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by S. R. Martin

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San Val, Incorporated
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12 - 17 Years

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Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I like the book just because of the strength of there brotherhood that’s why I like it
Guest More than 1 year ago
Zac and Marvin have destroyed the swamp, Edie¿s only home. Now Edie and Zac have gotten out of it but not without severe burns. The two of them have to get away from the swamp and search for a new home. But that is only the beginning of their trouble. The American military is out looking for them and Edie and Zac have to hide in water. Edie has to carry her sibling/eggs in her mouth to transport them since they¿re half fish. Edie has found a huge lake with an island for them to stay but the military knows they¿re there somewhere and have patrols around the island. Edie and Zac have to burrow in the mud leaving just their eyes showing so themilitary won¿t find them. Then Edie spots some trucks going to the lake regularly to get water. Edie and Zac go into a tank in a truck to hide. Hours later they arrive at a remote area of tanks surrounded by desert. The locals don¿t know they¿re there, but after a while some other kids find them. The kids have run away from some thieves who¿ve enslaved them. One of the thieves has a small scythe and rides on top of a huge dog with razor sharp claws like a lion¿s. Now they all have to get away from the thieves so they don¿t die. They survive on road kill for food and have to be very careful. During the day the thieves come out on huge dogs and look for them, and during the night things worsen when huge, man-eating pigs come out in the hundreds. On top of that, Zac gets sick and they have to go into the house of the thieves to get painkillers. Buy this book and find out what happens to them.