Ted Kennedy Jr.: He Faced His Challenge

Ted Kennedy Jr.: He Faced His Challenge

by Patricia Stone Martin

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School Library Journal - School Library Journal
ea. vol: illus. by Karen Park. 23p. (Reach ing Your Goal Series). CIP. Rourke. 1987. PLB $7.95. Gr 1-3 These easy-to-read biogra phies, with their short sentences, large type, bright pencil illustrations, and two- page supplements on ``Reaching Your Goal,'' strongly resemble primers. In deed, they will probably be most useful in the classroom, as an introduction tobut not the best example ofthe art of biogra phy. Each book begins with a fictionalized incident from the subject's childhood to ``grab'' readers and introduce the goal un der discussion; the remaining text high lights the subject's life, in (needless to say) extremely brief, abbreviated, simpli fied form. In fact, the oversimplification often leads to confusion. (The entire text of one page of Dr. Seuss reads: ``During World War II, Theodor was in the army. He wrote for his country. He did not use the name Dr. Seuss then. One film he wrote won an Academy Award in 1946. He won other awards for his films too.'') Sentences are often choppy and some times repetitious. There are a number of factual and illustrative errors. Finally, the relationship between setting and reaching goals and the long, varied, expansive lives of the subjects is often elusive. Ted Ken nedy, Jr. is the most successful of the four volumes, not only because he is still in his 20's but also because his ``goal'' of over coming the handicap of a leg amputation is so straightforward and direct. Ann W. Moore, Lane Road Library, Columbus

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Rourke Enterprises, Incorporated
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Reaching Your Goal Series
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6 - 9 Years

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