Take Us to the Crossroads

Take Us to the Crossroads


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  1. Where Can I Go  -  Joel Richards
  2. When the Ones You Love and Trush (Where You See Bones)  -  Joel Richards
  3. I Took My Burden to the Crossroads (Hurricane)  -  Joel Richards
  4. And the Blessing of the Lord (Blessing of the Lord)  -  Joel Richards
  5. I Give My Heart to What I Treasure (Treasure)  -  Joel Richards
  6. Jesus Christ (All My Love)  -  Joel Richards
  7. Every Morning  -  Joel Richards
  8. When We Turn Our Hearts to Heaven (Dreamers of Your Dreams)  -  Joel Richards
  9. You Are Mystical  -  Joel Richards
  10. If I Seek You (Pure Heart)  -  Joel Richards
  11. In These Last Days (Waterfall)  -  Joel Richards
  12. I Hear the Hunger of the Poor (Sons and Daughters)  -  Joel Richards

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Rick Cua   Bass
Phil Madeira   Acoustic Guitar,Accordion,Electric Guitar,Hammond Organ,Melodica,Lap Steel Guitar
Steve Hindalong   Tambourine,Shaker
Chris Donohue   Synthesizer,Bass,Electric Guitar
John Painter   Multi Instruments,Toy Instruments
Ken Lewis   Percussion,Drums
Brian Houston   Acoustic Guitar,Harmonica,Multi Instruments,Toy Instruments

Technical Credits

Richard Dodd   Mastering
Kenny Riley   Composer
Paul Wilkinson   Engineer
Derri Daugherty   Producer,Engineer
George King   Executive Producer
Noel Richards   Composer
Jordan Richter   Engineer
Brian Houston   Composer
Mike Rinaldi   Executive Producer
Stephen Doherty   Executive Producer
Brad Mathias   Executive Producer

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