Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Alive at 25

Telluride Bluegrass Festival: Alive at 25


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Planet Bluegrass


Disc 1

  1. Blue Night
  2. Rawhide
  3. The White Freightliner Blues
  4. This River
  5. Hold On
  6. Doug and John (The Telluride Blues)
  7. Old Cow Died
  8. Slave to My Belly
  9. Road Home
  10. I Am a Town
  11. Boll Weevil
  12. Wind to the West
  13. Good Old Mountain Dew
  14. Jesus' Love Just Bubbles Over in My Heart
  15. Dinah
  16. Roughneck Blues

Disc 2

  1. Loneliness and Desperation
  2. Things in Life
  3. Cora Is Gone
  4. Another Morning
  5. A Night on the Town
  6. April's Wedding Bossa
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Dream Big
  9. Song for Roy
  10. The Sloes of Penybanc
  11. Won't You Come and Go
  12. Panama Red
  13. I Want You To
  14. Mama Boulet
  15. Like a Rolling Stone

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jerry Douglas   Dobro
Tony Furtado   Slide Guitar
Del McCoury   Guitar,Vocals
Tony Rice   Guitar
Peter Rowan   Guitar,Vocals
Sam Bush   Fiddle,Mandolin,Vocals
Emmylou Harris   Guitar,Vocals
John Hartford   Fiddle,Vocals
Pete Wernick   Banjo
Catie Curtis   Guitar,Vocals
Peter Himmelman   Guitar,Vocals
Bruce Hornsby   Piano,Vocals
Wendy Waldman   Percussion,Vocals
Duke Levine   Electric Guitar
Red Knuckles   Guitar,Vocals
Mike Compton   Mandolin
Enrique Coria   Guitar
Mike Bub   Bass
Mary Chapin Carpenter   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Conway   Drums
John Cowan   Bass,Vocals
Joe Craven   Percussion,Violin
Stuart Duncan   Fiddle
Matt Eakle   Flute
Jimmy English   Drums
Pat Enright   Guitar
Béla Fleck   Banjo
Nick Forster   Bass
Isaac Freeman   Vocals
John Gardner   Guitar
Kenny Greenberg   Electric Guitar
David Grisman   Mandolin
Rob Ickes   Dobro
John Jennings   Guitar
Viktor Krauss   Bass
Gene Libbea   Bass
John Magnie   Accordion
Paul McCandless   Soprano Saxophone
Rob McCoury   Banjo
Ronnie McCoury   Mandolin,Vocals
Wendell Mercantile   Electric Guitar
Buddy Miller   Electric Guitar,Vocals
Greg Morrow   Drums
Tim O'Brien   Mandolin,Vocals
Alan O'Bryant   Banjo,Vocals
Elmo Otto   Fiddle
Charles Sawtelle   Guitar
Mark Schatz   Bass
Darrell Scott   Acoustic Guitar,Vocals
Tim Stafford   Guitar
Christian Teele   Percussion
Wilson Waters   Vocals
Roland White   Mandolin
Wolovitch   Bass
Jim Kerwin   Bass
Drew Emmitt   Mandolin,Vocals
Vince Herman   Guitar,Vocals
Mark Vann   Electric Banjo
Jim O'Keefe   Bass
Joe Rice   Vocals
Michael Travis   Percussion,Drums
Tye North   Bass
Jason Burleson   Banjo
Michael Kang   Fiddle,Mandolin
Kyle Hollingsworth   Keyboards
Jeff Sipe   Drums
Cary Fridley   Guitar,Vocals
Ryan Shupe   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Hamlett   Vocals
Jeff Scott Young   Keyboards
Jimmy Ryan   Mandolin
Wally Barnum   Bass,Vocals
Roger Archibald   Guitar,Vocals
Craig Miner   Mandolin
Rory Carrera   Drums
Randy Utterback   Violin
Frank Lee's Tara Cleilidh Band   Banjo,Vocals
Billy Nershi   Guitar
Reese Winans   Keyboards
Jason Carter   Fiddle

Technical Credits

Tony Furtado   Composer
Tony Rice   Arranger
Peter Rowan   Composer
Sam Bush   Composer
John Hartford   Composer
Catie Curtis   Composer
Fairfield Four   Arranger
Jim Capaldi   Composer
Peter Himmelman   Composer
Steve Winwood   Composer
Don Stover   Composer
Mary Chapin Carpenter   Composer
Bill Caswell   Composer
John Cowan   Composer
Vince Farsetta   Composer
David Grisman   Arranger,Composer
Kirk McGee   Composer
Townes Van Zandt   Composer
Tom Littlefield   Composer
Donny Lowery   Composer
Wally Fowler   Composer
Ryan Shupe   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Odell McLeod   Composer
John Hornsby   Composer

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