Ten Traditional Tellers

Ten Traditional Tellers

by Margaret Read MacDonald

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Table of Contents

1Vi (taq[superscript w]säblu) Hilbert : tradition as responsibility1
Mud hen builds a nest (an upper Skagit folktale)10
Lady Louse (an upper Skagit folktale)14
2Rinjing Dorje : Tibetan tradition17
The soup (a personal story)27
Uncle Tompa gets a Momo (a trickster tale)28
Hot Momo! (a family story)29
Uncle Tompa works as a porter (a trickster tale)30
Eating the poison32
Moving the big rock33
3Roberto Carlos Ramos : the power of words37
The monster Maraimbai (Brazilian folktale)49
Cabra Cabrez (Brazilian folktale)55
4Phra Inta Kaweewong : preserving stories in the Wat63
The three friends (a Buddhist teaching tale)71
The king who makes dreams come true (Isaan folktale adapted for sermon)72
5Makia Malo : standing in front of them77
The guava man (prose poem, Papakolea)86
The first time I killed a chicken (personal story, Kalaupapa)88
6Won-Ldy Paye : a "play person"97
The dancing boogeyman (a Liberian Ananse story)107
7Leonard Sam : I try to tell it like my grandfather15
Flying fox story (a Kanak grandparent's tale)122
8Lela Kiana Oman : they are preserved127
Mouse, mouse (an Eskimo folktale)138
Little chickadee (an Eskimo folktale, within interview)139
Achuqli (an Eskimo folktale)142
9Peter Pipim : fill it up with a song149
Why ants carry bundles of things that are bigger than themselves (Asante folktale)156
10Curtis DuPuis : a family tradition167
Mosquitoes (Chehalis tale, Hazel Pete family)174
Coyote and the field mice (Chehalis tale, Hazel Pete family)181
11Why do they tell?191
12How traditional are these tellers?199

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