A Templar's Gifts (Book of Tormod Series #2)

A Templar's Gifts (Book of Tormod Series #2)

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by Kat Black

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The second book in Kat Black's historical fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, mystery, and adventure! Something's wrong with Tormod MacLeod. Ever since returning home his visions have become more intense and disorienting, making him increasingly ill and constantly on the verge of collapse. But then he meets Aine, a fiery, no-nonsense Scottish lass who has powers of her


The second book in Kat Black's historical fantasy trilogy full of intrigue, mystery, and adventure! Something's wrong with Tormod MacLeod. Ever since returning home his visions have become more intense and disorienting, making him increasingly ill and constantly on the verge of collapse. But then he meets Aine, a fiery, no-nonsense Scottish lass who has powers of her own and a special supernatural connection with Tormod--when they're actually getting along. Together they must find the healer who can save Tormod's life, all the while dodging King Philippe le Bel's ruthless soldiers, who will stop at nothing to find Tormod and information about the secret he keeps.

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Amanda Ledbetter
In this second installment of "The Book of Tormod" trilogy, Tormod is back home in his village in Scotland, but he is not well. He understands little of how to use the supernatural gifts he has been given, and since the death of his mentor, Templar Alexander Sinclair, the power within him has grown more out of control. Sensing the danger he presents to his family, Tormod sets off on a hazardous trek to find a healer and rejoin the Knights Templar. On his journey, he meets Aine, a lass with a spirit as fiery as her hair and with her own gifts to be discovered and used. Aine becomes Tormod's lifeline, as her presence seems to be the only thing that can keep him together. They race to stay ahead of the king's advancing soldiers, while attempting to reach the safety of the Templar commune. At times, the inner struggle that Tormod experiences will slow the action of this medieval fantasy adventure, and it does little to help develop his character for the reader. Several intense moments occur as Tormod loses control of his powers, bringing about disastrous results. These scenes may prompt readers to consider how their actions can have undesired consequences, but they may be too intense for younger readers. Reviewer: Amanda Ledbetter
School Library Journal
Gr 6–9—This sequel to A Templar's Apprentice (Scholastic, 2009), the second in a planned trilogy set in Scotland in 1307, recounts the adventures of 13-year-old Tormod MacLeod, a poor boy with special powers who aspires to be a Knight Templar. His prophetic visions are increasing in intensity, making him disoriented and ill, often on the verge of collapse. Tormod leaves home in quest of a Knights Templar healer to save him. He soon meets Aine Cleary, a spunky orphan with supernatural powers of her own. King Philippe le Bel's soldiers, wanting secret information from him about the Holy Vessel (the first book's adventure), pursue the duo. Tormod is one of God's Chosen. His powers are formidable, but they physically deplete him. Much of the book finds the boy tired and sick, and there are many descriptions of bile rolling in the gut and such. These physical descriptions and Tormod's semiconscious state get tiresome and impede the progress of the plot. The interplay with Aine, whose visionary powers allow her to shoulder some of the burden of Tormod's visions, adds some engagement. This historical fantasy is steeped in the Catholicism of the times. The historical context, admittedly manipulated by the author, may well confuse readers unfamiliar with the early history of Scotland. While the author attempts to summarize the first book at the beginning, readers will want to be familiar with it before approaching this one.—Connie Tyrrell Burns, Mahoney Middle School, South Portland, ME
Kirkus Reviews

This sequel to A Templar's Apprentice (2010) takes Tormod in circular journeys around Scotland without particularly advancing the plot. The truth o' yon Tormod's powers canno' be denied—or understood very well, given the brogue-laden prose, which lacks the accuracy for true flavor but is still thick enough to interfere with readability. Tormod is on the run with his new friend, the redheaded and equally magically gifted Aine. They skip from adventure to adventure, uncontrolled psychic abilities troubling them while they seek a Knight Templar with the gift of healing. Tormod's health suffers as his visions become worse. His travels, from discovering a village whose residents have been massacred by soldiers to a brief interaction with Robert the Bruce, are soon only interruptions; primarily his days are occupied by delirium, visions and out-of-control magical temper tantrums. At least his fever dreams are revealing the King of France's wicked plot against the Templars, but it won't do him much good as he wanders through the Highlands. A discombobulated traveling tale, best summed up in Tormod's own stream of consciousness: "Torquil. The Abbot. The Templar. Aine. Bertrand. The bairn. Cornelius. Visions. Dreams. Nightmares." (Fantasy. 9-11)

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Before turning her talents to writing, Kat Black was a designer and the creative force behind Walter Lorraine Books. To achieve the historical and cultural accuracy for The Book of Tormod: A TEMPLAR'S APPRENTICE, her first novel, she traveled through Scotland in search of Templar lore. She lives with her family in Lynn, Massachusetts.

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A Templar's Gifts 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RMontroll More than 1 year ago
In "A Templar's Gifts", the second book of the series, Kat Black takes us deep into the mind of Tormod MacLeod, as he fights to discover the meaning of his visions, his feelings; searching for a true purpose after the loss of Templar Alexander; and battling the strange sickness that is sapping his strength. Without a master, nor a clear mission, Tormod is lost in his own mind until he meets Aine, a girl from a small village with powers similar to his own. Only she can sooth his pains, but only through sharing them. Together with Aine, he discovers more about himself, and the man he wants to be. Passing these trials, Tormod's strength returns, and he readies himself for what comes next. Taking a detour from the continental adventure of "The Templar's Apprentice", Kat uses the second book in the series to focus on Tormod, and how he deals with the abrupt upheaval of everything he's ever known, followed by the return to the small village, alone and without purpose. Instead, Kat takes Tormod to places that should be comforting and turns them into nightmares. Her use of Aine is especially intriguing, putting the pair in situations where they can't stand one another, but must be in physical contact at all times. If you love knights and magic, than this series is for you. Especially awesome is that when you finish the series, there is so much history and story left about the Templar Knights, and all of it is worth looking at.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Word_forger More than 1 year ago
A Templar's Gift, second book in The Book of Tormod series, is page turner. Like in Kat's first book in the series you are immediately drawn into the story of Tormod. I found my emotions mirroring his throughout the book. I like this series because Tormod is a character that many can identify with. Not everything he does is right, but he has a good heart and tries his best. I recommend this book series to young people as well as adults. There is much we can take from the series as people.