Teddy Bear Tunes [Kimbo]

Teddy Bear Tunes [Kimbo]


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Kimbo Educational

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  1. Me and My Teddy Bear
  2. Tiptoe Teddy Bear (Ain't We Got Fun)
  3. Teddy's Gonna Getcha (Grandpa's Spells)
  4. Tickle Tickle Teddy (Everybody's Two Step)
  5. Pokey, Honey and Busy Bear (Old MacDonald)
  6. Flip Flop (Amarillis)
  7. Whee! There Goes Teddy (Pop Goes the Weasel)
  8. Nosey Bear (Baa Baa Black Sheep)
  9. Sleep, Sleep My Little Teddy (Du du Liegst Mir im Hertzen)
  10. Teddy Bears' Picnic
  11. Honey Bun
  12. Cuddle Up a Little Closer
  13. Put on a Happy Face
  14. Side by Side
  15. Swinging on a Star
  16. Me and My Shadow
  17. Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

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