Tell Me All about It: A Personal Look at the Advice Business by the Man Who Replaced Ann Landers

Tell Me All about It: A Personal Look at the Advice Business by the Man Who Replaced Ann Landers

by Jeffrey Zaslow

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
Zaslow was 29 years old when in 1987 he beat out thousands of rivals to succeed Ann Landers on the Chicago Sun-Times . Calling his advice column ``All That Zazz,'' he has gained wide readership for his jokey approach to problem-solving. He does, however, involve himself personally with people who write to him for help, as stories he relates here indicate. But most of the book focuses on himself, a man more eager to show off his accomplishments and clever wit than to demonstrate his avowed interest in troubled humans. Zaslow describes Nathanael West's classic Miss Lonelyhearts as powerful and depressing, and notes that this novel about an advice columnist forced him to do ``quite a bit of soul-searching.'' He finds being a sob-brother a great adventure, and concludes that ``journalism is a circus.'' (Jan.)
Library Journal - Library Journal
``I never expected to win,'' writes Zaslow of his chances of replacing Ann Landers at the Chicago Sun Times in 1987. ``I assumed I was too young (twenty-eight), too irreverent, and too male.'' But win he did, from among 12,000 applicants. This book tells the story of the search for the famed advice-giver's successor and presents, by type, several of the questions Zaslow has received along with his responses. Some of the subject matter is weighty, some of it amusing, and some concerns nothing more than a passing difficulty. Throughout, Zaslow treats his correspondents with courtesy. Whether he always succeeds in answering their questions is difficult to say. In light of the popularity of the column, it is fair to assume the book should have some appeal.-- A.J. Anderson, Graduate Sch. of Library & Information Science, Simmons Coll., Boston

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HarperCollins Publishers
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1st ed

Meet the Author

Journalist Jeffrey Zaslow wrote the story that focused international attention on Randy Pausch, a terminally ill Carnegie Mellon professor whose unforgettable "last lecture" became an Internet sensation. Zaslow and Pausch expanded the talk into a bestselling book, published in 2008, scant months before Pausch's death. Zaslow is also the author of several nonfiction narratives, including 2009's The Girls from Ames.

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West Bloomfield, MI
Date of Birth:
October 6, 1958
Date of Death:
February 10, 2012
Place of Birth:
Philadelphia, PA
B.A., Creative Writing, Carnegie Mellon University, 1980

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