Take off Track and Field: Sports Starters

Take off Track and Field: Sports Starters

by Crabtree Publishing

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Children's Literature - Beverly Melasi
Track and field is a sport comprised of running, jumping, throwing, or a combination of each. The athletes take turns competing against each other. Competitions are held outside or in stadiums. Some tracks are made of special rubber that is springy so racers can run faster. A running track is divided into lanes. In a short race, the runners begin at the same starting line, and in long races the starting lines are staggered. That is because the outer lanes are longer than the inner lanes. In the pole vault, athletes try to leap over a high bar without knocking it down. The bar is raised higher each time the athlete clears it. The long jump is a distance jumping event. Athletes sprint and jump into sand and where they land is measured. One of the throwing events is the javelin throw. The athlete throws a light spear as far as they can. The author did a great job of using pictures and words to show the different events involved in track and field. This book a great way to get kids interested in sports, because there are pictures of athletes actually performing the events. Kids can emulate them and try some of the sports themselves. Reviewer: Beverly Melasi

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