Tempted by a Lady's Smile (Lords of Honor, #4)

Tempted by a Lady's Smile (Lords of Honor, #4)

4.8 8
by Christi Caldwell

Richard Jonas has loved but one woman--a woman who belongs to his brother. Refusing to suffer any longer, he evades his family in order to barricade his heart from unrequited love. While attending a friend's summer party, Richard's approach to love is changed after he shares a passionate and life-altering kiss with a vibrant and mysterious woman. Believing


Richard Jonas has loved but one woman--a woman who belongs to his brother. Refusing to suffer any longer, he evades his family in order to barricade his heart from unrequited love. While attending a friend's summer party, Richard's approach to love is changed after he shares a passionate and life-altering kiss with a vibrant and mysterious woman. Believing he was incapable of loving again, Richard finds himself tempted by a young lady determined to marry his best friend. 

Gemma Reed has not been treated kindly by the ton. Often disregarded for her appearance and interests unlike those of a proper lady, Gemma heads to a house party to win the heart of Lord Westfield, the man she's loved for years. But her plan is set off course by the tempting and intriguing, Richard Jonas.

A chance meeting creates a new path for Richard and Gemma to forge-- but can two people, scorned and shunned by those they've loved from afar, let down their guards to find true happiness?

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Christi Caldwell
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Lords of Honor , #4
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Tempted by a Lady's Smile (Lords of Honor, #4) 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Theardentreader More than 1 year ago
Gemma Reed seems like a woman I would really get along with! Unconventional to say the least. I liked her very much! She is now, and has been, in love with her best friends brother, Lord Robert Westfield. She is invited to a house party given by the family. She is hoping that this will be the perfect time to tell him of her feelings. Miss Reed finds herself noticing a friend of Roberts and starts to think maybe he could help her. Long time friend of Lord Westfield Mr. Richard Jonas joins this house party to avoid his own relatives. One in particular that he loved and lost. He notices Miss Reed trying to get Robert's attention. But he also notices that she is awkward and shy. He feels particularly sorry for her after a rather disastrous turn at the pianoforte. He tries to ease her awkwardness by speaking of things that are not quite appropriate, but still, he does try. The writing in this book is refreshing. The characters are down to earth people, people you would like to talk to, to be friends with. The story shows what love really is as opposed to what we think it is, until you know love, you won't "know." you know? Lol I felt that Gemma, like so many of us, never gives herself enough credit. Though it is hard with a mother that is painfully honest, knows her daughters faults, yet still pushes Gemma to do the things she is not good at. The flow of this story was great, keeping me completely involved until the end. Fantastic story with a great ending. I will certainly read this one again!
dfosterbooks More than 1 year ago
Mocked by the ton for most of her life, Gemma Reed seems to not care as she’s loved only one man since her debut. With a house party is thrown so this gentleman can find a wife before his father’s death, Gemma gathers the courage to tell him how she feels. When the love of his life marries his brother, Richard Jonas becomes the ultimate rake. Evading his family Richard attends his friend’s house party where he seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or so it would seem. Fate seems to have other ideas for these unrequited lovers. Or does someone in the household have a hand in them being constantly thrown together? Despite the fact that Richard thinks Gemma is scheming to trap his friend for wealth and a title or that Gemma thinks Richard is a rake and drinks too much, fireworks fly between these two. Can Gemma break through the walls Richard has erected around his heart? Can Richard show Gemma that his friend is the wrong man for her? Or will the ghost of his former love and her determination that she loves another stand in the way of true love? Another beautiful love story from the talented Christi Caldwell. Ms. Caldwell writes this story in a light-hearted way with a little suspense tied in and as always captivates her audience.
HEARomances More than 1 year ago
Oh My…Oh My Tempted by a Lady’s Smile was a true delight. Christi Caldwell’s books are fast becoming one of my Favorite Historical reads. Gemma Reed is for me a brilliantly written heroine who is shy, but loves herself as is and in this era where everything and every person is about the Ton is a unique treasure. Gemma is surprisingly wonderful. Gemma thinks herself in love with one man, but finds just maybe her passion is yet for another who truly understands the “true” Gemma. I did have one issue with Gemma, sorry yes I did. I wanted to see her let her mother know that she was worth someones heart. Would have been the icing on the proverbial cake. Richard Jonas is definitely a catch even if he is not in line for anything. Richard’s ease with Gemma had my heart soaring. To feel that he truly valued her once her mystery was solved was a huge plus in the hero role. Richard hated attending parties where young ladies and the mother’s paraded them among well suited gentlemen. Richard has no need for love or the drama that comes with the Ton. Richard attends for moral support, but when a small mousey lady with a tongue that is direct as it is sassy catches his eye can Richard still feel unaffected? Christi Caldwell has done a magnificent job of creating this unusual couple. Even though there was not much in sensual exchange, what there is was enough to have me melt. The exchange between Gemma and Richard was sweet and intimate. I find myself needing to go back and read this series from the beginning to see if there is any glimpse of Gemma and Richard throughout the other books. Gemma looks to Richard after a ruff start as a friend, my heart broke when they both shared their past. A marvelous addition. There were a few supporting characters that stood out to me. Lord Westfield , Beatrice (friends to both Richard and Gemma) and Emery (Gemma’s brother)They all play a role in Gemma and Richards life on different levels. All lending advice, offering support. I enjoyed these characters as a group. I am hoping for Emery and Beatrice story soon. Westfield’s story is coming next, now there is a challenge. I can’t wait to see who Ms. Caldwell pairs him with. I for one can’t wait to see what happens next for this bunch. The plot was brilliantly laid out. Christi Caldwell continues to grace us with delicious, heartfelt historical romances that capture the true spirit of the time era she writes in. The characters are well developed, Ms. Caldwell makes sure her readers connect and learns about them. Tempted by a Lady’s Smile keeps advancing at a pace that makes it hard to put it down. The Lords of Honor series has captured my attention, as I am off to read the earlier releases.
Crystal61 More than 1 year ago
This was a hard one to put down. Gemma is not your usual heroine and I loved her. She is a wallflower but quite willing to be honest with her feelings. A run in with Richard has Gemma rethinking her future and her desires. Richard thought he could never love again until he meets the unassuming Gemma. Together, they realize life would be better with the right person. I highly recommend this book. I am a reviewer for Book Obsessed Chicks Star Review Team.
stanhope3234 More than 1 year ago
3.5* How many times in life did you believe that you know how you feel about something and you are sure nothing can change that? Then you meet someone who turns your world upside down and makes you question everythings you lived your life by? That's what has happened to Miss Gemma Reed and Mr Richard Jonas when they meet at a summer house party. But can they get past their love for another to see what's right in front of them before its to late? *A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection
Jutzie More than 1 year ago
Tempted by the Lady's Smile by Christi Caldwell Lords of Honor Series Book Four Miss Gemma Reed has not been treated well in her young life. Society is not kind to those who aren't beautiful...outwardly...and have interests unlike young ladies are supposed to have. She would prefer fishing or riding horse to embroidering or being a simpering miss who bats her eyelashes behind her fan. After three awful Seasons, she is heading to her best friend's summer house party and hoping to tell the man she loves her feelings. Mr. Richard Jonas has locked his heart up tight. The woman he loved never returned his feelings. He's not excited at being at his friend's house party, but it's better than being with his family and seeing the woman he loved with her husband...his brother. The house party turns out a little different than what Gemma and Richard had expected. And the both of them see their past and the people they thought they loved in a much different perspective. Richard is first introduced in book one of this series; Seduced by a Lady's Heart. It is his brother Lucien's story. **Mild language
HumorMyWay More than 1 year ago
This was a very entertaining read that kept me hook turning the pages. What I really liked about this story is that it is really down to earth. She gives you characters you can relate to that are again just like me. Gemma is different from most lady she is special she wants a man who will let her be who she is and not a trophy on some gentleman arm with little brains and no say. The ton hasn’t not been kind to this wonderful lady she is outspoken, has book learning, she isn’t pretty and most would call her somewhat ugly. This will be her third season with still not a husband in site. She has her sights set on her best friend’s brother who has been the only male to be kind to her. She doesn’t have the best of luck or the best of timing. She gets herself into a few messes and has a hard time getting out of them. On a chance meeting with a man she has never seen they come to odds and words fly along with a few sparks. Richard sees a women out alone which is not done. He questions her they both end up with their foot in their mouth. Richard would dearly love to have their tongues replace their feet. He grabs her and lays a powerful kiss on her lips. One kiss has her rethinking what she wants in life should she stay with her plan and marry the man she loves or does she love him at all? Richard has his own demons he heart belongs to another or is he rethinking maybe he heart was never in it. The author gives a wonderful plot which holds a powerful message. Sometimes what we think we want we really do not. Maybe the love one has is really just an affection of the respect they show us. Gemma and Richard have to work this out and deal with the fallout if they ever get caught alone together. Gemma was really born before her time in a time where a woman isn’t much more than an object to be seen and not heard. You don’t have to be the best looking but the best on the inside where it counts to really find love. I found this author to be a refreshing delight as she brings you real people with real issues. There are misunderstandings that must work out as the author puts a few twists in their way. It is a short read one I read at one setting it truly was a great read that kept me entertained. This is the first book I have read from this author but I enjoyed it so much I went a bought a few more of hers. I hope you give this author a try I am sure you will enjoy her historical reads as much as I have.
skelley55 More than 1 year ago
As usual, Ms. Caldwell's latest book is fantastic. I always fall in love with her characters. You see them as people, with flaws and qualities; fears and hopes. Gemma is a lady after my own heart - not quite fitting in with society but a wonderful, intelligent woman. She learns that sometimes who we think we love, is really just a mirage. We all need someone to love us for who we are.