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The Teen Quiz Book

The Teen Quiz Book

by Annalee Levine, Jana Johnson, Arlene Hamilton Stewart
What better way for girls to get to know themselves and their friends than with The Teen Quiz Book? This hip book quizzes over fun areas such as guys, style, friends, and, of course, you! 


What better way for girls to get to know themselves and their friends than with The Teen Quiz Book? This hip book quizzes over fun areas such as guys, style, friends, and, of course, you! 

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Andrews McMeel Publishing
Publication date:
Edition description:
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 5.10(h) x 0.50(d)
Age Range:
13 - 17 Years

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Chapter One


Crushes, Steadies, and Exes

From the second you first lock on to his extra-long eyelashes to the moment you tear up his yearbook photo in a jealous rage, you'll find a teen's love life is loaded with more major ups and downs than your dad's blood pressure. How do you handle it? How do you figure out why crushes act the way they do? How do you know if love will last? And most of all, how do you avoid mistakes?

    To keep your love life babelicious, check out our crush-worthy quizzes. Be totally honest with yourself, because when it comes to The Guys ... the more you know, the more you score.

do his moves
mean "i like you"?

All guys have opening moves that smart girls pick up on. It's their way of letting you know that they like you without having to say or do anything risky. Knowing how to read their signals gives you an advantage because it allows you to act with confidence. Answer yes or no if your hottie is doing any of these.

1. He invites you on a study date to help prepare for the big exam.
Y __ N __

2. He says hi to you in the hall.
Y __ N __

3. He sits behind you in math class.
Y __ N __

4. He asks you to go on a double date with his brother and your best friend.
Y __ N __

5. He shows up at a few of your soccer games.
Y __ N __

6. He drops you a birthday card with a simple "Happy Birthday" inside.
Y __ N __

7. When you see him at a party he comes over and asks you todance.
Y __ N __

8. When he finds out that you got a new car, he asks for a ride home.
Y __ N __

9. He calls to find out the homework.
Y __ N __

10. He asks you for advice on what gift to get for his sister.
Y __ N __

11. He "happens" to bump into you a lot.
Y __ N __

12. When he promises you something (to lend you his calculator, a new CD, etc.), he delivers.
Y __ N __

13. He knows your middle name.
Y __ N __

14. He buys you a soda, without you even asking.
Y __ N __

15. He's starting to look better and better.
Y __ N __

Your Score

6 or more "Yes" answers:
He's Into You.
Stay with it. This guy is showing you the right signals. Give it time; there's potential to go farther.

3 to 5 "Yes" answers:
Could Be, Stay Cool.
Stick with it. He might be just getting to know you. Something could develop.

2 or more "Yes" answers:
Bordeline Boy.
Wait it out a little bit, but if more signals don't appear, move on fast! You could be wasting your time.

Is He Boyfriend

Sure, your crush is a heartthrob, but is he right for you? Discover if he's into you or not worth dreaming about.

1. You spot your crush after school sitting with his friends. He acknowledges you by:

A putting his head down and continuing to talk to his friends.

B saying hi and coming over to talk.

C making eye contact but not saying hi.

2. You answer the phone around dinnertime and it's him. He's calling to:

A ask if your best friend still likes him.

B make plans for the weekend.

C ask about the math homework.

3. You see him at a soccer game on Saturday afternoon. He talks to you about:

A every girl as she walks by, speaking highly of each one's nice features.

B the new movie in town, and he invites you to go with him.

C your own sports game.

4. When he discovers that you won class president, he reacts by:

A saying he'll see you for dinner, but never showing up.

B giving you a congratulatory hug and asking you out.

C giving you a high five.

5. When you find out that you have a major final project due, he:

A asks if he can copy your paper to get an easy A.

B asks to be your partner and does half the work.

C says that he works best on his own.

6. For your birthday he:

A what birthday? He didn't do anything.

B secretly organizes a great surprise birthday party.

C sends you a birthday card in the mail.

7. On an average day you see him:

A once, when he asks for a ride home.

B three or four times.

C twice: at lunch and after school when he is hanging out with his buds.

8. When a friend asks you to pose together for a picture for the yearbook he:

A says, "No thanks."

B puts his arm around you and holds you tight.

C stands close to you and gives a grin to the camera.

9. When he finds out that you got detention he:

A flips out. How is he supposed to get home now? Take the bus?

B waits for you after school and brings you your favorite flavor milk shake to cheer you up.

C says he's sorry, and he'll catch you later.

10. You need help studying for a test. When you ask him he says:

A "Sorry, I need to study alone. Maybe next time."

B "I'll be over in five minutes."

C "Maybe we can get together during lunch for some last-minute cramming."

Your Score

Mostly As: No Way! You would get more respect and compassion from your big brother. Try to find a guy that will give you more attention and treat you properly. Also be aware that he may be using you, especially if Daddy just bought you that new car.

Mostly Bs: The Perfect Fit. This guy is hot after you. He knows how to treat you and appreciates everything you do. He likes to have free time with his buds, but loves spending quality time with you. The organizing of a surprise party was a clue of his true feelings toward you.

Mostly Cs: Just a Friend. Although this guy may like you, he may enjoy just being your friend. His friendly affection toward you is good, but friendly may be as far as it is going to go.

Am I good at getting
him to notice me?

You've always had a crush on this hunk. At last it is time to make your move. Before doing anything drastic, take this quiz to find out if your moves will take you straight to Love Land or Single City. First, check true for the moves you would make and false for the ones that you wouldn't consider. Then check the end to see how you scored. You get one point for every correct choice.

1. The day you met your crush, you introduced yourself as "Jane, your stalker."

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

2. In chemistry class you volunteer to be hunky's lab partner.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

3. At lunch, you spot him from across the cafeteria and decide to walk by and say hello.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

4. At a party on Saturday night, you ask him to dance.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

5. When your hunk moves in next door, you bake a batch of welcome-to-the-neighborhood cookies and hand-deliver them.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

6. The second you discovered that his favorite color was black, you bolted to the mall and bought a new black wardrobe.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

7. If you're lucky enough to catch his eye, you swear that you'll bare a little more skin each day, hoping he'll talk to you.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

8. The day his girlfriend dumped him, you called to express your sympathy, then asked him out on a date.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

9. Although you have never spoken to him, just gazed at him, you drop several secret-admirer notes by his locker.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

10. When he fails the math test that you just aced, you volunteer to tutor him.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE

11. You wear soft, sexy clothes that totally warm his heart.

    [ ] TRUE [ ] FALSE


1. False. Although it's good to introduce yourself with your name, think about leaving out the stalker part. It'll scare him away.

2. True. Volunteering to be his lab partner is a great idea. Also, it will give you a great excuse to call him once in a while for the homework or to study for a test together.

3. True. Saying hi is a good way to get his attention. Just be careful not to spill your milk or trip on a chair.

4. True. Asking him to dance could get you close, especially if you are dancing to a slow song. If he declines your offer, forget about this guy and consider someone else.

5. True. It will soften not only his heart but his family's too. Just be sure you sample a cookie before making the trip to his house.

6. False. Save your gas. Wearing his favorite color to school every day will not capture his heart. It'll just make you look silly.

7. False. Baring more skin may get his eye, but it'll reel him in for the wrong reason. Stick to showing off your mind, not your body.

8. False. They just broke up, so lay off and give him time to breathe. He most likely isn't in great spirits, so let him be. It'll turn out better in the long run.

9. False. A note or two might be nice, but if you do it too often, you'll only spook him. Also, sooner or later he'll find out who the sender was, and you may end up feeling and looking childish.

10. True. Tutor him ... but for real. Better grades will also get you in good with the family. Remember, helping him doesn't mean giving him the answers, just helping.

11. True. Dressing hot will warm not only his heart but other body parts as well. Don't go too far.

Your Score

7 to 11 points: Boy-Stalker Plus. You really have the game of love down, and with your artistry you should have no trouble bagging the guy of your dreams.

4 to 6 points: Would-be Heartbreaker. The time to study up on moves and gamesmanship is now. Remember, if you don't think a move is cool, it's probably not.

0 to 3 points: Things Can Only Improve! Love is a game that is never boring, never over. There are no real losers when you learn from the past. Stay in there, keep your eyes open, and you'll get on great.

Love Signals:
Ten Shoo-ins That He Has
Fallen HARD for You

You're in love big-time. Are your feelings being returned? Answer yes or no to learn if your crush is as into you as you are into him.

* * *

1. He's your number one fan at all of your sports games, even away ones.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

2. He makes you a photo album of all the fun times you've shared.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

3. He shows up at your door with a dozen roses ... just because.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

4. He creates a collage of all your inside jokes and gives it to you.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

5. He calls every night just because he misses you.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

6. He invites you to his brother's wedding.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

7. He walks you home after school holding your hand.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

8. He calls your parents and organizes a surprise birthday party for you.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

9. He plans a picnic at your favorite outdoor place.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

10. He writes a love poem and slides it into your locker.

[ ] YES

[ ] NO

Your Score

7 or more yes answers: Head Over Heels! Hang on to this boy. He is truly in love with you, and it shows.

5 or more yes answers: In Love! This guy has fallen hard for you. Make sure you let him know that you feel the same way.

2 to 5 yes answers: In Lust. This guy is into you, but he may not be in love. Keep him; he has great romantic potential.

0 to 2 yes answers: Not Good Enough. Better keep your options open and look for a more caring crush.

Rate Your Come-ons:
The BEST and WORST Things to Do

Hi, is anyone sitting here?" Corny come-on? Maybe, but sometimes a girl has to take the sitch in her own hands to break the ice with a shy guy. Fortunately, flirting can be learned without painful trial and error. Rate your flirting power to see how you measure up. Circle the come-ons closest to your personal scoping style.

* * *

Move 1 (worth 10 points)

There he is, hot babe at twelve o'clock. Your buds have scoped him out, too. You decide to:

(A.) join the stampede.

(B.) cruise offshore until the coast is clear.

* * *

Move 2 (worth 10 points)

You're next to this love hunk, but he seems like a mute. To get him to talk to you, you:

(A.) break the ice by smiling and softly saying hi.

(B.) ask him his name and where he's from.

* * *

Move 3 (worth 5 points)

The distance to first base is sixty feet. It might as well be sixty miles. You're getting nowhere flirting with this guy. You:

(A.) increase your drooling.

(B.) move on to another player.

* * *

Move 4 (worth 10 points)

You walk into a hot party filled with new guys. What's your tactic?

(A.) Check out the whole scene first before making your move.

(B.) Zoom in on the first dream dude you see.

* * *

Move 5 (worth 5 points)

Which is cooler to do?

(A.) Clutch a hottie's arm to punctuate a story.

(B.) Lightly brush his sleeve when walking away.

* * *

Move 6 (worth 15 points)

You like this guy and sense something is coming back, but you've been standing in the same place for half an hour. You should:

(A.) make up some good reason to move on, leaving him with a smile.

(B.) stick to him until the party ends.

* * *

Move 7 (worth 15 points)

You walk into study hall. It's totally empty except for Brainiac Babe! Wow! How do you get to sit next to him without looking like a transparent dork?

(A.) Walk past his seat, then drop all your books next to him.

(B.) Ask him if he has seen your pen (or book or whatever), which you're sure you left right where he is sitting.

* * *

Move 8 (worth 10 points)

Mega-Hunk walks into the cafeteria where you're hanging with your male buds. To get his attention, you:

(A.) start to laugh hysterically at everything the guys say.

(B.) lock into eye contact and send him a soft smile. Your tractor beam will pull him in.

* * *

Move 9 (worth 10 points)

You suddenly find yourself sitting next to Hunky-Monkey at a basketball game. You:

(A.) concentrate on the game, cheering when your team makes great plays and casually make eye contact.

(B.) yell loudly, stand and stomp at every opportunity, and grab his arm "accidentally" during an exciting play.

* * *

Move 10 (worth 10 points)

This is the third time you've run into him in the school hall. Now he stops to chat, but after that—nothing! How do you get this guy to move off his space and ask you out?

(A.) Say, "I've got two tickets to the Rolling Stones. Would you like to go?"

(B.) Hang in there, give him a grin, but don't cling. Casually compliment him on something he did. If he still doesn't bite, move on fast.

* * *


1. (B.) Never compete in a group. Flirting is a solo act. You're smart to wait until he's alone.

2. (A.) Always keep part of yourself back, but appear friendly. Being overeager is a major turnoff.

3. (B.) Move on! If you hang in too long, you look desperate. There are plenty of great guys for a cool girl like you.

4. (A.) Always survey the field before making a move. Parties are shopping trips, too.

5. (B.) In the beginning, never be pushy. Too much touching can be misread as being too easy.

6. (A.) Don't overexpose yourself. Guys need to be made to want to chase you.

7. (B.) Good opening. Then casually slide your books down next to his. Apologize for disturbing him, which requires an answer on his part, then chat for a minute or two. If he seems interested, sit down. If not, move on!

8. (B.) Coming on with buds just to get somebody else's attention is obvious and stale. Plus, your buds will think you're an idiot?

9. (A.) Sure you're tense and can hardly watch the game, but you've got to at least look interested in something he digs.

10. (B.) You've got to stay in control. If he thinks you're sweet and approachable, he'll open up. Don't scare him off with an offer that's inappropriate.

75 plus: Top Speed You're cruising fast and your moves are classy as a Mercedes. You handle yourself well.

50 plus: Range Rover You're polishing up your act. Flirting takes practice, so stay in the game; you're getting better.

25 plus: Pull Over We have to talk. Think about this: Guys like girls who don't appear pushy. Yes, there is a difference between assertive and aggressive. It's called success.

25 and below: Learner's Permit So you don't know all the moves now—you'll learn. Always remember with guys, less is more. The right move is the light move.

Meet the Author

 Although they attend different colleges, Annalee Levine and Jana Johnson still find time to discuss the issues that matter most: boys, love, etc. (between studying, of course).

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