Teaching Music Globally: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture not sold separately

Teaching Music Globally: Experiencing Music, Expressing Culture not sold separately

by Patricia Shehan Campbell

ISBN-10: 0195137809

ISBN-13: 9780195137804

Pub. Date: 02/17/2005

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

not sold separately


not sold separately

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Oxford University Press, USA
Publication date:
Global Music Series
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8.10(w) x 5.50(h) x 0.70(d)

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Teaching Music Globally is packaged with Thinking Musically, which provides the conceptual foundation for exploring music around the world. Thinking Musically discusses the importance of musical instruments describing their significance in a culture's folklore, religion, and history, and examines how fundamental elements of music - including rhythm, pitch, and form - vary in different musical traditions. The 80 - minute audio CD packaged with Thinking Musically is also referenced in Teaching Music Globally and the CD gives readers the opportunity to experience steel drum music from Trinidad, Irish jigs and reels, and ensemble piece for Peruvian panpipes, excerpts of Mexican mariachi music, gamelan music from Bali and Java, and choral pieces from Bulgaria, South Africa, the Pacific Islands, and the African - American experience. The book and CD also include navajo social songs, an Egyptian maqam for string ensemble, a medieval European rota, Carmen's Habanera, and percussion pieces from Brazil, China, Ghana, Japan, Liberia, and Puerto Rico. The CD selections provide the audio component for the numerous and varied experiences incorporated throughout the text. These "attentive," "engaged," and "enactive" listening, participatory, and performance activities are resources for shaping the musical education of students of all ages.

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