Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant / Edition 2

Tasks for the Veterinary Assistant / Edition 2

by Paula Pattengale

ISBN-10: 0813813026

ISBN-13: 9780813813028

Pub. Date: 09/23/2009

Publisher: Wiley

This wire-spiral-bound book/CD-ROM reference will help veterinary assistants perform tasks and procedures. Step-by-step instructions are presented in a consistent format for each task, with directions on preparation, procedures, and follow-up. This edition contains 30 new b&w illustrations for skills such as animal restraint and administration of medication. The


This wire-spiral-bound book/CD-ROM reference will help veterinary assistants perform tasks and procedures. Step-by-step instructions are presented in a consistent format for each task, with directions on preparation, procedures, and follow-up. This edition contains 30 new b&w illustrations for skills such as animal restraint and administration of medication. The CD-ROM contains videos of selected tasks, images of surgical instruments, and printable competency records. The book can be used as a classroom text and as a reference for assisting staff on duty in a veterinary facility. Annotation © 2004 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Chapter 1Professional Conduct1
Task 1.01.Employer Expectations3
Task 1.02.Common Courtesies5
Task 1.03.Human-Animal Bond6
Task 1.04.Veterinary Staff: Roles and Responsibilities7
Task 1.05.Professional Ethics9
Task 1.06.Professional Appearance10
Task 1.07.Appropriate Language13
Task 1.08.The Task Box14
Chapter 2Laws and Their Effects on Policies and Procedures17
Task 2.01.Common Law19
Task 2.02.Federal Laws21
Task 2.02.01.Occupational Safety and Health22
Task 2.02.02.Personal Protective Equipment24
Task 2.02.03.Universal Precautions26
Task 2.03.State Laws28
Task 2.04.Local Laws31
Chapter 3Front Office Procedures33
Task 3.01.Medical Record Assembly36
Task 3.02.Color-Coding Medical Records39
Task 3.03.Filing41
Task 3.04.Appointment Scheduling43
Task 3.05.Updating Client Information46
Task 3.06.Intake Procedures48
Task 3.07.Entering Patient Information: The Signalment51
Task 3.08.Release of Patient Information54
Task 3.09.Rabies Certificates57
Task 3.10.Health Certificates and Interstate Shipment of Animals60
Task 3.11.Consent Forms63
Task 3.12.Client Communication65
Task 3.13.Patient Discharge68
Task 3.14.Telephone Techniques71
Task 3.15.Handling Difficult Clients74
Task 3.16.Inventory Control76
Task 3.17.In-House Communications78
Task 3.18.Letter Writing80
Task 3.19.Using Computers82
Task 3.20.Common Procedures84
Chapter 4Animal Restraint96
Task 4.01.Psychological Restraint100
Task 4.02.Ropes and Knots102
Task 4.03.Placement and Removal of Patients From Enclosures110
Task 4.04.Birds: Removal and Return To Caging113
Task 4.05.Lifting Heavy Animals116
Task 4.06.Handling the Fractious Patient118
Task 4.07.Restraint During the Physical Examination124
Task 4.08.Opening a Patient's Mouth128
Task 4.09.Venipuncture133
Task 4.10.Cephalic Venipuncture138
Task 4.11.Saphenous Venipuncture in the Dog143
Task 4.12.Femoral Venipuncture in the Cat145
Task 4.13.Restraint During Administration of Injections147
Task 4.14.Restraint During Vaccination149
Task 4.15.Restraint: Sternal Recumbency153
Task 4.16.Restraint: Lateral Recumbency154
Task 4.17.Restraint: Dorsal Recumbency156
Task 4.18.Head Restraint: Elizabethan Collar and Neck Brace157
Task 4.19.Leg Restraint: Hobbles159
Task 4.20.Species Considerations: Rabbits160
Chapter 5Examination Room Procedures164
Task 5.01.Examination Room Preparation167
Task 5.02.Patient History173
Task 5.03.Recording Observations176
Task 5.04.Vital Signs178
Task 5.05.Sexing a Cat185
Task 5.06.Aging The Dog And Cat188
Task 5.07.Mixing Vaccine190
Task 5.08.Filling a Syringe192
Task 5.09.Bandaging195
Task 5.10.Emergency Support201
Task 5.11.Patient Discharge or Hospitalization?203
Chapter 6Pharmacy Skills206
Task 6.01.Reading a Prescription209
Task 6.02.Prescription Labeling211
Task 6.03.Prescription Packaging213
Task 6.04.Filling the Prescription: Drug Identification215
Task 6.05.Filling the Prescription: How Much to Dispense217
Task 6.06.Handling Controlled Substances219
Task 6.07.Explaining Patient Medication To The Owner221
Task 6.08.Administering Medication: Oral223
Task 6.09.Administering Medication: Aural226
Task 6.10.Administering Medication: Topical229
Task 6.11.Administering Medication: Ophthalmics231
Task 6.12.Drug Storage234
Task 6.13.Labeling Secondary Containers236
Chapter 7Laboratory Skills238
Task 7.01.The Veterinary Laboratory241
Task 7.02.Common External Parasites244
Task 7.03.The Fecal Sample247
Task 7.04.Blood Collection250
Task 7.05.The Complete Blood Count253
Task 7.06.Blood Smear255
Task 7.07.Wright's Stain258
Task 7.08.Packed Cell Volume261
Task 7.09.Plasma Protein264
Task 7.10.Blood Chemistry and Electrolyte Determinations267
Task 7.11.Serologic Test Kits270
Task 7.12.Urine Collection272
Task 7.13.Examination of Urine275
Task 7.14.Identification of Microorganisms279
Task 7.14.01.Sample Collection for Culture280
Task 7.15.Antibiotic Sensitivity Testing287
Task 7.16.Necropsy289
Chapter 8Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging292
Task 8.01.Radiation Safety295
Task 8.02.Radiology Log298
Task 8.03.Patient Positioning300
Task 8.04.Correct Use of the Caliper303
Task 8.05.Using a Technique Chart305
Task 8.06.Film Identification308
Task 8.07.Developing Film310
Task 8.07.01.Automatic Film Processing311
Task 8.07.02.Manual Film Processing313
Task 8.08.Cassettes316
Task 8.09.Film Filing321
Task 8.10.Darkroom Maintenance323
Task 8.11.Ultrasonography329
Task 8.12.Endoscopy329
Chapter 9Medical Nursing332
Task 9.01.The Treatment Plan335
Task 9.02.Patient Housing339
Task 9.03.Environmental Considerations341
Task 9.04.Feeding the Hospitalized Patient343
Task 9.05.Water347
Task 9.06.Socialization and Exercise349
Task 9.07.Grooming351
Task 9.08.Dental Care354
Task 9.09.Preventing Nosocomial Infections358
Task 9.10.Injections362
Task 9.11.Monitoring IV Fluid Administration and IV Catheter Maintenance368
Task 9.12.Euthanasia375
Chapter 10Surgical Tasks379
Task 10.01.Surgery Log Book383
Task 10.02.Aseptic Technique386
Task 10.03.Surgical Suite Maintenance389
Task 10.04.Preanesthetic Patient Preparation393
Task 10.05.Anesthetic Induction396
Task 10.06.Intubation398
Task 10.07.Preparation of Surgical Site402
Task 10.08.Presurgical Packs405
Task 10.09.Gowning the Surgeon409
Task 10.10.Patient Positioning and Final Skin Preparation411
Task 10.11.Patient Monitoring414
Task 10.12.Anesthesia Machine419
Task 10.13.Postanesthetic Patient Care424
Task 10.14.Gloving426
Task 10.15.Of Scalpel Blades, Sutures, and ...429
Task 10.16.Postoperative Patient Care432
Task 10.17.Sterilization Techniques and Equipment436
Task 10.18.Instrument Preparation440
Task 10.19.Pack Preparation443
Task 10.20.Drape and Towel Packs447
Task 10.21.Postoperative Room Cleaning450
Task 10.22.Common Surgical Procedures453
Chapter 11Grooming455
Task 11.01.Combing and Brushing457
Task 11.02.Ear Cleaning460
Task 11.03.Nail Trimming464
Task 11.04.Expressing Anal Sacs467
Task 11.05.Bathing and Dipping471
Task 11.06.Clipping a Bird's Flight Feathers476
Task 11.07.Clippers478
Chapter 12Facility Maintenance481
Task 12.01.Disinfectants483
Task 12.02.Cage and Kennel Cleaning487
Task 12.03.Storage491
Task 12.04.Cleaning Surfaces493
Task 12.05.Laundry495
Task 12.06.Handling Waste497
Appendix A.SCANS Competencies and Foundation Skills500
Appendix B.USDA Codes501
Appendix C.Directional Vocabulary503
Appendix D.Anatomical Locations of Veins Frequently Used for Venipuncture506
Appendix E.Normal Vital Signs508
Appendix F.Age Estimation of Dogs and Cats509
Appendix G.Abbreviations for Prescriptions510
Appendix H.Metric System512
Appendix I.Blood Collection Tube Types513
Appendix J.Equivalents514
Appendix K.Disease, Surgical, Procedural, and Observational Abbreviations515
Appendix L.Frequently Used Surgical Instruments517
Appendix M.Preparation Areas of Patients518
Appendix N.Stages and Planes of Anesthesia519
Appendix O.Anesthetic Record Form522

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