Terror/Prey: The Original Unreleased Soundtrack

Terror/Prey: The Original Unreleased Soundtrack

by Ivor Slaney

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Moscovitch Music

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  1. Terror (Main Title)
  2. Terror (Main Title)
  3. Catching Hannah
  4. Party at James's
  5. Carol Runs for Her Life
  6. Suzy Breaks Down in a Storm
  7. 'You Want a Mechanic?'
  8. Ann & Kerb Crawler
  9. Orgasmic Stripper
  10. 'Phil the Greek' Is Killed
  11. Blood Leaking from the Upstairs Room
  12. Viv Is Killed on the Stairs
  13. The Studio Comes Alive
  14. Ann Returns to the Hostel
  15. Possessed Police Car
  16. Ann Leaves the Station as Storm Starts
  17. Something Is Bouncing & Flying the Car
  18. Car Hovers Above Ann & Drops
  19. Ann Enters the House/James Dies/Hannah Appears/Flying Sword/Ann Impaled
  20. Terror (End Title)
  21. Prey (Main Title)/Kator Has Landed
  22. Alien at the Door
  23. Walk in the Woods
  24. 'Is This Your Car Sir?'
  25. Fox Hunt
  26. Getting Ready for the Party
  27. Party Music on the Record Player
  28. 'Way of a Stranger'
  29. Party Games
  30. Hide & Seek
  31. 'He Smells Us! '
  32. Stalking Anderson
  33. Walking on Water
  34. Anderson Eats & Jo Runs for Her Life
  35. Easy Prey (End Title)

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