Technology, Morality and Social Policy

Technology, Morality and Social Policy

by Yeager Hudson

ISBN-10: 0773484752

ISBN-13: 9780773484757

Pub. Date: 01/01/1998

Publisher: Mellen, Edwin Press, The

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Mellen, Edwin Press, The
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Studies in Social and Political Theory

Table of Contents

1Fears and Questions Concerning Technology1
2Arendt and Heidegger: Placing the Thinking of Technology15
3Habermas' Concept of the Lifeworld: a Defense39
4Business-Inflicted Harm55
5Inequality, Ecojustice and Ecological Rationality75
6Technology in the Service of Nature?: The Case of Third Party Reproductive Intervention117
7Abortion Bypass? A New Technology and an Old Debate139
8State-Sponsored Abortion in a Property Rights Framework157
9Women and the Ideal of Community in Clinical Research: Questioning the Influence of Communitarian Ideals171
10Understanding Punishment as Annulment215
11Guilt, Shame, and Regret in the World of T.S. Garp: Moral Taint and a Modern Novel227
12How to Be A Good Bible-Believing Jewish or Christian Homosexual249
13Sartre, Institutional Function, Injustice, and Professional Ethics265
14Was Machiavelli Wiser Than Cicero287
15Fighting Fire with Fire: Machiavelli's Passionate Political Rationality309
16Contractarianism in Ethics: Actual Contracts vs. Hypothetical Contracts331
17Agreement in Social Contract Theories: Locke vs. Rawls349

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