last Lady in Play Me Diane more then makes up for in Morgan . I loved them both. Get this book it will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Great job Diane great ending too which I will not be sharing. Get it you will not be sorry.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed reading this book. This was a story about two people afraid of commitment that end up accidentally married to each other. As they try to determine how to deal with this unexpected occurrence, they begin to develop feelings for each other. Despite how unexpected these feelings are, they continue to grow and cause much uncertainty for both Mike and Morgan. I thought that Mike and Morgan had great chemistry from the beginning. It was inevitable that they be drawn to each other. It was fun watching the story unfold. ** I was privileged enough to receive an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Not as good as her first book in this series.about half way through Igot bored. Disappointed. L.M.A.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My 4th book by this author. Her stories just seem so real. I will look for more of her books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
shirley_frances More than 1 year ago
4.25 stars Mike doesn't do relationships, so when he meets the gorgeous Morgan he wants to get with her. She has something that draws him in, especially the fact that she appears unaffected by his charming ways. Morgan doesn't have time for a relationship and is not in the lookout for one. She wants to get her career as a dancer on track while she's young. Of course, she wasn't planning on meeting the handsome Mike. With his sexy charm and his determination to pursue her, she is slowly but surely letting her walls down. But when she finds herself second guessing her plans, she decides to do what's best for her, regardless of her feelings for Mike. I loved this story! It's not often that I enjoy a story based on the 'waking up married after a drunken night' concept. But Diane Alberts outdid herself on this one by portraying each and every one of both Morgan and Mike's emotions as they made their journey from mistake to true love. I enjoyed watching them fight their feelings for each other and their reluctance to give into the other. Their banter was hilarious and their flirtatious dialogue entertaining as well. However, I mostly enjoyed the moments where they let their guard down enough to be honest with each other regardless of past mistakes. Needless to say that their chemistry was amazing. The first kiss alone was scorching HOT and had me anticipating what was to come. Every touch, look and moan was perfectly placed. And when emotions came into play? The hotness factor of their sex sky-rocketed! Once again, I enjoyed visiting with the secondary characters. I enjoyed how Brianna gave Mike a hard time and loved seeing Garrett and Kristen finally have their happily ever after. All in all, a hot little read with emotional undertones, lots of flirting and off the charts HOT chemistry between two complex and interesting characters.
Bitten-By-Love-Reviews More than 1 year ago
Yes, I enjoyed this feel good, HEA. I think any reader of romance novels would appreciate the twist in this one however. Normally it’s the handsome duke, the dashing entrepreneur, even the hardened rodeo rider that isn’t ever going to fall in love. Not so this time. In Take Me by Diane Alberts the reluctant love interest is Morgan Collins, a dancer on the cusp of her career. While Mike Worth is ready to give up his life of one night stands, Morgan doesn’t want more than that. Mike thinks he’s found his ONE in Morgan. She thinks he’ll interfere in her career tract. Somehow, in a drunken stupor they decide to get married. The kicker is neither can remember how it happened. Morgan agrees to trial the relationship grudgingly. She fights her feelings till the very end. Mike loves her enough to let her go if that’s what she needs. The story is encompassing and the characters come to life, a good read for anyone.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Mike Worth is a man who lives by one dating rule, love them and leave them. Morgan Collins is a ambitious dancer who strives to be the best. She is single minded on her career. When the two wake up from a drunken night as husband and wife, things really heat up. The characters as well as the writing, make this book stand out. Mike is a loveable character, and easily relatable. Morgan is an independent women who works hard for what she wants. They, themselves, seem to be the only obstacles between their love. This was a light and easy read. It is the type of book that puts you in a good mood, and leaves you with a smile on your face.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tammy_SmutReviewer More than 1 year ago
4 - 4.5 stars!! Wow. Diane Alberts does it again. I swear I will read anything she writes. She can rewrite the constitution and I will be standing in line begging for an ARC! This series is quickly becoming one of my favorite series. After reading Play Me and falling in love with Kiersten and Garrett, I knew this author was on to something. I was so very intrigued by Kiersten's bound to never settle down brother, Mike. I seem to always have a thing for the guy who thinks he can't be tamed. Well, ladies! This is Mike's story. It it hot and juicy and funny as hell! I have got me a ginormous girl crush on a one Miss Morgan Collins. She is a spitfire. She knows what she wants in life and won't settle for any less. Her dreams are of becoming a dancer and she will let nothing, not even the love of her life get in the way. I have to say I fully admire her. I love her banter with Mike and how she puts up with nothing from him. She grabbed ahold of that commitment-phobe man and gave him a run for his money. But, it all changes when they can't remember what happened last night. You know what they say about Vegas? Well, it happened there and it stayed there because the book is set there. I love it! I cannot wait for more from this author. She is brilliant! This series is great!! SInce each book focuses on a different couple, these can be standalone. I suggest starting from book 1 though, just so you are more connected to the supporting cast. You know what I mean ;). *Copy kindly provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
LuckyIrishGal More than 1 year ago
Mike is happy to be a bachelor. He plans to stay a bachelor. Why do women always want more? Who wants to wake up to the same person forever? Morgan is a Las Vegas dancer. Not the kind that uses the pole, the kind with the feathers and high kicks. Morgan is already married to her dancing. She has no time for men who want more. Mike and Morgan are perfect for each other. After a night of drinking and general mischief, Morgan and Mike wake up hitched.Hilarity ensues as Mike and Morgan try to figure out what to do next.  Logic dictates they should just end the marriage. It's fake. They don't want to be together forever. Do they? Take Me is a quick read.  It is cute and funny. A great addition to the series.
Fictional_Candy More than 1 year ago
Ok, I think this is the last book in the Take A Chance series, and it totally rocked! It went out with a bang, and if you’ve read any of this series you MUST read this one. The epilogue alone was freaking fantastic, and then you get the story of Mike and Morgan. This couple is something else, I tell ya! Now I’ve read three out of four of these books, somehow I skipped book two. Either way, I don’t think you’d be terribly lost to read these as a standalone, but I think they absolutely rock as a series in order.  Mike is the guy we got to know a little bit in the last book, Play Me. He was a bit of a jerk, but in a playful way. Anyhow, you get to know him as the player. Mike is never going to get tied down with a woman. He even has a whole stoplight theory on how to be with a woman, and let me just say it’s an eye opener. Right away I was excited to know he was going to get his butt and his heart handed to him in this book.  Morgan is a dancer, but not a stripper! Unfortunately this is not a clarification Mike has before he opens his big mouth. Well, Morgan is also a bit of a firecracker, and a little stand-off turns into a drunken night of fun and that leads to… well, marriage.  There are so many fun sparring type situations in this book. Mike and Morgan definitely go head to head and its awesome. And then their make up sex, omg, its awesome too! I think they are probably my favorite couple in the series, they were just so much fun. I mean, you see someone, your attracted, you bicker, you make up, you have some drinks, and then wake up the next morning and your married. Awwwesome! And you get some cameos from previous couples, and that’s always fun. So this series is really quick. Depending on how fast you read, it’s a one or two sitting read, generally. But Diane Alberts really packs it in during those pages. Every book is filled with drama and some super hot sex. And I love how she makes these men so up front about being in love with the heroines. The men are persistent, and it just makes me want to cheer. Vegas is the perfect setting for the whole series, but this book especially. Let me just say one thing, and you’ll get it after you read it, but I freaking love it. 
Lagalloway More than 1 year ago
4.5 Swoon Worthy stars! I am in love with Diane Alberts Take a Chance series and Take Me is no exception, fitting perfectly with the prior three books.  Mike Worth is a middle school history teacher who is holding on to his bachelorhood like a lifeline. He gags at just the mention of the dreaded word marriage, but he is incredibly happy for his sisters and their husbands for finding their true love and happiness; it’s just not for him.  Morgan Collins is the female version of Mike. She is a Vegas dancer that has no intention of letting a man hold her back from her dreams. Her mother hung up her ballet shoes at the prime of her dancing career for a man and to start a family; she won’t let that happen to her. She is all for one-night stands and when she hears Mike’s Stoplight theory, she knows that she could get one night out of him without any promises of tomorrow. Mike loves and hates the games Morgan is playing with him. She has the same ideas of marriage in mind, aka, not happening, yet she is fiery and stubborn and wants to hold all of the power. And Mike cannot get enough of her. Whoops. That’s the Red Zone, so why is all he seeing is Green? Especially after they wake up together with no recollection of the night before and wedding bands on. Mike doesn’t want to give her up, throwing all of his ideals out the window while Morgan can’t seem to escape fast enough, only finding Mike still chasing her and she secretly loves it. Can they make their marriage work without compromising their dreams in life? Or will they break each other’s hearts to continue on their life’s path? Just like I fell in love with Jeremy & Erica, Thomas & Brianna, and Garrett & Kiersten, Mike & Morgan have captured my heart!! They are both immensely strong characters, constantly butting heads, but can’t seem to help giving in to each other. They both know what they want and don’t want, but they truly find themselves and what they really seek through their short and stubborn time together. (I received an ARC for my review and this is my honest-to-goodness, straight from the heart review!)
MichelleChewWrites More than 1 year ago
Oh! I love how Mike and Morgan met! The situation was so fascinating and funny to me (though it was awkward for the both of them). So, Mike was at his soon-to-be brother-in-law's bachelor party when he was accused of stealing another person's seat by Morgan. Mike mistook her for a stripper hired by the group and urged her to stay away. There was no way that Mike was going to allow a stripper to be part of his brother-in-law's bachelor party. That's just the way it was. Morgan managed a comeback for the insult when the rest of the guys in the group was away. A challenged issued, a challenge taken. I like how the story played out from beginning to end though it turned out to be something like the movie 'What Happened in Vegas' when the two of them got married while drunk. Mike suggested that they went along with the flow and see what it will bring them. However, Morgan would have a chance to live her dream as a professional dancer.Will she be able to stay? Though I was worried about Morgan's decision for a while, it turned out to be satisfactory! I love reading how Mike's perception of commitment changes after the 'drunken marriage'. The short trail-honeymoon was really sweet and it would be really sad if they didn't stay together. I totally like the epilogue! I can image the happiness in that family. This is the fourth book of the Take a Chance series. I read the first one and I can't believe missed the next two. Believe me when I say that I'm going to read them soon. Real soon! Although this is the fourth book, I felt that it can be read in isolation. So don't worry if you didn't read the first few books, you still can enjoy Take Me! **Disclosure: I received a review copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.**
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book! I love everything by this author! I think "Try Me" is my favorite of this series but this one was a close second! I loved that all the couples were together at the end , each with their own HEA!!! Though i am sad that this may be it for the series! Worth the money!
MCail More than 1 year ago
Sizzling!!! I enjoyed this story, but I have to admit every time Mike used the F-word, I kept thinking is this the way a history teacher would speak? I laughed out loud Morgan's shock at finding out he was a teacher. Take Me is a fun read. I love the cover. Yum! I recommend this book. Blurb: Married in the morning… Professional heartbreaker Mike Worth thrived on the chase—and dancer Morgan Collins represented the ultimate prize. But there was no way he was going to throw away his single-man status…not even for an elusive redhead with sparkling eyes and mile-long legs. So how did he let one drunken Vegas night end with I do instead of hell no? Morgan’s life revolved around her career and she had no intention of letting a man interfere—even if Mike made her question all her rules about love. At his urging, she reluctantly agreed to give their spur-of–moment marriage a chance. But once their trial-honeymoon ended, would she choose to follow the dance and leave her unforgettable husband behind?
Emma_Ayala More than 1 year ago
I laughed so hard, just starting this book. First their bantering and teasing and mutual insults. Bam! Consensual one-night stand. It was hot. No plans afterwards, no leaving behind phone numbers. Fate brings them together again and Mike just cannot let Morgan get away. Some arguing, drinking, sex. Then ... they wake up married! That was so rich! I laughed a lot. I'm not even joking. The whole time, as they spend more time together you can see them kind of warming up to each other. They stay married a few days to just sort of... see. Which I found pretty fruitless considering they both turned green and started sweating at the mention of commitment. And I'm not saying anything else. I do believe I have you properly hooked and you really want to read it now. *evil laugh.* *chokes* I have to work on that laugh. Anyway, I promise you won't be disappointed. It was short, but it was worth it and sexy and funny and cute in very unexpected ways.
dearbrighton More than 1 year ago
I have a habit of judging a book by its cover. I'm not so judgey that I won't read a book based on the cover but sometimes I make my choice on what to read next based on the cover. When I first saw the cover for Take Me by Diane Alberts my impressions were of a darker hero and the heroine being more hard than soft. I knew from previous books that Mike was kind of a douche and not into commitment- at all. Mike is content to keep his single man status and explains his "traffic light" system to his friends at his future brother-in-law's bachelor party. By the way, his "traffic light" system is something I'd really like to see a guy explain to me someday too just to see if I could keep a straight face. It's at said bachelor party where he meets Morgan and promptly mistakes her for a stripper. Morgan is a professional Vegas dancer (not that kind) and is looking for that role that will take her to the top. She has no time for a man that will brag to his friends about dating a dancer only to whine about it once the novelty wears off. She maybe the only person in Vegas more against marriage than Mike. Of course the more you are against something the quicker you find your way into it. I mentioned earlier that I was expecting a story that was more dark and twisty and characters that were perhaps a little hardened. Yeah...no, Mike and Morgan are one of the best married/I don't want to be married couples ever. I've read the "waking up in Vegas married" before but I loved the twists and feelings that Diane Alberts put on it. Mike and Morgan bickered like they had been married for years and I laughed out loud several times at their antics. Take Me is funny, yet sweet and the perfect ending to the Take A Chance Series.
MelodyMay More than 1 year ago
Rating 3 1/2 Let's get one thing straight, the events that happen in Take Me are highly (strongly urge the highly) unlikely to happen in real life. Which is all right, because it's a work of fiction. However, it takes place in Vegas, and let's be honest no one really no one knows what really goes on there. Anyway, we have the fourth story in Diane Alberts' Take a Chance series. This time we are focusing our attention on Mike Worth. Well, Mike would be a player, man-whore, or whatever name you would like to give him. Commitment wouldn't be a word associated with his character when it comes to women. However, after one drunken night he finds himself leg-shackled to Morgan Collins. Morgan has no desire to be married. After all she's married to her dream and no man would understand that. However, she has no clue why she would end up married to Mike. Especially, when they both agree that marriage would be the worst thing in life. All right, I liked the story, but didn't love it. I didn't really have an issue with Mike, because he's just the way he is. There's not much for a player, but I do hold a soft for them (only in stories and not in really life). Honestly, I was surprise with the change in him; I mean he didn't really fight what he was starting to feel for Morgan. Actually, he really wanted to see where all of it would end. My problem actually laid with Morgan. She really drove me nuts. Here we have Mike willing to take a chance, and that's a huge deal, because he doesn't believe in love. When he puts his heart on the line, Morgan basically crushes his heart. I think would have been easier if she took out his heart (like Indiana Jones Temple of Doom take out heart) and stomp on it. Morgan was so focus on believing she couldn't have it all (the career and loving husband), so better to live with one thing and not the other. So, it took a lot of guts for her a take a chance. The bottom line is: I liked Take Me, but just didn't win me over to love. However, it was still a good read, but Morgan drove me nuts. So, if you are looking for a quick with a drunken wedding, you might want to checkout Take Me. Copy provided by publisher
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The mighty Mike finally gets tamed. Who would have thought. For Mike the self proclaimed bachelor for life gets tangled up with a one night stand that just happens to be his match (physically, mentally and emotionally). Morgan refuses to settle down as she wants nothing to get in her way of her career. For Mike and Morgan one night leads to two and then the unthinkable happens. "I can't shake this feeling that I didn't make a mistake last night." After Mike and Morgan calm down after their surprise they decide to give it a go and see what this relationship thing is all about. What they quickly realize is that the reasons they wanted to stay single couldn't stand up to fate and the one. This series is such a cute, quick read and Mike's story so far just may by my favorite of the bunch.