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Tales of a War Pilot

Tales of a War Pilot

by Richard C. Kirkland

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Kirkland tells the stories of being a pilot--flying Lockheed P-38 Lightnings in New Guinea during World War II and Sikorsky rescue helicopters in Korea. From inside the cockpit, he relates the excitement, devastation, daily life and heroism he and his fellows lived and tells of the people, both famous and ordinary, whom he met.
Associated Press
Richard C. Kirkland admits that he never would have written his military service memoirs if one of his sons hadn't talked him into it. His book, Tales of a War Pilot, enriches the genre of military literature. As a fighter pilot in the South Pacific during World War II, Kirkland flew Lightning P-38s against the vaunted Japanese Zero. He also escorted heavy bombers, chalking up 103 missions... For sheer excitement, Tales of a War Pilot is unbeatable. Review by Norman N. Brown, April 12, 1999

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