Technological Revolutions in Europe : Historical Perspectives

Technological Revolutions in Europe : Historical Perspectives

by Maxine Berg

ISBN-10: 1858986818

ISBN-13: 9781858986814

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Elgar, Edward Publishing, Inc.

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1Culture, Institutions and Technological Transitions3
2East is East and West is West19
3The Political Economy of Technological Change: Resistance and Innovation in Economic History39
4The Cultural Foundations of Early Industrialization: A Project67
5Science, Practice and Innovation in the Age of Natural Dyes, 1750-186086
6James Watt, Heroic Invention and the Idea of the Industrial Revolution96
7The Curious History and Imminent Demise of the Challenge and Response Model119
8Product Innovation in Core Consumer Industries in Eighteenth-Century Britain138
9Skills, Learning and the International Diffusion of Technology: a Perspective on Scandinavian Industrialization161
10Kinship and the Transmission of Skills: Bar Iron Production in Britain and Sweden 1500-1860188
11Why Change to Steam Power? Institutional Constraints, Risk-Aversion and Path-Dependence in the Swedish Sawmill Industry, 1850-1900207
12An Old Production Method Mobilizes for Self-Defence230
13Technology, Trade and Wage Inequalities in the Late Nineteenth Century241
14The Birth of a Network Technology: the First French Railway System275
15Patent Institutions, Industrial Organization and Early Technological Change: Britain and the United States, 1790-1850292

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