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Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat
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Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat

4.5 18
by Cathy Unruh

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Born in the wild, on a tropical island where food is scarce and predators are plentiful, a tiny kitten struggles to stay alive. When she is captured by humans and taken from her mother, Lucy Miracle's rags-to-riches adventure begins. In this epic tale told by Lucy herself, you will feel her terror when she is trapped in a cage. See through her eyes as she is nursed


Born in the wild, on a tropical island where food is scarce and predators are plentiful, a tiny kitten struggles to stay alive. When she is captured by humans and taken from her mother, Lucy Miracle's rags-to-riches adventure begins. In this epic tale told by Lucy herself, you will feel her terror when she is trapped in a cage. See through her eyes as she is nursed back to health from the brink of death, and share her joy as she accepts the love of her new human family.

Will Lucy ever see her mother again? Can she and her human friends stop the man who wants to murder every cat on the island? If she decides to live in a house with humans, will she miss the freedom of the wild?

Experience life as a feral cat in Taming Me.

Editorial Reviews

VOYA - Marla K. Unruh
On an island in the Bahamas, a cat and her kitten are living in the wild and scrounging for food when a tantalizing smell lures them into a cage. The kitten is separated from her mother and fights to get free. The humans are kind rescuers, however, and the kitten is named Lucy by the human who is nursing her to health and trying to domesticate her. The human, Darcy, is organizing a Trap-Neuter-Return program to control the feral cats on the island but dotes on this kitten and wants to keep her. As Lucy tells the story, however, it is she who tames the humans, not the other way around. This reviewer found it distracting that, although the narrator is a very young kitten, she describes her surroundings in sophisticated detail, naming the trees, bushes, animals, and birds. She knows which humans are the native Bahamians (the servants) and which are not (the seasonal residents). If the reader accepts this unlikely premise, the next problem is the lack of any real excitement. A series of low-voltage conflicts is easily resolved, and the pacing is slow. Finally, the cloying way Darcy communicates with Lucy and Lucy calls Darcy and her husband Mommy and Daddy make this a book for the true animal lover. Middle readers who are feline aficionados will want to see Lucy safely established in her human family. Ages 11 to 14.
VOYA - Amber Brown
Taming Me is quite a unique story. The book is told from the island cat's point of view. A cat lover will not much enjoy this book. Maybe it will better appeal to a younger age group. Even though it is a short book, this reviewer found it hard to get through because there is no big attention grabber in the story. 3Q, 2P. Ages 11 to 14.

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What People are Saying About This

Jonathan Balcombe
Unruh brilliantly captures the inner world of a cat. (Jonathan Balcombe, author, Second Nature and The Exultant Ark)
Mary Anne Miller
Although a work of fiction, this book is in every way a true representation of the life of a stray kitten. A book that should not only be read, but also passed on to others for the messages it contains and the lessons offered. It emits an introspective look into a feline life that often goes unnoticed (much like the panhandlers on the streets you might pass on a daily basis). It encourages you to look inside of yourself and ask this question: What if the kitten I see near the dumpsters really needs my help? Taming Me gives you instructions without lectures and hope for the future along with tools to use should you wish to reach out and help that stray cat or kitten you notice in your life. (Mary Anne Miller, founder and editor, Felinexpress.com)
Loretta Swit
I was totally engrossed in the life of this little kitten. I found myself hoping and praying she would see the wisdom in giving up the feral life so fraught with danger for a life of love and nurturing indoors. (Loretta Swit, actor, artist and activist)
Sherry Silk
A fascinating story about how this special little island kitten overcame her life as a feral and learned to trust and blend into a new family. The book shows how animals share the same fears, emotions, love and acceptance that we humans do and how much our lives are enriched when we add an animal to our family. I look forward to reading more of Lucy's travels around the world. (Sherry Silk, executive director, Humane Society of Tampa Bay)
Myriam Parham
Wow. Cathy Unruh has captured the essence of the lives of feral (stray) cats in a charming and informative story. Readers will experience the joys, sadness and challenges Lucy faces in surviving and adapting to "domesticated" life. A must read for every animal lover and an eye opener for those unfamiliar with feral cats. It is sure to melt any heart. I can't wait to read more of Lucy's adventures in the upcoming sequels! (Myriam Parham, president, Florida Voices for Animals)
Bryan Kortis
As Lucy's story unfolds, distance and a fear of humans are replaced by trust and a sense of belonging. With sharp insight, author Cathy Unruh lets us experience this changing world through Lucy's eyes. We learn the power of compassion to transform and come to understand that, in Lucy's world and in our own, miracles are possible. (Bryan Kortis, co-founder, New York City's Neighborhood Cats)
Rory Freedman
A romp through the mind of a fabulous feline and all her fun and life-changing adventures. (Rory Freedman, author, Skinny Bitch)
Caren Gittleman
From the moment I started reading, I could NOT put the book down. It is eloquent, insightful, sensitive, suspenseful, full of love and will lure you into its pages...It's simply superb. (Caren Gittleman, pet blogger (CatChat.com) and freelance writer)
Becky Robinson
Taming Me imaginatively describes the adventures and feelings of one tiny island cat—and in the process, helps build support for feral cats and their caregivers everywhere. (Becky Robinson, co-founder and president, Alley Cat Allies)
Margo Hammond
Move over, Marley. Taming Me is poised to steal the hearts of animal fans everywhere. Not a cat lover? This feral feline, who narrates her own tale of survival, will turn you into one. (Margo Hammond, co-author, Between the Covers: The Book Babes' Guide to a Woman's Reading Pleasures)
Jim MacDougald
A heartwarming and inspiring story of a feral cat, of those who loved her, and of the miracle they launched together on a tiny island in the Bahamas. The story, told by Lucy Miracle herself, will show you our world through the eyes of a helpless kitten who must learn to survive on her own, and to grow to trust and love the humans who share the island with her. Unruh's ability to write and think like a cat is astonishing. After reading Taming Me, your perception of cats and kittens will be forever changed. A "must read" for anyone who has a kitten or a cat, any adult or child who will be entrusted with a pet of their own, or for anyone who simply wants to learn more about animals. (Jim MacDougald, president, International Council of the Tampa Bay Region)
Nancy Peterson
Taming Me masterfully depicts what cats would say about the power of love, patience and understanding to transform lives—both human and feline. (Nancy Peterson, cat programs manager, The Humane Society of the United States)
Pamela June Kimmell
Cathy Unruh's writing style was perfect for this story - she truly does have an incredible talent for "becoming" a cat in the way she related everything Lucy saw, felt, did.....the awkwardness of a kitten - the shyness of a feral - the fear of the unknown. It was all so well done through the eyes of Lucy. The endearing story captured me from the first page and held me throughout the entire book. (Pamela June Kimmell, author, artist, and blogger (OneSpoiledCat.com))
Darlene Arden
Lucy Miracle's story will give you a new perspective on feral cats and kittens. With patience and love, some can become wonderful housecats. Unruh's Lucy is a wonderful protagonist. Because she tells the story through the kitten's thoughts, there is none of the treacly talking cat in this book. You will be captivated by Lucy and her story....You'll cry, you'll laugh and you will love Lucy. (Darlene Arden, author, speaker, and journalist)
Ben Martin
[Lucy Miracle] tells her own story in this charming feline account. (Ben Martin, The Advocate)
Gene Baur
Delightful. As Lucy comes to know human kindness for the first time, her fear melts away, and she begins to love and trust her human parents—a captivating story about compassion and the connection that can exist between humans and other animals. (Gene Baur, author, Farm Sanctuary: Changing Hearts and Minds about Animals and Food; president and co-founder, Farm Sanctuary)
Dennis McCullough
You must come and join Lucy Miracle on her journey from being a feral kitten to a loved family member. Through Lucy's eyes you will share the good times and bad, and come away with a newfound appreciation for the struggle of feral cats everywhere. This is a beautifully written, fascinating tale of transformation that will leave you thankful that the world has people like the author and her family and friends in it. (Dennis McCullough, Hillsborough County Florida Animal Services, retired)

Meet the Author

Cathy Unruh is an Emmy Award-winning television journalist with a gift for words and an affinity for animals. She currently hosts a talk show titled Up Close with Cathy Unruh for WEDU-TV in Tampa-St. Petersburg.

Unruh is a frequent speaker and emcee in west central Florida, her primary home. She appears monthly in WEDU's Premiere magazine, and regularly in other publications such as Tampa Bay Magazine, Tampa Bay Illustrated, and Cultural Affairs. She is an award-winning member of the Cat Writers Association.

Unruh is affiliated at the highest levels with the following national animal welfare organizations: The Humane Society of the United States, the ASPCA, PETA, and Farm Sanctuary. In Florida, she co-founded an organization devoted to feral cats called Mission MEOW (Managing and Ending Overpopulation Wisely), which works alongside groups across the United States, including Neighborhood Cats of New York City and Alley Cat Allies, a national non-profit.

Unruh is a part-time resident of Cat Cay in the Bahamas, where she met and adopted Lucy Miracle, the narrator and protagonist of Taming Me.

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Taming Me: Memoir of a Clever Island Cat 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 18 reviews.
alycemcc More than 1 year ago
I loved this book about Lucy Miracle, a feral cat on a Bahama Island. The author did an excellent job of telling Lucy's story in her (Lucy's) own words and thoughts. It would be a great read for anyone, cat lover or not.
JamesBond2 More than 1 year ago
This is a wonderful story, written from the cat's point of view, about a giving and caring couple that decided to give life and hope to some feral cats on a beautiful tropical island. "Taming Me" is about one of them, Lucy Miracle, and how she saw her life, and humans, before Cathy came along. The story begins with sadness, malnourishment and hopelessness and develops into happiness, love and trust as Lucy learns to become part of her ultra-civilized new home and family. This is a story about how one or two caring and devoted people can change the lives not only of some beautiful and loving stray cats, but of the many, many people they have inspired along the way. This is a book to buy in bulk...one for each grandchild, please. And one for the nice lady down the street, and one for the guy at the office tat needs to gain a different perspective on things. This is a truly enriching book. Buy it. You won't be sorry.
GeoDiva More than 1 year ago
I just finished reading this book and absolutely loved it! I found it hard to put down. Lucy's story is very compelling and the author did a great job of being Lucy's voice. I am not an animal person, but I can see that there are humane ways of treating animals, with love and compassion. By doing so, we all win. Thank you to the author for not only telling a great story, but also educating us about feral cats! Can't wait to read the sequels!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is one of those books you want more of.  It's for "cat people," yes, but it's also a full of suspense and lots of up and down emotions.  Lovingly told and beautifully written.  Sequels, please!
SallyGK More than 1 year ago
The writing isn't of the same quality as, say, Homer's Odyssey, but this is an intriguing, true cat story told from the cat's point of view. Enough twists and turns to hold the interest and the heart of any diehard cat lover. The ending is altogether satisfying on several levels. If you love to read about cats, especially stories about real cats, you will enjoy this book. It's a 4 and a half star cat story told by a 2 and a half star writer.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This story is a page turner! Told in the voice of a feral kitten, it allows a view of life as a feral animal and the struggle for survival, as well as the tension in relationships with humans. It is thought provoking and will make you laugh, cheer and cry. Great read for a day at the beach.
SimonB More than 1 year ago
I loved the book! It took me right in. I was laughing at some parts and on the edge of my seat during others. It was sweet and at times scary. One of those books that you hate to end!
LCol More than 1 year ago
I loved how this was written from the view of the cat. Not only was it a heart warming story, but it also included true facts about feral cats. Be prepared to laugh and cry.
Cathy-Westielover More than 1 year ago
Taming Me is an easy read and provides the reader with a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the story. I found myself holding my breath in spots and reading with anticipation with each of Lucy Miracle's adventures. Any animal lover will enjoy this book, cheer the cause and rally against the injustices of society towards defenseless animals throughout the world. Cathy has a huge heart for both animals and humankind.
Peggi1 More than 1 year ago
I really Loved the Book.About Lucy Miracle. As I Love Cats. I got to meet Lucy Miracle Cathy.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I think of cats as curious, not clever. Too much page filler, for this feline lover. But what concerns me most, is how overweight the cat has become. Overcompensating is not healthy, and not the right message to send to anyone. A memoir? That's a bit of a stretch. A disappointment.
AHJ More than 1 year ago
"Taming Me" is a delightful story that showcases the deep bonds that can form between an animal and a human - Lucy Miracle's story is about trust, patience, courage, passion and dedication...Darcie is a truly remarkable person who just refuses to let the status of the Island's feral cats remain tenuous and fraught with danger...her deeply held conviction that all creatures should be treated with respect compel her to make a difference in their lives - and that she does! Nothing and no one will stand in her way. Bravo Darcie - I commend you for your passion and for making a difference.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I absolutely loved Taming Me! I felt a variety of emotions when reading about Lucy's adventures, from joy of her free-spirited and determined attitude, to tears and feelings of revenge during some of her plights. This is a must read for all animal lovers – not just friends of felines.
JoanMS More than 1 year ago
This is a beautifully written story that touched me on many levels. It is told by Lucy (a cat) about her life, but it holds so much more meaning. Ms Unruh has captured the people-to-people and people-to-animal relationships that young and old can learn from.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I loved this book!  Lucy's story is both heartwarming and thrilling- many twists and turns, as well as tears!  The author does a nice job of imagining Lucy's thoughts and feelings.  The imagery of the island is so lovely- I wish I could visit!  
LUVTHEGOLF More than 1 year ago
Lucy's journey from feral cat to pampered house pet leaves you wanting more. Can't wait for the sequel! Added to that, the truth about the success of TNVR makes this book not only entertaining but enlightening. For a first time author, Unruh has nailed it!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago