Take Me Out to the Ball Game [Sony]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game [Sony]


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Disc 1

  1. Baseball-An Action History

Disc 2

  1. Casey at the Bat
  2. The Base Ball March
  3. They're All Good American Names
  4. Home-Run Quick-Step
  5. Our Orioles Two-Step March
  6. Hurrah for Our National Game
  7. Our Champion's March, Op.4
  8. Slide, Kelly, Slide! Comic Song
  9. Live Oak Polka, Op.7
  10. Base Ball Fever
  11. The Spectator March and Two Step
  12. The Umpire Is a Most Unhappy Man
  13. Base Ball Polka
  14. One-A Strike
  15. Baseball Quadrille
  16. Jake! Jake! The Yiddisher Ball-Player
  17. Una Schottische
  18. Tiger Polka
  19. That Baseball Rag
  20. The Ball Club March
  21. Who Would Doubt That I'm a Man?
  22. The Base Ball Cake Walk
  23. Take Me out to the Ball Game

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