Technological Visions

Technological Visions

by Marita Sturken

ISBN-10: 159213226X

ISBN-13: 9781592132263

Pub. Date: 05/28/2004

Publisher: Temple University Press

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Temple University Press
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Table of Contents

Introduction : technological visions and the rhetoric of the new1
1"Spinning" technology : what we are not thinking about when we are thinking about computers19
2Sow's ears from silk purses : the strange alchemy of technological visionaries34
3Mediums and media48
4Mobilities of time and space : technologies of the modern and the postmodern71
5Man-made futures, man-made pasts92
6Portable TV : studies in domestic space travels110
7Science fiction film and the technological imagination145
8Technological prediction : a promethean problem159
9The future of prediction177
10Penguins, predictions, and technological optimism : a skeptic's view186
11Information superhighways, virtual communities, and digital libraries : information society metaphors as political rhetoric201
12Rethinking the cyberbody : hackers, viruses, and cultural anxiety219
13Peaceable kingdoms and new information technologies : prospects for the nation-state240
14Somewhere there's a place for us : sexual minorities and the internet255
15Surfin' the net : children, parental obsolescence, and citizenship270
16When the virtual isn't enough293
17Place matters : journeys through global and local spaces305
18The globalization of everyday life : visions and reality339

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