Technology and Reality / Edition 1

Technology and Reality / Edition 1

by J.K. Feibleman

ISBN-10: 9024725194

ISBN-13: 9789024725199

Pub. Date: 06/30/1982

Publisher: Springer Netherlands

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Springer Netherlands
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Table of Contents

One. Nature.- I Introduction: The Background.- 1. Technology Neglected in Theory.- 2. Technology and Its Method.- 3. The Rise of Science From Technology.- 4. Philosophy in Decline.- 5. Prospects for A Philosophical Revival.- II Matter.- 1. Conceptions of Matter, Old and New.- 2. The Properties of Matter.- 3. The Kinds of Energy.- 4. Material Particulars and Their Inseparable Properties.- 5. Material Particulars: The Separable Properties.- 6. Further Complications of Matter.- 7. The Soft Variables.- III Universals: The Forms.- 1. Material and Logical Objects.- 2. Propositions.- 3. The Scientific Method.- 4. The Pure Universals.- 5. Universals in Science and Mathematics.- 6. The Platonic Conception.- 7. The Final Picture.- IV Universals: The Qualities.- 1. The Failure to Recognize Force as A Quality.- 2. The Properties of Qualities.- 3. The Quality of Force.- 4. The Background of Violence.- 5. The Quality as Universal.- V The Universe.- 1. The Atypical Earth Conditions.- 2. Epistemological Implications.- 3. Ontological Considerations.- 4. The Two-Tiered System of the Universe.- Two. Human Nature.- VI Man: Needs and Drives.- 1. Man As A Product of Artifacts.- 2. The Theory of Organ-Specific Needs.- 3. Society and the Organ-Artifact Relationship.- 4. The Making of Cultural Differences.- VII Man: Perversity.- 1. Perversity.- 2. The Effects of Technology.- 3. Disorder and Irrationality.- VIII Mind: Perception.- 1. Consciousness.- 2. Perception as Encounter.- 3. Perceiving as Knowing.- 4. The Contribution of Technology.- IX Mind: Conception.- 1. The Experiences of Entire Man.- 2. Conception.- 3. Three Theses.- 4. Assisted Conception.- 5. The Mind and Its Objects.- 6. Coping with Knowledge.- X Morality: The Good.- 1. The Fact of Moral Practice.- 2. The Moral Integrative Levels.- 3. The Individual’s Encounter With Himself.- 4. The Individual’s Encounter With Culture.- 5. Societies as Repositories of Artifacts.- 6. The Individual’s Encounter With Humanity.- 7. The Individual’s Encounter With the Cosmos.- XI Morality: The Bad.- 1. Immorality.- 2. Individual Bad Behavior.- 3. Bad Social Behavior.- 4. Moral Strategy.- XII Rhetoric.- 1. Languages As Artifacts.- 2. The Origins of Formal Communication.- 3. The Explosion in Communication Technology.- 4. Information Theory.- 5. The Colloquial Languages.- 6. Technology and The Use of Language.- XIII Politics.- 1. The Factor of Technology.- 2. Technology and Bureaucracy.- 3. The Politics of Technology.- 4. Technology: The Negative Effects.- 5. Belief and Technology.- XIV Art.- 1. Science and The Fine Arts.- 2. Art As A Return to Primitive Nature.- 3. Art As A Reflection of Scientific Abstraction.- 4. The Altered Theory of Aesthetics.- XV Religion.- 1. Religion Aided by Technology.- 2. Religion Confronted by Science.- 3. Mystical Materialism.- XVI Conclusion: The Foreground.- 1. Technology and Society.- 2. Science and Society.- 3. Philosophy and Society.- 4. Society and The Environment.- Writings on Technology.

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