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Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

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by David Gregson, Jay S. Efran, G. Alan Marlatt (Foreword by)

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The Tao of Sobriety shows how to apply eastern philosophy to enhance recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. With a few simple mental exercises, readers can learn how to quiet "The Committee," those nasty mental voices that undermine serenity and self-esteem. With leaders of the recovery movement enthusiastically endorsing this uniquely helpful


The Tao of Sobriety shows how to apply eastern philosophy to enhance recovery from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. With a few simple mental exercises, readers can learn how to quiet "The Committee," those nasty mental voices that undermine serenity and self-esteem. With leaders of the recovery movement enthusiastically endorsing this uniquely helpful book, The Tao of Sobriety is an invaluable addition to the recovery bookshelf.

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Publishers Weekly
Getting and Giving Help In The Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction, longtime therapists David Gregson and Jay S. Efran offer a self-help book designed either to work in tandem with 12-step programs or to help addicts get sober without group help. After a brief explanation of Taoism (a Chinese philosophy and religion whose practitioners seek inner peace), the authors present the Tao, a Chinese term meaning "the way," as an ideal vehicle for attaining and maintaining freedom from substance addiction. Replete with anecdotes, exercises (meditations, questions to explore, affirmations) and real-life applications of Taoist precepts (letting go of attachments to guilt and other "self-condemnation" behaviors that lead to substance abuse), this guide uses the firm but gentle approach that is the trademark of many Eastern practices. ( Jan. 18) Copyright 2001 Cahners Business Information.

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The Tao of Sobriety

Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

By David Gregson, Jay S. Efran

St. Martin's Press

Copyright © 2002 David Gregson and Jay S. Efran, Ph. D.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4299-7467-7



This workbook is intended for those of you who want help with serious drug or alcohol problems. It can equip you with tools powerful enough to cut through the chains that bind you to these chemical tyrants. It will train you to use psychological know-how to dissolve the barriers that separate you from health and personal satisfaction. Using the concepts we provide, you can make a huge difference in your life.

The truth of the matter is that, as a human being, you have always had the capacity to create a future different from what past events predict. This is what makes members of our species so unique. In this book, we propose ways to get in touch with that continuously available creative capacity, enabling you to turn your life around at will. Our goal is that you will discover how to live more powerfully, compassionately, and creatively — without, of course, having to depend on alcohol or drugs. All we require of you is that you read the material, keep an open mind, and do the exercises we call "discoveries." These are engineered to facilitate deeper understanding so that

The Tao of Sobriety

you can move from knowing to doing, from right understandings to right actions.

In short, when the storm is blowing furiously and you are lost and desperately in need of directions to get you home, we intend — through the medium of this book — to be there to show the way.

A Word About Twelve-Step Programs

Many people reading this book probably belong to Twelve-Step fellowships. Those groups regularly make a profound difference in people's lives. Alcoholics Anonymous or AA, the model for all other Twelve-Step groups, has pioneered efforts to restore humanity to those who are locked into patterns of chemical dependency. Our intention is to assist those working Twelve-Step programs as well as those who may not choose to join a Twelve-Step group.

What Is the Tao?

For thousands of years, Eastern traditions like Taoism, Buddhism, and Zen have helped individuals find inner peace. The wisdom contained in these disciplines is a useful antidote to the selfishness and egoism that characterize so much of Western culture. Americans and other Westerners are preoccupied with self-sufficiency and independence, partly in the belief that such attitudes lead directly to the promised land of happiness and satisfaction. In fact, too much focus on oneself usually does just the opposite — leaving people confused about their goals and alienated from each other. Albert Einstein warned that "the illusion that we are separate from one another is an optical delusion of our consciousness." He realized that the conventional Western recipe for success, emphasizing individual achievement and competition, is often a formula for loneliness, isolation, and despair. The Eastern views we will be talking about advise a more holistic, compassionate, and relational perspective.

Don't worry — the point of this book is not to turn anyone into an Eastern mystic. For centuries, traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism have provided practical guidance to flesh-and-blood individuals seeking peace, well-being, and harmony against the background of the real world's hustle and bustle. Clients with whom we have worked have regularly found these perspectives useful. They provide realistic, no-nonsense solutions to everyday problems. On the one hand, our message is profoundly spiritual — it envisions a universe in which we all belong and have worth. At the same time, it is eminently down-to-earth, describing a method for obtaining relief from the pain that motivates alcohol and drug abuse.

The vision we are proposing is sometimes called "seeing with a third eye." It is about noticing the big picture that is ordinarily outside our awareness, and then using the resulting insights to enhance our everyday existence. It is about performing a balancing act that successfully juggles opposite that Westerners often consider irreconcilable. For instance, many people feel torn between their religious commitments and their material ambitions. They pray at church and make money at the office but find it difficult to mesh these apparently divergent activities. To us, however, all activities are both spiritual and material. We are not using the term "spiritual" to refer to formal religious practices or some rarefied set of ethereal goals. Instead, we are referring to a sweet serenity that can pervade all aspects of life — an image of perfection, completion, and connection that can be just as applicable to business transactions as religious rituals. Moreover, the spirituality we have in mind is as pertinent to the atheist as the religious zealot.

The material/spiritual duality is an example of a pair of terms that define one another, the way up defines down. Similarly, concepts such as completion, transcendence, and peace are meaningful only in relation to their opposite — the fragmented, competitive rat race of daily existence. In Eastern philosophy, the dance of opposites is acknowledged and accepted as the essence of the game of life. The trick is to learn to float effortlessly in the space such divergent poles create. For example, the Eastern sage grasps (and enjoys) the "joke" of life without ignoring or denigrating people's suffering. From an Eastern perspective, life is inevitably tragicomic — neither entirely gloomy nor simply a barrel of laughs.

The term Tao means "the way." It provides a kind of road map for living. The Eastern philosophies from which we borrow converge to define a unique middle path that seems to help people navigate the complexities of experience. Paradoxically, both virtue and sin are understood from within an overarching framework of unconditional love, acceptance, and compassion. Instead of excluding, denying, or resisting ugly or problematic aspects of life, the Taoist suggests that such elements be "allowed to be" in a way that nourishes rather than destroys our enjoyment of living. This was the theme of a cartoon we recently saw. It portrayed a Zen elevator that, in addition to the usual up and down options, provided a special Zen button marked CONTENT RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE. Of course, some people confuse contentment with passivity and resignation. They think that the message of Zen is to leave things the way they are — to make do with the status quo. In later chapters we will address this common misconception.

The world has changed dramatically since Taoism and related Eastern traditions began. So, we will be translating the insights of these teachings into modern lingo. We presume that the ancient sages, including Lao Tzu, the sixth-century (B.C.) founder of Taoism, and the Buddha, who lived and taught twenty-five hundred years ago, could and would do the same if they were alive today. After all, these men of wisdom warned against anyone becoming too attached to particular forms of rhetoric or ritual — including their own.

For some people, mood-altering chemicals have served as shortcuts to Nirvana. Undoubtedly, drugs can provide profound (albeit fleeting) experiences of being whole, complete, and self-satisfied. The path we follow in The Tao of Sobriety creates that same light-hearted experience of wholeness and relationship, but without the physical, psychological, and social detriments chemical routes entail. In the next chapter, you will see an example of how one individual maintained his sobriety by practicing innocence in spirit, a principle we will describe later. Throughout the book, we will present additional concrete examples of how these time-tested ideas, which may at first seem abstract, can be put to work to help you achieve your goals.


Alcohol, Drugs, and You

People do not wake up one morning on the sunny side of life and suddenly decide to throw everything away and mess up their lives with drugs and alcohol. The world just doesn't work that ' way. People always do what they do for good and sufficient reasons. So, regardless of your past circumstances, actions, and feelings, we intend to think of you as innocent in spirit.

In our experience, individuals who believe, deep down, that they are fundamentally flawed are much more likely to behave ineffectively and irresponsibly. On the other hand, people who are in touch with their own essential innocence are better equipped to handle life appropriately and efficiently. Thus, we are about to suggest a simple exercise — the first of many in this book — designed to help you determine whether you are indeed innocent in spirit, as we maintain, or whether you are unworthy of your own support and admiration. So, follow the instructions and take the next few moments to examine where you stand on the fundamental issue of guilt, particularly in the realm of substance use.

DISCOVERY 1: Innocence in Spirit

Do the Following:

Recall whether you ever woke up one morning feeling truly happy and at peace with the world, and then decided something like "Today is a perfect day to mess up my life with drugs or alcohol!" Now that you have taken time to think about it seriously, did you ever truly make that kind of decision? If you did, perhaps you are guilty after all. Otherwise, it seems to us that you are innocent of willfully and purposely screwing things up.

* * *

What did you come up with, guilty or innocent? If you did not knowingly make choices that were calculated to ruin your life, there are no rational grounds for considering yourself blameworthy in connection with substance misuse. Who would intentionally go out of their way and freely choose the hell of chemical addiction? If you have feelings of guilt and indulge in bouts of self-condemnation, these are based on an incomplete or faulty analysis of life's causes and effects. Moreover, as we shall demonstrate later, these guilt trips contribute nothing to your well-being or the rehabilitation of your zest for living.

Aaron's Story

Aaron was a man of about forty-five. He was a member of AA and had been sober for approximately ten years.

He sought counseling from one of the authors because he feared that the emotional roller coaster he was on would precipitate a relapse. He had recently been told that his twenty-one-year-old son had a drinking problem that paralleled his own. The son, who was living with his mother — Aaron's ex-wife — had cut off communication with him years before. The boy resented the heavy toll his father's drinking (and the acrimonious divorce and custody battle that followed) had taken on the family.

Aaron was a faithful AA member, doing the Twelve Steps, participating in his home group with a dedication others admired, and becoming a sponsor to many new members. However, he could not break through his own self-anger and guilt. He confided that despite his allegiance to the AA program, he did not really believe that alcoholism was a disease. This left him feeling a bit estranged even though he continued to "work his program."

In Aaron's first counseling session, the author told him that whether or not he had a disease was beside the point. Unless he could prove that he had freely chosen to become a drunk and alienate his family, he would have to be considered "innocent of all charges." Aaron began to laugh out loud. He realized, of course, that it is ludicrous to think that anybody would freely choose to mess up his or her life so completely. After the laughter came tears, and the upset that had been festering for so long just evaporated.

In the next session, Aaron began sorting out the complex feelings he had toward his own father. His father had been a jazz musician who, like many hipsters in the ' 40s and '50s, had been hooked on drugs and alcohol. Growing up, Aaron did not get to see much of his dad, who traveled extensively with the band. When his father was at home he could be a miserable tyrant. On the other hand, when he got high, he was a great guy — singing, playing his instrument, and telling stories. Aaron both idolized and hated his father. Ironically, he blamed him for many of the same failings for which his own son was now blaming him.

A session later (this case progressed with unusual rapidity), Aaron managed to get his son to come in. The boy was clearly furious and had much to get off his chest. However, after they had discussed details of the family pattern of alcohol abuse — going back several generations — the son agreed to attend an AA meeting. Aaron's need for individual counseling diminished and, six months later, he called to report that both he and his son were still doing well.

We mention this case because it illustrates the value of reassessing your essential innocence. There is an old saying that most people have to be dragged screaming into paradise. Therefore, although we have just presented a beginning logic for considering oneself innocent in the realm of substance misuse, many — perhaps most — readers will be entertaining a series of "yes, buts" rather than agreeing to walk down the lighter path of innocence we are depicting. If you fall into that category, you will probably take some convincing to believe that it is all right, even healthy, for you to embrace your innocence of spirit. We are confident that we have rationality and logic on our side, and in succeeding chapters we will attempt to prove it. However, even when faced with facts and logic, people often refuse to give up their own dreadful self appraisals. They somehow feel psychologically naked without their familiar — negative — beliefs. So, one aim of this book is to drag you into paradise, or more accurately, to provide the navigation tools to enable you to amble over in that direction under your own steam, and at your own pace.

Reality-Altering Substances

Alcohol and drugs change or mitigate your experience of reality. If you feel one way before taking a mind-altering substance, you can be sure you will feel differently afterward. Otherwise, what would be the point? Note that we are using the phrase "feel differently" to cover a multitude of shifts in thinking, feeling, perceiving, and behaving — the whole ball of wax.

Drugs and alcohol take you up, down, and sideways. They put you somewhere other than where you started out, and they do this magnificently. Perhaps that is why mood-altering substances have had such a long history. As you may know, there is evidence of beer brewing over five thousand years ago. In fact, an adventuresome brewing company recently formulated a modern beer based on a chemical analysis of ancient Egyptian dregs. Furthermore, whenever psychoactive substances have been popular, there have been sanctions and prohibitions against their use. Those rules and regulations attest both to the human craving for altering subjective experience and to the havoc such indulgences often create.

As most of us know, drugs — what we might call "reality mitigants" — are generally habit-forming, both pharmacologically and psychologically. In the jargon of the field, they create "dependencies." The word depend comes from the Latin dependere, literally meaning "to hang down from." Now, That's an interesting image: You hanging down like a leaf, more or less helpless, flapping in the wind in connection with some chemical substance.

Another way to say this is that chemical dependency is a temporary solution to an immediate problem. Unfortunately, the solution usually creates new and additional troubles that are worse than the original difficulty. In other words, chemical solutions work, but the costs are high. It's like running from a bully in a schoolyard. The more we run, the bigger the bully seems and the smaller we feel. Furthermore, the more we run, the more we establish a pattern of running. Once set up, this ego-belittling cycle of avoiding or hiding becomes a way of life. Although the opposite strategy — facing the bully — is frightening and difficult, the potential rewards are immense. When we stand up to bullies, we expand our world, gaining the freedom to venture into the territories the bullies previously dominated. Moreover, because bullies are larger in fantasy than reality, confrontations with them are usually less painful than we had imagined. Running adds heft to our opponents, standing pat helps cut them down to size. The really good news is that it is never too late in life to face the fears that we have allowed to bully us.


Excerpted from The Tao of Sobriety by David Gregson, Jay S. Efran. Copyright © 2002 David Gregson and Jay S. Efran, Ph. D.. Excerpted by permission of St. Martin's Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Robert F. Forman
This book has more ideas about recovery than you're likely to find in any other ten books. Highly readable, too.
Stephanie S. Covington
A clear, accessible, and insightful guide that draws on the profound wisdom of the Eastern world.

Meet the Author

David Gregson is a counselor currently specializing in drug and alcohol misuse issues. He practices at West Coast Alternatives Society with the best crew in all of beautiful British Columbia. Jay S. Efran, Ph.D., is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Psychological Services Center at Temple University and has been a therapist for more than thirty years. He has served as President of the Academic Division of the Pennsylvania Psychological Association and is the recipient of several teaching awards. He also presents workshops for psychotherapists and family therapists here and abroad.

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Jr.Jessica Ellen CornishJames Louis JohnsonRKLSir Colin Rex DavisSir Colin DavisJohn Dawson Winter IIIAngela Michelle HarmonJohn Theobald ClarkePogue MahoneLeo KottkeLeigh JacobsonGraham BarnesJohn Samuels IVWesley Harding StaceChris WilliamsonMelissa Lou EtheridgeCherokee CowboyRay Noble PriceDaniel John BedingfieldRamon EstevezTabu PascalGeorge Dewey CukorHermanus BroodBrian Maurice HoldenChris Lee LeDouxPatricia Lee SmithOne Fell SwoopAlbert NelsonReba Nell McEntireNorman CookQuentin CookChan Kwong SangCheng LungThe Hank Mobley QuintetHenry MobleyMina Anna MazziniEnoBrian Peter George St. Baptiste de la Salle EnoColbie Marie CaillatJohn Aaron LewisCharles L. ByrdCharlie Lee ByrdJulie PeckBarbra Joan StreisandHoward BernsteinAlexis Y FidoDavid HuttoLoreena Isabel Irene McKennittMartha Denise StallingsSade [Adu]Joseph Leonard BonnerWilliam DukeChristopher GeppertChristine Marie BrockertMary Christine BrockertThe Man in BlackJohn R. CashOtis Ray Redding
Jr.Preston BlackSarah Lois VaughanThe PretendersCora WaltonJuan SecadaLonnie Melvin TillisDavid BrombergRichard Peter GaughanJerry Reed HubbardJerry HubbardLAGQMickey & the MilkshakesHenry Kenneth Alfred RussellStanley GetzStanley GayetzbyJoe Willie PerkinsSalvatore Phillip BonoGordon Matthew SumnerGordon Matthew Thomas SumnerGordon SumnerDavid GoodenKelly Brianne ClarksonCéline Marie Claudette DionAlex AlarconAlicia Augello CookJohann Jonatan BjörlingJussi BjoerlingRichard D. JamesPolygon WindowAFXDicemanBlue CalxGAKPowerpillCaustic WindowCarol Creighton BurnettHoda HaddadNuhad HaddadBaldemar G. HuertaPrakazrel "Pras" MichelSamuel Prakazrel MichelNorman P. JewisonTappa ZukieDavid SinclairDamian HigginsKatheryn Elizabeth HudsonMichael Babatunde OlatunjiDick Van DykeWilliam Harrison Withers
Jr.Frank R. CapraValmond GuestRobert Calvin BlandMarvin Lee AdayMeat Loaf AdayClyde Jackson BrowneRichard Benjamin HaymesLars TrierEarl Eugene ScruggsRobin Leonard TrowerJames Byron DeanPat AndrzejewskiPatricia AndrzejewskiNeil Leslie DiamondMark Freuder KnopflerAvril Ramona LavigneEric Scott ReedDoris Mary Anne von KapelhoffDoris Von KappelhoffJanis Lyn JoplinAlvin Nathaniel JoinerConcetta Rosa Maria FranconeroRichard Donald SchwartzbergWilly WylerPeter Alexander Ferdinand Maximilian NeumayerBrian TranseauBTPeter YornWASPWilliam RobinsonVanessa-Mae Vanakorn NicholsonRobert James RitchieJamJohn BaldryJohn William BaldryBenjamin Scott FoldsMichael Schenker GroupMcAauley Schenker GroupSchenker-Pattison SummitDonald Paul McCaslinLuis Miguel Gallego BasteriSamuel BeamSam BeamKenneth Clark LogginsMilton JacksonRoderick JaynesBrian Russell De PalmaGilberto SolaresErnest EvansFrancis Thomas AvalloneFrancis AvalloneRonny HowardJohn St. FieldBret Michael SychakBanglesLester KinseyRichard Christopher WakemanElizabeth MitchellIdina Kim MentzelLuther Ronzoni VandrossPeter SeegerCorky JonesAlvis Edgar OwensJeffrey AtkinsMarie Dionne WarrickLennon SistersNicholas HeywardDaniel Grayling FogelbergJorge Mário da SilvaErnesto Antonio Puente Jnr.Ernest Anthony Puente
Jr.Aretha Louise FranklinYolande Christina GigliottiKeith RichardRobindro Shaunkor ChowdhuryHayley Dee WestenraJerry Butler
Jr.Cecil Antonio RichardsonBlack RobRobert RossJoe Logan DiffieJames GalwayTotòAntonio de Curtis Gagliardi Ducas Comneno di BisanzioElisa ToffoliDavid Peter GrayCharon Shemekia CopelandPatricia HoltPatricia Louise HoltGreenwillowJohn Leslie MontgomeryAlan Eugene JacksonFranck Pourcel's French FiddlesJames Travis TrittCaryn Elaine JohnsonRobert RafaelsonChristopher Mark RobinsonLola MitchellFrank OznowiczAnne Sofie von OtterReuben TickerNickolas Gene CarterRobert Leroy JohnsonJoseph SatrianiHenry Warren BeatyLouis WeertzJulian Miles HollandAnne Sophie MutterOlivia BlancDaniel Robert ElfmanJoan Manuel Serrat i TeresaJean-Louis MorèreManfred Mann's Earth BandManfred LubowitzWarren SmithTom JobimAntonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida JobimThe Sex Pistols & FriendsWylie & the Wild WestCSNYMichael Anthony HallDavid Walter FosterCarl Lee PerkinsMary Elizabeth PattersonDr. George MillerGeorge MiliotisRoger Harry DaltreyProto-KawRenaud SechanCharles Daly BarnetCharles DalyRonald SchattCraig Ashley DavidJames WitherspoonConrad Robert FalkJoan Anita Barbara ArmatradingTony Oladipo AllenAngela Brigid LansburyRobert Anthony PlantÁstor Pantaleón PiazzollaLocksley Wellington HamptonWalter McGheeWalter Brown McGheeWilhelm Ernst WendersWilhelm WendersPeter Brian GabrielThe Beastie BoysTijs VerwestWilliam Theodore KotcheffWilliam T. KotcheffChris GainesTroyal Garth BrooksJames Michael BrunoRobin Charles ThickeAlwyn Lopez JarreauDonald Barry de AcostaDonald BarryRed BarryKennedyDerek ThomasStephen James HoweValerie PoxleitnerRiley B. KingLeo SmithMerle Ronald HaggardJesus Christ AllinKevin AllinHermann KosterlitzLuc Paul Maurice BessonOscar Boetticher Jr.Harold Eugene ClarkCatherine Louise SagalVincent Grant GillWilliam ChildsWilliam Edward ChildsRaoul A. WalshWinston FosterNorma Jean BakerNorma Jean MortensonNorma Jeane Mortenson/Norma Jeane BakerAlbert GreeneO'Shea JacksonOrvon Gene AutryThe Singing CowboyOrvin Gene AutryTerrence ParsonsTerry ParsonsVictor E. Jurusz Jnr.Don Mc LeanRonald McLeanPatricia Jean GriffinMichael Blieden WolffJosé Montserrate Feliciano GarcíaAlbert CrancheP.T. AndersonTrevor Charles RabinStanley Robert VintonWilliam Augustus WellmanCamilo Blanes CortésEllen CabotVictoria SloanJoseph Raymond ConniffGillanDon WilliamsAliaune Thiam57158Junior Vasquez & PepstarDonald MatternBonnie Lynn RaittStephen Joshua SondheimEsteban Ria NidoCaetano Emanuel Vianna Telles VelosoNeil Percival YoungGeorge HoweAudrey Faith PerrySia FurlerSia Kate Isobelle FurlerDavid Samuel PikeFarrell SandersFerrell SandersMelvin Lee GreenwoodKurtJerry RobinGerald Lester ByrdSir Peter Maxwell DaviesMarc Bolan & T. RexTyrannosaurus RexIgor Feodorovich StravinskyIgor Fyodorovich StravinskyIgor StravainskyIgor StravinskiiIgor StrawinskyKina GrannisVictor Manuel RuizAndrew Lysander StonePedro Herrera IIILuca VeneziaDonald Jay FagenBevis & TwinkStephen Ray VaughanEric Howard CarmenJulio José Iglesias de la CuevaThe Doors of the 21st CenturyEdward Louis Seversen IIIArchibald L. MayoDavid BenoitAmanda TappPamela Yvonne TillisUK SubsStephen Lawrence WinwoodThomasJoe Lewis ThomasCrystal Lynn BowersoxBarbara Ann MandrellRoy Charles HammondLeroy BuchananCharles Raymond ConnorsGinger SpiceJames SmithJim SmithHomer Louis Randholph IIIWilliam Taylor GarnettErica Abi WrightIsabelle GallAndrew Lau Wai-KeungJoseph Walton Losey IIIAndrea ForzanoJoseph WaltonVictor HanburyJerrod Lee NiemannAchod MalakinFlorencia Bisenta de Casillas Martinez CardonaHope & RyanPatricia KaasThree SoundsRobert Milton YoungMary Frances PenickRobert Dwayne WomackAmy Jade WinehouseLeon James DeWyze
Jr.Walter CarlosSir Neville MarrinerGyörgy SoltiJames Solomon McDonaldRonald Wilson Reagan"Dutch"Keren Ann ZeidelJeffrey Scott BuckleyRosalba PippaPaco de LuciaFrancisco Sanchez GomezKent LavoieAlan MamanChristian Plummer Martin DolmanEdward HarrisJohnny Jones Jnr.George StenniusPeter EoetvoesEdward Lee MorganCharles Thomas JohnstonJohnnie ToMarvin Lawrence WinansSpencer Group DavisRobert McFerrin
JrBuju BantonMark Anthony MyrieLaszlo BenedekDavid ChappelleIngrid Ellen Egbert MichaelsonWilliam StrombergJess FrancoThomasina MontgomeryMelvin Howard TorméMelvin Howard TormeMarie WellsMary Esther WellsRoyal Philharmonic (Society) OrchestraStephen Fain EarleAmos BlackmoreAmos BlakemoreWillie KellyMildred RinkerIrma LeeAmy Lee GrantResidentsPhilip Chapman LeshPaul Emil BreitenfeldDaniel John BairdAdele Laurie Blue AdkinsAdele AdkinsJames Todd SmithHerman Sonny BlountSarah Ann McLachlanEddieSidney Joseph BechetAndrew Roy GibbAntônio Lopes de Amorim DinizAlecia MooreRaymond Nicholas KienzleJohn Fred GourrierBerliner PhilharmonikerRay Charles RobinsonJak SzoldMichael Whitaker SmithElectric Light OrchestraELOE. L. O.Floyd CramerSeymour KulikPatricia Lee RameyPatty Lee RameyLeslie WeinsteinBarry Alan PincusJulian Clifford Mance
Jr.Brad SkistimasA.S. Dileep KumarJody Vanessa WatleyLondon SymphonySymphony Orchestra of LondonVictor SantiagoCarlton Douglas RidenhourLawrence G. CohenJohn Douglas SurmanWilbur Dorsey ClaytonCA Los AngelesMama CassEllen Naomi CohenChristopher ColumbusRichard Melville Hall5th Ward WebbieWebster Gradney Jnr.Robert JamesNils Hilmer LofgrenMelvin KaminskyLecil Travis MartinAlberto Aguilera ValadezArthur Jacob ArshawskyRollo Smolt ThorpeLeslie Townes HopeRyland Peter CooderJoshua Ryan OwenEdward Ernest ReinholdCiara Princess HarrisConrad Yeatis ClarkVashtiThe C.S. AngelsPauline MatthewsRamon SantamariaRichard Bernard SkeltonCurtis OusleyThe GroopPhilip Parris LynottThe BishopsRichard Pierce HavensMinnie Julia RipertonSusanna Lee HoffsBig AudioBig Audio Dynamite IIB.A.D.Soldier BoyDeAndre Ramone WayJames Robert WillsKing of Western SwingBob WillsHumphrey HumbertHuddie LeadbetterHuddie LedbetterHuddie William LedbetterTom Lee JonesBrendon WhitneyGlace BayMonica ArnoldMonica Denise ArnoldJackie De ShannonSharon Lee MyersDavid Alan CoeDonovan Phillip LeitchDonovan Philips LeitchOtis William MaphisSananda MaitreyaTerence Trent HowardShawn Corey CarterLudovic NavarreSoft Machine LegacyThe California RaisinsCorey WoodsNorma Deloris EgstromJohn Winston LennonStanley M. ClarkeStanley ClarkeRobert Louis FosseJimmy Ray DeanRudolph MathehRudy MatéRobert Zigler LeonardJames ChambersThe TrojanArthur Reid
Arthur S. ReidMark GriffinRafael MartosJoseph Dwight NewmanWilliam Martin JoelWilliam (Billy) JoelJohn Alan TerleskeyChick CoreaArmando Anthony "Chick" CoreaPatrick DouthitDavid Russell Gordon DaviesRoderick David StewartMargaret LeAnn RimesSamuel George Davis
Jr.Known as "America's Toastmaster General."Arzel HillArzell HillLamont ColemanJohn Frank TeshDanny MulroonKeith Lionel UrbanFrances Rose ShoreThe Silver FoxCharles RichVadim PeareKeoki FranconiAnders TrentemøllerHans BrahmFrederick Lincoln WrayRobert Nesta MarleyTimothy BurtonHot Rod RedRhubarb RedLester William PolsfussLester Williams PolfusJohn RamistellaJohn Henry RamistellaBetty MabryGenevieve Alison-Jane MoyetDonald Eugene CherryHarry Allen
Jr.Gaynor HopkinsPeter AndrewsMichael Steven BubléJohn Paul PizzarelliLarry HagemanLivingston TaylorKenneth Earl BurrellShirellesJames JohnsonJames Ambrose JohnsonCarey Bell HarringtonSteve HelstripRavenRaven-Symoné Christina PearmanCat StevensYusuf IslamSteven Demetre GeorgiouYusufSteve GeorgiuYusef IslamStephen Demitri GeorgiouTerry ClarkGeorge Allen SummerallMaurice YoungJerome Najee RasheedEwart BeckfordMaria de Montserrat Viviana Concepción Caballé i FolchJulius Henry MarxJulius Henry ("Groucho") MarxRobin Hugh GibbPatricia Lynn YearwoodAndre YoungAndré Romell YoungWilliam Scott BrufordTimothy Charles Buckey IIISteven Paul SmithWendell FiteDavid Justin HaywardJohn Cowan HarfordThomas T. HallKathleen Alice MatteaAnastasia StratakiMúsica Movimento MagiaCreedence Clearwater RevisitedCCRMary-Chapin CarpenterCoil/Hayward/LigetiChristopher Joseph IsaakGrace MendozaAnthony Patrick HadleyHarold Rowe Holbrook JrBuilding Four Two NineStephen PaulArnold StrongJohn HodgesJohn Cornelius HodgesColeman Hawkins QuintetColeman Randoph HawkinsColeman Swing Four HawkinsColeman Hawkins' Swing FourColeman Randolph HawkinsHoward Hoagland CarmichaelHoagland Howard CarmichaelMaximilian Raoul Walter SteinerNicholas CurrieJohn Ross Twiston DaviesClayton Holmes GrissomMyra Ellen AmosJohn Peter FarnhamAnthony HamiltonRebecca Carlene SmithJim and Jesse McReynoldsFrank R. StrozierJohn Davies CaleThe Jimmy Dorsey OrchestraJames Francis DorseyJames DorseyKylie Ann MinogueDallas GreenJacob Taio CruzAlvaro José Arroyo GonzálezStacie Joy OrricoAndrew Clay SliversteinAndrew Clay SilversteinTremaine Aldon NeversonKeith Noel EmersonJames Clayton DayThe TenorsBeck HansenHans Florian Zimmer???Robert BrookmeyerToby Keith CovelThe Original Five Blind Boys of AlabamaFive Blind Boys of AlabamaBlind Boys5 Blind Boys Of AlabamaStephen William BraggMatthew Joseph WestIan ThomasKurt Peter RosenwinkelJeffrey William Robinson DunhamJohn Royce MathisMichael Austin CeraAdam SelzerJohnny Allen HendrixEdward ElgarSir Edward ElgarYanni ChryssomallisYanni ChryssomalisJonathan Mortimer SmithMichele'le (pronounced Me-Shell-Lay) ToussantDennis Jay ZeitlinBernhardt WickiEmil Anton BundmannAydin HasirciJocelyn Lorette BrownSimon RattleMario Mims
Mahala JacksonBarry PooleInga MarchandGiovanni Battista BarbirolliSir John BarbirolliSam & Dave BandRamsay FictionJohn William CarsonDelloreese Patricia EarlyDellareese TaliaferroDarren Stanley HayesJoseph P. LockeJoseph LevitchRaland ScruggsDame Gracie FieldsGrace StansfieldPeter Kenneth FramptonPat AzzaraIggy & the StoogesSteven Patrick MorrisseyJiles Perry Richardson
Jr.Roger SmithJ. LoJennifer Lynn LopezJane FrickieEdgar Georg UlmerJohn WarnerVan Allen Clinton McCoyÓrlagh FallonStanard RidgwayJohn CorbettLyle Pearce LovettReuben BraffMihaly KerteszMichael CourticeMichael KerteszMike Nichols & Elaine MayMichael Igor PeschkowskyDwight David YoakamJohn Lee ThompsonCecil Blount de MilleAlexandre Michel Gérard DesplatThomas Luther BryanJosé Manuel LugoJackie CooperJohn Cooper or Cooperman JrWilliam Rory GallagherDavid KimbroughJonathan Barry PrendergrastLeonard NiehausSha-Na-NaRaymond Frederick McKinleyKirk Dwayne FranklinRuts D.C.George Edward HeathStephane Grappelli QuartetStephane GrappellyStéphane GrappelliKnickerbockersDorothy Kimberley TolliverChristopher HillmanJustice Ellis McQueenRoland PembertonKarl Mladen SekulovichKarl Malden SekulovichElizabeth SmithEmanuel Lee Lambert
Jr.John Alexander St. CyrJohn Alvin RayHarold Lloyd JenkinsFederica von StadeSimon GreenDiamondsMookie BlaylockJoseph Rowland BarberaJoe BarberaWillie HutchisonDiego Antonio Caccia TorresHarold LipschitzKaroline BlamauerKaroline Wilhemine Charlotte BlamauerLotte LenjaKaroline Wilhelmine Charlotte BlamauerRolf KuehnJohn Henry Smith
Jr.Steven Morman LackritzSteven Norman LackritzSteve Lacy + 6Marion Walter JacobsWalter JacobsJane Seymour FondaRichard BeirachThe Mamas & the PapasRodgers & HammersteinBlood Sweat & TearsLondres Philharmonic OrchestraClifford SmithJerome John GarciaCalogero MauriciAlice Jeanne LeppertAlice Fay LeppertAlice LeppertMitchell Lee HedbergEdward Regan MurphyRichard Arnold HolmesSteveland MorrisSteveland Hardaway JudkinsSteveland JudkinsRosanne CashMichael Wayne AthaLucas MacfaddenMilton BrunsonClarence LeBlancAlan David YorkinAbraham Quintanilla IIIA.B. QuintanillaWanda Jean JacksonDaniel Wood GattonCharles Robert Redford JrMonarchJulian David CopeJohnny Otis
Jr.Woodrow Charles HermanWilliam Haislip SquierMéav Ní MhaolchathaLyle David MaysAlfredo AntoniniModern Jazz Quartet & OrchestraModern Jazz Quartet & FriendsStefan Oblowski
Jimmy B. Matheus
Werner Knox Vincent DawnKnackLeslie JohnsonLynda LemayChuck Mangione IIChuck ii MangioneCharles Frank MangioneNRPSDino KartsonakisChristopher John BoyleLaDonna Adrian GainesDemetria Devonne LovatoM.B.KaliberDavid Thomas JonesFredrici Alan SchepisiPamela Rodriguez

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Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
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David Gregson & Jay S. Efran provide a practical guide to reviving our own inner voice of health in sobriety.