Templar's Apprentice (Book of Tormod Series #1)

Templar's Apprentice (Book of Tormod Series #1)

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by Kat Black

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Book one of Kat Black's thrilling historical fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, mystery, and adventure is now available in paperback! Ever since thirteen-year-old Tormod MacLeod had a prophetic vision, things haven't been the same. Even his family treats him differently. So when he has the chance to join a Templar knight on a mysterious quest, Tormod doesn't hesitate.…  See more details below


Book one of Kat Black's thrilling historical fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, mystery, and adventure is now available in paperback! Ever since thirteen-year-old Tormod MacLeod had a prophetic vision, things haven't been the same. Even his family treats him differently. So when he has the chance to join a Templar knight on a mysterious quest, Tormod doesn't hesitate. Now in a desperate race for his life, Tormod and the Templar must evade the armies of King Philippe le Bel of France or pay the price for what they've found, what they've seen, and what they know. In this thrilling historical fantasy, a boy discovers visionary skills he didn't know he had---and a friendship worth dying for.

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In Black's impressive debut, first in the Book of Tormod series, the Knights Templar weren't merely a crusading religious order-they possessed powers ranging from precognition to mind control and used them to fight the excesses of King Philippe of France. Tormod, a Scottish teenager, occasionally has prophetic visions, but has learned to keep this information to himself. After a chance encounter with the knight Alexander, he is drawn into an adventure that eventually takes him to mainland Europe. Along the way, Alexander trains Tormod in combat, his special powers and the history of the Knights Templar. The action is frequent and often brutal, but never feels out of place. Black gives Tormod a strong and clearly Scottish voice that readers will quickly comprehend. There are moments that seem dubious, but they never impede the fast-paced plot. A captivating mix of history, fantasy and religion, the novel is a solid adventure that makes good use of its historical setting. Ages 12-up. (Feb.)

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Gr 6-9

It is 1307 in Scotland, and 13-year-old Tormod is rushing through the night to fetch a tinderbox to light the Beltane fire for his village when a Knight Templar interrupts his errand to send him on another that is even more pressing. Tormod spends the entire tale rushing from one place to another in the company of Sir Alexander as they follow a map without knowing what lies at the end and are pursued by the French king's soldiers. The constant chase is exciting at first but begins to grind, particularly after Tormod loses two toes in a mishap and must still continue his flight on foot. The historical setting is well drawn, and additional interest is added by visions that both Tormod and Alexander receive, although the images seem to be invariably of death and doom. Their dialogue is written in a pseudo-brogue, so there are many examples of "ye" and "o'" (for "of") but otherwise their speech is modern. The visions and the Templar theme may interest readers but they may be drawn up short at the cliff-hanger ending.-Eric Norton, McMillan Memorial Library, Wisconsin Rapids, WI

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Volunteering to deliver a secret message lands young Tormod, a Scot, on a journey through 1307 France and Spain. After delivering the message, he falls into the job of safely guiding his superheroes, the Knights Templar, and becomes apprentice to the virtuous and strong knight Alexander. Alexander, like Tormod, experiences visions of the future and knows that Tormod has endangered both their lives. They run from King Philippe le Bel of France, protecting a dangerous, vision-enhancing carving. In the course of his travels, Tormod taps into his mystical powers, which change as the plot suits. Tormod is funny and kind, but the antique sound of his language may put readers off. He's a very considerate narrator, though, frequently stopping to explain this or that medieval detail-a technique that enlightens but also utterly destroys the fourth wall. Riddled with consistency problems, the book jumps from event to event with little regard to transition. Though Tormod's world is foreign to readers, debut novelist Black spends no time building it, even as the adventure moves along. The concept is appealing, but the execution fails. (Fiction. 12 & up)

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Before turning her talents to writing, Kat Black was a designer and the creative force behind Walter Lorraine Books. To achieve the historical and cultural accuracy for The Book of Tormod: A TEMPLAR'S APPRENTICE, her first novel, she traveled through Scotland in search of Templar lore. She lives with her family in Lynn, Massachusetts.

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Templar's Apprentice 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
LBarrett More than 1 year ago
A smart sharp read.

Magic idols, knights, and a clairvoyant farm boy adventure across
the map of the dark ages of Europe.

This read is a glimpse into a bygone age skillfully written in an extinct brouge with rich and colorful ancient words.

The tale follows a mystical Knight Templar(the Templar's provided some of the inspiration for the Jedi of Star wars fame) and Tormod a seven son, of a seventh son from rural Scotland. In his own words "he is not the oldest or even the middle" Tormod shows his true grit when a mysterious knight appears with a treacherous task. A Task that leads him into the beginning of a great adventure.

At 35 I enjoyed this book thoroughly, as well as my wife and my elementary age son and daughter who could not put it down.

As in the case of 'The Book Thief" this book should be listed as a "novel" not only as young adult book.
RMontroll More than 1 year ago
Kat Black's, "A Templar's Apprentice" is a fantastic voyage through time and 14th century Europe. Following Tormod from the Highlands of Scotland into the midst of a secret battle waged between the Templars and their enemies, we meet a cast of historical figures (with some creative flair from the author), and enter a world of uncertainty, fear, magic, and hope, perfectly blended to enthrall younger readers. I've always been a fan of history, especially anything to do with the Templar Knights, and so this novel already appealed to me just from the title. What I especially appreciated is how many characters really existed, and that when I finished the book, I could research the characters and learn more about their lives and legends. This is hardly the only historical fiction novel out there, but what separates "A Templar's Apprentice" from so many others is how real the characters feel. Kat doesn't whitewash the difficulties of living in the 14th century, and it allows Tormod and the rest of the cast to evolve into three dimensional characters. I recommend this novel, and the rest of the series, to anyone who loves fantasy, adventure, history, knights, magic, or just a great story. It has something for everyone, and though it is targeted at a younger reader, the story is appealing to all ages.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
Tormod runs home to grab the box of tinder for lighting the Beltane fires. Never mind that he traded jobs with his brother. If the fire doesn't light on time, he's going to be in trouble. Unfortunately, a Knight's Templar needs a message delivered as soon as possible to the Abbot. Abandoning his task, Tormod runs to the Templar encampment. There he delivers the message, but there are already men with the Abbot. The men swiftly leave, intent on hunting down the Knight. Tormod has a vision of their encounter, and begs the Abbot to allow him to intercept the Knight and lead him across a different path. Tormod never guesses that his journey to help the Knight will lead him far away from home and on an adventure he never imagined. A TEMPLAR'S APPRENTICE starts the beginning of an adventurous quest that crosses several countries. Danger always follows the Knight Templar and his companions. Plus, Tormod has hidden talents, creating a blend of religion and supernatural elements that he will need to understand in order to remain alive.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago