Taking Charge of Infertility

Taking Charge of Infertility

by Patricia Irwin Johnston

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According to recent statistics, one in five American couples are faced with infertility. Johnson, who is the publisher of Perspectives Press, an infertility and adoption publishing house founded in 1982, here provides a handbook to assist with the negotiation of emotional and psychological issues that accompany infertility and to help couples to communicate realistically and effectively at a difficult time. Johnson stresses the need for accurate information to make sound decisions when faced with infertility. The cornerstone of his book is control; too often, she says, infertile couples cede the reins to the medical specialists. The author urges them to reassume it when making decisions about treatment options, family building options (surrogacy, donor insemination and adoption) and others. Herself infertile, Johnson knows the loss many feel when denied biological parenthood. She recognizes the devastating emotional aftershocks that often rattle partners after a diagnosis of infertility. The author discusses the loss of sexual privacy and spontaneity that can occur as partners pursue parenthood and the importance of taking stock. Throughout each chapter, scattered among suggestions about drug therapies and strategizing, are brief profiles of couples who face fertility problems. The real-life stories--some of which end in births and some of which don't--add strength to the author's grounded approach to a difficult issue. These pages offer solace and, even more importantly, guidance. (Mar.)

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