Tall and Small: A Book about Height

Tall and Small: A Book about Height

by Kate Gilbert Phifer, Dennis Kendrick

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School Library Journal
Gr 5-9 Phifer questioned many adolescents who were shorter or taller than their peers. From their responses she presents the problems and questions as they see them. Then she gives the known facts about growth so that readers can make a growth chart and see where they are going. Explanations of DNA, of the functions of bones and hormones in growth, and of the differences in male and female growth patterns are clear, frank, and matter-of-fact. Food and diet, illnesses, exercise, and love, as well as drugs such as tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine, are briefly discussed in terms of their roles in growth. Possible situations in which a physician might prescribe hormone therapy are mentioned. But the strongest message here is that of learning to accept yourself as you are and make the most of your life, including how to cope with teasing. Amusing cartoon-style black line drawings add zest and interest to the text. Innumerable books on general health or sex education include similar information on growth and maturation, but only here is it collected in one place for adolescents having problems dealing with their size or for concerned adults trying to help them cope. Sylvia S. Marantz, Wellington School, Columbus, Ohio

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10 - 13 Years

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