Territorial Competition in an Integrating Europe

Territorial Competition in an Integrating Europe

by Paul C. Cheshire

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Perspectives on Europe Series
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1The Malardalen - a leading region in Scandinavia and Europe?3
2European integration and German unification: Territorial competition under changed political and economic conditions28
3The competitive position of the Randstad in the 1990s48
4Change and spatial specialisation within the South East's economy65
5How does territorial competition matter? The dynamics of the metropolitan economies of Milan and Central Veneto regions98
6The role of services in the competitive position of Milan120
7International competition and production conditions - results from a survey in the Stockholm region139
8The mobility of establishments and territorial competition: the case of the Zurich metropolitan area156
9The case for decentralised industrial policy179
10Regional competition, city marketing and strategic urban networks206
11Local policies to attract mobile investment: a theoretical survey and an application to two sets of local organisations in France222
12The location of firms: an analysis of choice processes244
13Policies for territorial competition: the case of Milan267
14London: World City: Political and organisational constraints on territorial competition295

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