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Tapping the Billionaire

Tapping the Billionaire

4.3 52
by Max Monroe

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New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you a sexy, laugh-out-loud new series. Are you ready to meet the Billionaire Bad Boys?

Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet


New York Times and USA Today Bestseller

A secret duo of romance authors team up under the pseudonym Max Monroe to bring you a sexy, laugh-out-loud new series. Are you ready to meet the Billionaire Bad Boys?

Blind dates? Online dating profiles? Been there, done that.

Georgia Cummings has zero luck with dating, and the era of the internet is not her friend.
No matter how fast she runs, how many corners she turns, she can't find her way out of this weird, alternate universe where men think dick pics are a replacement for small talk and getting to know a girl. One more crotch selfie and she might write men off for good...

But why can't she stop fantasizing about him?

Kline Brooks is the quintessential billionaire bad boy--dark, styled, short hair, muscles for days, and a panty-dropping smile.
Except--he isn't.

As his employee, he won't touch her with a ten foot pole.
But she won't touch him either.

Too bad their hormones missed the memo.

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Max Monroe's Billionaire Bad Boys Series , #1
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Meet the Author

—Two established romance authors join forces to bring you more books and stuff. Together.—
Everyone is asking...who is Max Monroe?

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Tapping the Billionaire 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 52 reviews.
Anonymous 9 months ago
These authors have their sh*% together. I have over1600 books in my ereader and this onemade me laugh and smile more than any other. Can't wait to read the rest!!!
Anonymous 8 months ago
Not normally a review writer I saw this had several lower reviews due to F - bombs. This was just the characters it was their personalities and I loved it I laughed out loud several times it's funny romantic and sexy. I LOVE IT
Anonymous 9 months ago
Max Monroe has written a very funny yet sweet tale. Georgia is a virgin and has chosen to remain so until she meets the man she can trust with her heart. Most of the men she tells this to only want to relieve her of the "burden" of virginity. Kline is different and tells her not to be ashamed. Their first date is a fund raiser for a children's hospital and we get a look at Kline's real self - he would rather all the money used to produce the event was just given to the hospital instead. Georgia is surprised at how his lifestyle is so simple and down to earth. When Georgie has an allergic reaction and takes too much Benedryl is one of the funniest scenes in the book. However, why authors who can use the word "salacious" resort to f-words in almost every sentence and frequently several times in one puzzles me. They are used as verbs, adjectives, adverbs and nouns. It could have been much better without the constant assault of f-words and misuses of God's name. Bravo for writing Kline as a man who encourages women to stay true to themselves. Four stars due to language.
Anonymous 9 months ago
Great story, love the characters but I agree the F bomb is used way too much!!! 4 stars for because of it.
Anonymous 7 months ago
I thought I was going to tinkle my pants with the lime juice kiss. My husband looked at me ad if I were crazy. Thanks for the laugh.
Anonymous 7 months ago
14 pages in, of a 300+ page book, and nothing... no start of a storyline, no character development...just pornosleeze-a dating app that encourages members to post pic of their parts? Puleeze! I got the impression the this novel was a collaboration by several inebriated frat - guys accepting a dare.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love funny and this made me LOL & smile - great read, can't wait for the next!!
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 8 months ago
I absolutely loved this book. I can't remember a book ever making me laugh this much . I truly like the characters and can't wait to read the rest of the series. If you don't like cussing and sex scenes this book is not for you. However if those things don't bother you it is a MUST READ !
Anonymous 9 months ago
Would have given it five stars but the f----words Was too much, otherwise a good story.
Anonymous 3 days ago
The characters were awesome and liked how each one developed. The author did a good job with this story but the only thing I found to be rushed was the somewhat conflict in the story. It's like it was just put in there and as soon as he explained she went back with open arms. To me there should've been a little more hesitancy on her side and then you know maybe went back to him.
Anonymous 9 days ago
Anonymous 14 days ago
Anonymous 22 days ago
Love the story, had me laughing and crying; couldn't put it down
Anonymous 25 days ago
Anonymous 3 months ago
Loved it. I always cruise the free books looking for a new author to read. I am so glad I read this one. The banter between friends is crazy and the witty comments between the couple had me laughing out loud. I can't wait to read the next one. It's comedy and sexy in one package couldn't put it down,
A_Hayes 3 months ago
This was one of those books that was a pleasure to read and I was immediately looking for the next book in the series. I love the interaction between the characters. It was genuine and REAL! It is a love story but it it also isn't all hearts and roses which is nice. I'm so glad that I found this book and this author!!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Oh god...I loved this book and I have to admit I skipped forward near the end to make sure it ended the way it was supposed to and I was not disappointed...I love you guys!
Anonymous 3 months ago
Omg I loved it! Funny, sexy, great story line! I can't get enough, now I have to read them all!
Anonymous 4 months ago
Great read and funny
Anonymous 4 months ago
Loved this book. Found my self laughing at Georgia. Georgia ' s mom is so funny. This book is super cute and a great love story. I have to get the next book to see what happens in the series.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Anonymous 5 months ago
Funny characters. Cute story. Fairly anti-climactic. Probably the most disappointing part is that the "billionaire" leads a median life with no extravagances other than a jet only for business use. I mean, what's the point of billionaire even being in the title?
Anonymous 6 months ago
mandamorgan 6 months ago
Really really funny. I laughed out loud several times. Love books that make me laugh. The ending was fabulous!!!!