The Tao of Time

The Tao of Time

by Diana S. Hunt

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Library Journal - Library Journal
This is a different sort of guide to time management, one that involves a complete change in thinking about time. Based on the ancient ideas from the Chinese philosophy of Lao-Tse, it stresses ``deceleration'' and maps out a five-part program to achieve this end. Relaxation, trust in instinct, and awareness of natural rhythms and harmony with the environment are vital parts of this method of time management. The book is clearly written and gives examples from the lives of people who have learned to manage in this fashion. A section on teaching children to manage time may be useful to young parents, and the final section gives suggested readings on the topic. This book expresses some interesting concepts about time management, and it would be a useful addition to most self-help collections.-- Rebecca Wondriska, Trinity Coll. Lib., Hartford, Ct.
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Every now and then a book comes along that leads you on a journey with a panoramic view of another way of understanding. Such was the case when I wandered into this remarkable book, The Tao of Time. The Tao and Taoist philosophy describes a different realm of being which allows events to infold naturally, puts us in touch with our own body rhythms and moves with the natural ebb and flow of life. Presented here is a guided course for incorporating the principles of the Tao into your life, and in declaring your life, something that is an absolute necessity in the information age. Strange as it may sound to Western-thinking individuals accustomed to mechanistic views of time marked off in days, hours and minutes, what The Tao of Time teaches is the opposite of time management–intentional timelessness. Only by letting go of artificial time constraints can we achieve real control of our lives. Although unfortunately out of print, this exceptional book is worth tracking down.
—Ilene Rosoff

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