Tax Policy

Tax Policy

by Sven Steinmo

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ISBN-13: 9781858984742

Pub. Date: 04/01/1998

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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Reference Collection Comparative Public Policy Series
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Table of Contents

Part IFoundations of Tax Policy
1.'Why the Government Budget is too Small in a Democracy', World Politics, XII (4), July, 541-63 (1960)3
2.'The Political Biases of Keynesian Economics', in James M. Buchanan and Richard E. Wagner (eds), Fiscal Responsibility in Constitutional Democracy, Leiden and Boston: Martinus Nijhoff, Chapter 5, 79-100 (1978)26
Part IIPublic Opinion and Taxation
3.'Do People Want Something for Nothing: Public Opinion on Taxes and Government Spending', National Tax Journal, XXXII (2) supplement, June, 113-29 (1979)51
4.'Ambivalence and Altruism: Public Opinion about Taxation and Welfare', Policy and Politics, 11 (1), January, 15-39 (1983)68
5.'Perceptions of Tax Rates', British Tax Review, 6, 358-66 (1978)93
Part IIIExplaining the Tax Outcomes
6.'The Evolution of Tax Structures', Public Choice, 41 (1), 181-222 (1983)105
7.'Maximizing Tax Revenue While Minimizing Political Costs', Journal of Public Policy, 5 (3), August, 289-320 (1985)147
8.'From Redistributive to Hegemonic Logic: The Transformation of American Tax Politics, 1894-1963', Politics and Society, 12 (1), 1-52 (1983)179
9.'Paying for the Welfare State: Creating Political Durability', Scandinavian Studies, 59 (2), Spring, 221-53 (1987)231
10.'Business Influence and State Power: The Case of U.S. Corporate Tax Policy', Politics and Society, 17 (2), June, 189-223 (1989)264
11.'Political Institutions and Tax Policy in the United States, Sweden, and Britain', World Politics, XLI, 500-535 (1989)299
12.'The Expansion of the Public Economy: A Comparative Analysis', American Political Science Review, 72 (4), December, 1243-61 (1978)335
Part IVTax Expenditures
13.'Tax Incentives as a Device for Implementing Government Policy: A Comparison with Direct Government Expenditures', Harvard Law Review, 83 (4), February, 705-38 (1970)357
14.'Accounting for Federal "Tax Subsidies" in the National Budget', National Tax Journal, XXII (2), June, 244-61 (1969)391
15.'Federal Income Tax Simplification: The Political Process', Tax Law Review, 34, 27-77 (1978)409
16.'The Distribution of Federal Income Tax Expenditures', Policy Studies Journal, 12 (1), 131-53 (1983)460
Part VTax Reform
17.'The Politics of Tax Reform', National Tax Journal, XXXII (3), September, 248-54 (1979)485
18.'The Tax Reform Act of 1986: A New Era in Tax Politics?', American Politics Quarterly, 19 (4), October, 438-57 (1991)492
19.'Public Choice and the Politics of Comprehensive Tax Reform', Governance: An International Journal of Policy and Administration, 3 (1), January, 1-32 (1990)512
20.'The Charge of the Tax Brigade: A Case Study of Government Failure and Tax Reforms', European Journal of Political Economy, 9, 407-25 (1993)544
Part VITax Policy in a Globalizing World
21.'International Tax Competition: The Foreign Government Response in Canada and Other Countries', National Tax Journal, XLI (3), 347-55 (1988)565
22.'The International Political Economy of Declining Tax Rates', National Tax Journal, XLII (1), March, 79-83 (1989)574
23.'The Future of the Income Tax', American Economic Review, 80 (1), March, 1-20 (1990)579
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