by Rebecca Olien

Explains the sense of taste and how the tongue works as a sense organ.


Explains the sense of taste and how the tongue works as a sense organ.

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Children's Literature
Taste buds in one's mouth are the sensors that send messages to the brain to tell us if something tastes good or bad. The taste buds are found on your tongue and these buds can distinguish between salty, bitter, sweet, and sour tastes. Interestingly, I learned that some scientists have suggested that there is a fifth taste that is called umami, which they claim is found in meat and cheese. Taste and smell work together to help you enjoy what you are eating. There is guidance about oral hygiene and protecting your mouth and taste buds from very hot foods. One sad piece of information is that as you age you lose a bit of your sense of taste. Part of a set entitled "The Senses," which is part of the "First Facts" series. Each book follows a similar format—table of contents, the description of the sense, a glossary, bibliography (not particularly current), fun fact, an index, and access to Internet sites using the publishers "FactHound." 2006, Capstone Press, Ages 5 to 8.
—Marilyn Courtot
School Library Journal
PreS-Gr 1-Simple texts explain how sense organs work and how to take care of them. What happens when a person loses a sense and descriptions of animals with extraordinary sensors are included. One basic, hands-on experiment tests hearing, taste buds, or sense of touch. Kid-friendly glossaries with pronunciation guides help beginning readers. Full-color photos depict children using their senses and break up the straightforward page layout. Great sources to replace older titles.-Sandra Welzenbach, Villarreal Elementary School, San Antonio, TX Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Capstone Press
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Counting Books Series
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6 - 9 Years

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Rebecca Olien was an elementary school teacher for 20 years. She has since written over 50 books for children and educators. Currently, she is an instructional designer and curriculum developer.

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