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Tarot for Writers

Tarot for Writers

3.2 4
by Corrine Kenner

• Use classic tarot layouts and spreads to structure your story
• Brainstorm story ideas and develop dialogue and plot
• Create detailed settings, powerful scenes, and dynamic characters
• Overcome writer's block and breathe new life into existing projects


• Use classic tarot layouts and spreads to structure your story
• Brainstorm story ideas and develop dialogue and plot
• Create detailed settings, powerful scenes, and dynamic characters
• Overcome writer's block and breathe new life into existing projects

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Meet the Author

Corrine Kenner specializes in bringing metaphysical subjects down to earth. Her work on the tarot is widely published, and her classes and workshops are perennial favorites among students in the Midwest. Corrine is a certified tarot master, and she holds a bachelor's degree in philosophy from California State University, Long Beach.

Corrine is the author of Tall Dark Stranger, a handbook on using tarot cards for romance, and Tarot Journaling, a guide to the art of keeping a tarot diary. She was also the creator of Llewellyn's Tarot Calendar. She is a contributor to the 2005, 2006, and 2007 editions of the Llewellyn Tarot Reader. A former newspaper reporter and magazine editor, Kenner edited Llewellyn's popular Astrological Calendar, Daily Planetary Guide, and Sun Sign Book. She is also the author of Crystals for Beginners.

Corrine has lived in Brazil, Los Angeles, and the Twin Cities of Minnesota. She now lives in the Midwest with her husband Dan and her daughters Katherine, Emily, and Julia.

You can find her website at www.corrinekenner.com.

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Tarot for Writers 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Richard_Szponder More than 1 year ago
When I first saw that someone had written a book about Tarot specifically for writers, I was so excited. What an amazing concept! Of course Tarot cards would be an excellent way to help generate exciting plotlines, interesting characters, and fascinating life situations! After all, the Tarot is the story of the Fool's journey to spiritual enlightenment and the interesting "characters" he encounters along the way. Although Tarot For Writers does contain good information and some interesting interpretations of the cards, it does not live up to its promises to "kick-start your creativity." Tarot For Writers opens with a very generic history of the Tarot, a few pages on the basics of reading Tarot cards, and some simple spreads to lay out and interpret the cards. For those new to Tarot, this is hardly comprehensive, as the entire section covers only about 30 pages of the book. However, for those looking to use the cards for nothing more than a bit of writing inspiration, this may be sufficient. My biggest complaint overall is that although this book is titled Tarot For Writers, the actual section devoted to using cards in writing practice (what the author refers to as "the real heart of the book") covers less than 100 pages of this 350 page book. Corrine Kenner does go into basic use of Tarot cards to help create characters and storylines along with setting and description, but these chapters run about 10 pages each and barely skim the surface of all the possible methods through which the cards could be used to help writers. In the early chapters, the author makes some bold promises that are not kept. Directly, she states, "You'll even explore ways to boost your success at editing, revising, and promoting your work." This reader did not find any relevant advice as it relates to editing and revising, and I found absolutely nothing related to promoting your work. The bulk of this book is its individual description of each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards in the Tarot. This section makes up more than half of the book. Although I did find some interesting interpretations of the cards, Kenner's thoughts on the cards are nothing new, and much better interpretations can be found in more comprehensive books. Particularly disturbing, though, is Kenner's ability to interpret much of the imagery in the cards as phallic symbols. I am not sure that every long, thin image in the cards is intended to subconsciously represent the male genitalia. Also, this book promises "over 500 enjoyable writing prompts." Here are examples of writing prompts from Ms. Kenner's description of the Four of Wands: "Write about: a wedding, a celebration, a marriage, your first home, your parents." These are hardly writing prompts alone, let alone "enjoyable" or original ones. Tarot For Writers, although conceptually a great idea, is a huge missed opportunity to explain the many possibilities when using Tarot cards as a tool for writers.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
dvoraho More than 1 year ago
corrine kenner wrote a wonderful book to all writers' to all tarot readers and espesialy to them that deal with both.and the book is both tharogho and interesting, has meny exercise. i like it that she did not recicle tarot journaling but made something new.i think this text book is one to work with all the time-to returne to again and again and not just for one reading.grat job!