Tales of Pan

Tales of Pan

by Mordicai Gerstein

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Thirteen stories of the silly, delightful mythological god Pan and his family are compiled in this picture book. When Pan is born, his distinguishing curly horns, beard and goat legs frighten away the nurse; others immediately love and admire him. His presence changes Mount Olympus from a peaceful place to one of confusion and havoc. He skips, dances, shrieks, leaps, races, yowls, claps and jumps throughout the story, never stopping for a moment. Tired of Olympus, he heads to Arcadia, finding nymphs, flowers, people and creatures everywhere. There, Pan repeatedly falls in love. He invents ``panic,'' he kisses Hercules and is tossed out a window, he challenges Apollo to a music contest, and more. Gerstein's version of these Greek tales is direct and clearly written. His wildly exhuberant artwork conveys the noise and confusion that characterizes Pan himself. (710)
School Library Journal - School Library Journal
K-Gr 4 A god of noise and confusion, whose unnerving shouts throw hearers into panic ; who prefers a romp in the wild to the civilized splendors of Olympus; and inveterate boaster who wants the moon: Pan might have been conceived as the apotheosis of the five year old. These stories are only a few pages each, and the retellings are faithful but as lighthearted as their irrepressible subject. The type is large, but dominated by the exuberant color sketches spilling across the pages, their crinkled line and scribbles of pastel effectively conveying the dizzy, chaotic energy of the Greek gods as Gerstein sees them. This delightfully down-to-earth view of myth might even turn your favorite kindergarten paleontologist into an embryo classicist. Patricia Dooley, formerly at Drexel University, Phila .

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HarperCollins Publishers
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1st ed
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7 - 10 Years

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