Tales from the Greek Legends

Tales from the Greek Legends

by Benjamin Soames

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Naxos Audio Books


Disc 1

  1. Gods and Titans
  2. The Creature
  3. Perseus
  4. Medusa the Gorgon
  5. Andromeda on the Rock
  6. The Most Deadly Weapon
  7. The Labours of Heracles
  8. The Labours Begin the Nemean Lion
  9. The Lernean Hydra
  10. The Ceryneian Stag
  11. The Erimanthean Boar
  12. The Augean Stables
  13. The Stymphalean Birds
  14. The Cretan Bull
  15. The Mares of Diomedes
  16. The Girdle of Hippolyta
  17. The Oxen of Geryon
  18. The Golden Apples of Hesperides
  19. The Hound of Hades

Disc 2

  1. The Adventures of Theseus
  2. Sinnis and Sciron
  3. Ceryon and Procrustes
  4. Medea the Sorceress
  5. Arrival in Crete
  6. The Minotaur Appears
  7. Daedelus and Icarus
  8. Jason and the Argonauts
  9. Jason Arrives in Athens
  10. The Heroes Prepare
  11. The Harpies
  12. The Golden Fleece
  13. The Argo Turns Homeward
  14. Scylla and Charibdis

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