Terrorism: An Introduction, 2002 Update / Edition 4

Terrorism: An Introduction, 2002 Update / Edition 4

by Jonathan R. White

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ISBN-10: 0534578519

ISBN-13: 2900534578519

Pub. Date: 08/28/2002

Publisher: Cengage Learning

Wadsworth's diverse offering of criminal justice texts is matched only by our outstanding teaching and learning tools. From dynamic video to interactive CD-ROMs and everything in between, our innovative resources illustrate our commitment to the continual support of teaching and learning with the newest forms of media and technology.


Wadsworth's diverse offering of criminal justice texts is matched only by our outstanding teaching and learning tools. From dynamic video to interactive CD-ROMs and everything in between, our innovative resources illustrate our commitment to the continual support of teaching and learning with the newest forms of media and technology.

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Table of Contents

IThe Criminology of Terrorism1
1Mutating Forms of Terrorism3
The Context of Terrorism4
Some Common Contexts of Terrorism5
Changing Contexts7
Some Common Definitions7
Typologies of Terrorism10
Toward a Tactical Typology of Terrorism11
The Tactics of Terrorism16
2Individual and Group Behavior18
Terrorists and Ordinary Criminals19
Group Reinforcement and the Justification of Terrorism22
The "Doctrine of Necessity" Justification24
Terrorist Profiles--A Practical View25
Terrorist Profiles--An Unpromising View26
Terrorist Profiles--A Promising View27
Facilitating Traits28
Associational Drives28
Learning Opportunities28
Cost-Benefit Calculations28
Warrior Dreams29
3Changing Group Structures and the Metamorphosis of Terrorism31
Trying to Walk the Walk32
Size and the Length of Campaigns32
Size Is Important33
Basic Organizational Structures of Terrorist Groups35
Management Processes and Problems37
Adams's Analysis of the Financing of Terrorism40
Leaderless Resistance, Lone Wolves, and Berserkers42
4Religion and Terror46
The Logic of Religion and Terrorism47
Huntington's Clash of Civilizations49
Hoffman's Analysis of Religious Terrorism51
Role of Eschatology53
The Process of Demonization54
A Brief Overview of Contemporary Religious Conflicts56
The Middle East58
The United States59
IIEssential Background63
5The Origins of Modern Terrorism65
Enlightenment, Revolution, and Terrorism66
Class Revolution and Changing Meanings67
Terrorism and the Role of the Anarchists69
Terrorism and the Russian Revolution71
Old and New Terrorism74
6The Origins of the Irish Troubles78
The Origins and Development of the Anglo-Irish Conflict79
The Early History of the Irish Republican Army82
The 1916 Easter Rebellion84
The Influence of Russian Revolution: De Valera, Collins, and the Tan War85
Trends in the IRA: 1930-198586
Orange Terror89
7The Origins of Middle Eastern Terrorism92
An Introduction to the Region93
A Synopsis of Some Major Problems95
Three Sources of Middle Eastern Terrorism97
Zionism in Palestine 1914-193697
The Birth of Modern Israel100
Intra-Arab Rivalries100
Shia Islam and Revolutionary Iran104
8Latin American Influences on Terrorism112
The Theory of Urban Terrorism113
Terrorism and Guerrilla War117
Urban Terrorism in Practice119
The Influence of the Tupamaros124
The Urban Philosophy125
Tupamaros Tactics126
Organizational Characteristics129
IIIModern Terrorism133
9International Terrorism and the Question of Palestine135
The Growth of the PLO and International Terrorism136
Black September: PLO Terrorism Spreads to Europe140
The PLO and the Changing Face of Middle Eastern Terrorism141
The Invasion of Lebanon142
The PLO in Exile and Return144
Abu Nidal: Origins, Structure, and Operations145
10Religion and Middle Eastern Terrorism152
Two Views of Islam and Terrorism153
The Iranian Revolution and Hizbollah's Metamorphosis154
The Islamic Jihad156
The Rise of Osama bin Ladin162
Declaring War on the United States164
Bin Ladin's Bombings166
Other Groups Combining Religion and Violence167
Jewish Fundamentalism and Violence168
11International Terrorism: The Rise and Fall of the Left and Right171
Left-Wing Terrorism in Europe172
The Red Army Faction175
The Demise of Other West European Terrorist Movements178
The Japanese Red Army180
Neofascism Rejuvenates182
12Nationalistic and Ethnic Terrorism186
Byman's Logic of Ethnic Terrorism187
The ETA in Spain188
The PKK in Turkey191
Ireland and the Mutating IRA193
Outlawing Terrorism and Internment193
The Evolution of Security Force Tactics in Northern Ireland195
A Criminological Analysis of Irish Terrorism197
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam199
13Terrorism in the United States204
Domestic Terrorism: Early Works of Cooper, Bell, and Gurr205
Vigilante Terrorism206
Insurgent Terrorism206
Transnational Terrorism207
Problems of Conceptualizing Domestic Terrorism207
Smith's Analysis of Terrorism in the United States210
Emerson: Jihad in the United States214
Abortion Clinic Bombings and Terrorism217
14Violent Extremism in the United States220
A Brief History of Right-Wing Extremism in the United States221
Modern Right-Wing Resurgence223
William Pierce's Blueprint for Revolution229
Criminal Behavior Among Right-Wing Extremists230
Ecoterrorism and Animal Rights232
Black Hebrew Israelites234
IVIssues in Modern Terrorism237
15Technological Terrorism and Weapons of Mass Destruction239
Aum Shinrikyo240
Technological Terrorism242
U.S. Vulnerability to Technological Terrorism244
Security Problems in the Energy Industry247
The Threat of Nuclear Terrorism248
Biological and Chemical Terrorism251
16Terrorism and the Media256
Security Forces Versus Reporters257
The Contagion Effect of Media Coverage259
Terrorism as a Form of Communication260
Censorship and Freedom of the Press262
17Policy, Liberty, Security, and the Future267
Toward a Counterterrorist Policy268
Stansfield Turner's Search for Solid Ground271
Weapons of Mass Destruction: Predicting the Future273
Outlawing Terrorism: The Threat to Civil Liberties274
The Use of Military Force Against Terrorism277
Secrecy and Shared Information279
Stinson's Analysis of Security280
18Responding to the Tragedy of September 11284
The Logic of Asymmetrical War285
The Role of Intelligence287
The Complexity of Labeling Counterterrorism289
The Theology of al Qaeda291
Al Qaeda's Campaign Against the United States293
The Evolution of Suicide Bombing296
Homeland Defense and Criminal Justice299
AppendixAn Introductory Dictionary of Extremism301
Selected Bibliography310

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