Tango: A collection of five erotic lesbian stories

Tango: A collection of five erotic lesbian stories

by Alcamia Payne, Lynn Lake, Viva Jones, Sommer Marsden

A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied lesbian themes.

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A collection of five erotic stories with mixed and varied lesbian themes.

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Wanton Women , #1
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Ludmilla smiled secretly as her finger traced Sophie’s rigid nipples through the leotard. She seemed very serious.
‘Take it off now,’ she said. ‘Take your leotard off slowly. Do a sexy dance for me, I promise I won’t eat you. Look.’ Much to Sophie’s amazement she bent over again and peered up at Sophie from between her parted legs; before standing back up, she sensuously began to wriggle out of her own leotard.
It was compelling and erotic to watch the lean man-like body with its pert breasts emerging like a python shedding its skin. First one breast appeared, tawny hued, enhanced by the nub of her dark nipple which was as hard as a raisin, and then the other. Next, a neat sashay of the hips and Ludmilla peeled the leotard down over her firm belly and dancer’s hips. All the time dancing, as she exhibited her muscular buttocks and long dancer’s legs. Finally, she was completely naked except for the stilettos, and turning around she placed her hands on her hips.
Sophie gasped. Ludmilla was so beautiful. Her pubis was flat, unlike Sophie’s, and sprinkled with short black curly hair – the wet slit juicily tempting.
She came to Sophie and wriggled Sophie’s leotard down over her breasts before, legs akimbo, she held herself rigid, her muscular legs quivering and with remarkable self-control, she leant forward and cradled Sophie’s plenteous breasts in her hand, tenderly kissing each nipple before ferociously ripping Sophie’s leotard right down and kicking it away with her toe.
Ludmilla’s eyes smouldered and her carmine lips parted in invitation as she gazed at Sophie’s sex with its brush of thick dark hair so completely opposite in appearance to her own.
She held out her arms and they danced, except this time, Ludmilla’s hands searched between her legs and Sophie, unable to sustain the rhythm of the dance, kept faltering.
Ludmilla gripped her wrist and together they ran, giggling, through the studio and up a staircase and into Ludmilla’s tiny bedroom high up at the top of the apartment where the curtains were drawn and only a tiny slither of light showed.
Ludmilla tumbled onto the bed as, down below, the strains of tango that would provide the perfect accompaniment to their tangoing bodies, echoed throughout the building.
Ludmilla’s strong legs tangled with Sophie’s, pinning her to the bed and then she sat up, smoothing her hands down her fabulous body.

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