Texas Troubadour [Box Set]

Texas Troubadour [Box Set]

by Ernest Tubb

The Texas Troubadour is an extremely competitively priced four-CD set covering the highlights of the first 16 years of Ernest Tubb's career, from "The Last Thoughts on Jimmie Rodgers" in 1936 up through his September 1952 holiday recording "Merry Texas Christmas You All!" -- it's no substitute for Bear Family Records' Walking the Floor Over You or Let's SaySee more details below


The Texas Troubadour is an extremely competitively priced four-CD set covering the highlights of the first 16 years of Ernest Tubb's career, from "The Last Thoughts on Jimmie Rodgers" in 1936 up through his September 1952 holiday recording "Merry Texas Christmas You All!" -- it's no substitute for Bear Family Records' Walking the Floor Over You or Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello, which cover his complete output in chronological order from this period, but if you can't afford Bear Family's releases and don't mind the fact that nobody involved with the recordings, including the artist or his family, is getting paid, then this is an alternative. The sides are all cleanly mastered, at a very healthy volume level, and are assembled to showcase different aspects of his talent and history -- disc one ("Walking the Floor Over You") and disc two ("Slippin' Around: The Hits, Vol. 2") get the chart history out of the way in a unified manner, covering 1941 through 1949 and 1949 through 1952, respectively, from "Walking the Floor Over You" through "Too Old to Cut the Mustard." Disc three ("Blue Eyed Elaine: Tubb the Songwriter") is the jewel of this box, pulling together all of Tubb's original sides from the same period -- taken on its own, that disc is a five-star compilation, worth the cost of the set by itself, with some of Tubb's best non-hit performances, his most alluring vocals, and a downright soulful, spellbinding undertone throughout; it's such a good idea that MCA should have thought of it. Finally, disc four ("Time After Time: Writers Galore") ties up the loose ends, covering Tubb's best non-charting sides by other songwriters, filling in the holes between the hits and his own songs. The other major component is a highly detailed 48-page booklet containing an essay covering Tubb's whole career (with an understandable emphasis on the '30s, '40s, and early '50s) and a full sessionography on the songs.

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Disc 1

  1. Walking the Floor Over You  - Ernest Tubb
  2. Try Me One More Time  - Ernest Tubb
  3. Soldier's Last Letter  - Ernest Tubb
  4. Yesterday's Tears  - Ernest Tubb
  5. Keep My Mem'ry in Your Heart  - Ernest Tubb
  6. Tomorrow Never Comes  - Ernest Tubb
  7. Careless Darlin'  - Ernest Tubb
  8. It's Been So Long, Darling  - Ernest Tubb
  9. Rainbow at Midnight  - Ernest Tubb
  10. Filipino Baby  - Ernest Tubb
  11. Drivin' Nails in My Coffin  - Ernest Tubb
  12. Don't Look Now (But Your Broken Heart Is Showing)  - Ernest Tubb
  13. So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed  - Ernest Tubb
  14. I'll Step Aside  - Ernest Tubb
  15. Seaman's Blues  - Ernest Tubb
  16. You Nearly Lose Your Mind  - Ernest Tubb
  17. Forever Is Ending Today  - Ernest Tubb
  18. That Wild and Wicked Look in Your Eye  - Ernest Tubb
  19. Have You Ever Been Lonely (Have You Ever Been Blue)  - Ernest Tubb
  20. Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello  - Ernest Tubb
  21. Till the End of the World  - Ernest Tubb
  22. I'm Bitin' My Fingernails and Thinking of You  - Ernest Tubb
  23. Don't Rob Another Man's Castle  - Ernest Tubb
  24. Daddy, When Is Mommy Coming Home  - Ernest Tubb
  25. Mean Mama Blues  - Ernest Tubb

Disc 2

  1. Slipping Around  - Ernest Tubb
  2. My Tennessee Baby  - Ernest Tubb
  3. My Filipino Rose  - Ernest Tubb
  4. Warm Red Wine  - Ernest Tubb
  5. Blue Christmas  - Ernest Tubb
  6. White Christmas  - Ernest Tubb
  7. Tennessee Border, No. 2  - Ernest Tubb
  8. Letters Have No Arms  - Ernest Tubb
  9. Don't Be Ashamed of Your Age  - Ernest Tubb
  10. I'll Take a Back Seat for You  - Ernest Tubb
  11. I Love You Because  - Ernest Tubb
  12. Unfaithful One  - Ernest Tubb
  13. Throw Your Love My Way  - Ernest Tubb
  14. Give Me a Little Old Fashioned Love  - Ernest Tubb
  15. Hillbilly Fever, No. 2  - Ernest Tubb
  16. Remember Me (I'm the One Who Loves You)  - Ernest Tubb
  17. Goodnight Irene  - Ernest Tubb
  18. Don't Stay Too Long  - Ernest Tubb
  19. Hey la La  - Ernest Tubb
  20. Driftwood on the River  - Ernest Tubb
  21. The Strange Little Girl  - Ernest Tubb
  22. Missing in Action  - Ernest Tubb
  23. Somebody's Stolen My Honey  - Ernest Tubb
  24. Fortunes in Memories  - Ernest Tubb
  25. Too Old to Cut the Mustard  - Ernest Tubb

Disc 3

  1. Blue Eyed Elaine  - Ernest Tubb
  2. I'll Get Along Somehow  - Ernest Tubb
  3. Swell San Angelo  - Ernest Tubb
  4. I'll Never Cry Over You  - Ernest Tubb
  5. My Baby and My Wife  - Ernest Tubb
  6. Please Remember Me  - Ernest Tubb
  7. Our Baby's Book  - Ernest Tubb
  8. First Year Blues  - Ernest Tubb
  9. Wasting My Life Away  - Ernest Tubb
  10. When the World Has Turned You Down  - Ernest Tubb
  11. I'll Always Be Glad to Take You Back  - Ernest Tubb
  12. I Ain't Goin' Honky Tonkin' Anymore  - Ernest Tubb
  13. I've Really Learned a Lot  - Ernest Tubb
  14. I'm Wondering How  - Ernest Tubb
  15. I Know What It Means to Be Lonely  - Ernest Tubb
  16. Are You Waiting Just for Me  - Ernest Tubb
  17. Answer to Walking the Floor Over You  - Ernest Tubb
  18. There's a Little Bit of Everything in Texas  - Ernest Tubb
  19. Should I Come Back Home to You  - Ernest Tubb
  20. You'll Want Me Back (But I Won't Care)  - Ernest Tubb
  21. There's Gonna Be Some Changes Made Around Here  - Ernest Tubb
  22. I'm Free at Last  - Ernest Tubb
  23. Wondering If You're Wondering Too  - Ernest Tubb
  24. There's Nothing on My Mind  - Ernest Tubb
  25. Don't Brush Them on Me  - Ernest Tubb

Disc 4

  1. The Last Thoughts of Jimmie Rodgers  - Ernest Tubb
  2. I'm Missing You  - Ernest Tubb
  3. Time After Time  - Ernest Tubb
  4. Fort Worth Jail  - Ernest Tubb
  5. You Were Only Teasing Me  - Ernest Tubb
  6. A Lonely Heart Knows  - Ernest Tubb
  7. You Hit the Nail Right on the Head  - Ernest Tubb
  8. Headin' Down the Wrong Highway  - Ernest Tubb
  9. Waiting for a Train  - Ernest Tubb
  10. When I Take My Vacation in Heaven  - Ernest Tubb
  11. Stand by Me  - Ernest Tubb
  12. The Old Rugged Cross  - Ernest Tubb
  13. What a Friend We Have in Jesus  - Ernest Tubb
  14. The Wonderful City  - Ernest Tubb
  15. Farther Along  - Ernest Tubb
  16. Texas vs. Kentucky  - Ernest Tubb
  17. G-I-R-L Spells Trouble  - Ernest Tubb
  18. I'm Free from the Chain Gang Now  - Ernest Tubb
  19. The Lovebug Itch  - Ernest Tubb
  20. Kentucky Waltz  - Ernest Tubb
  21. I'm With a Crowd But So Alone  - Ernest Tubb
  22. My Mother Must Have Been a Girl Like You  - Ernest Tubb
  23. Somebody Loves You  - Ernest Tubb
  24. Don't Trifle on Your Sweetheart  - Ernest Tubb
  25. Merry Texas Christmas You All!  - Ernest Tubb

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Ernest Tubb   Primary Artist,Guitar,Vocals
Red Foley   Vocals
Hank Garland   Guitar
Andrews Sisters   Track Performer
Maxene Andrews   Vocals
Don Helms   Steel Guitar
Grady Martin   Guitar
Speedy West   Steel Guitar
Patty Andrews   Vocals
Minnie Pearl   Vocals
Anita Kerr Singers   Vocals
Owen Bradley   Organ
Billy Byrd   Guitar
Irving Cottler   Drums
Jack Drake   Bass
Dickie Harris   Steel Guitar
Ernie Newton   Bass
Farris Coursey   Drums
Dale Potter   Fiddle
Jack Shook   Rhythm Guitar
Eddie Kirk   Rhythm Guitar
LaVerne Andrews   Vocals
Danny Dill   Rhythm Guitar
Zeke Turner   Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Wesley Tuttle   Bass
Hal Smith   Fiddle
Alcyone Beasley   Vocals
Mack Mcgarr   Mandolin
Eddie Tudor   Guitar
Evelyn Wilson   Vocals
Johnny Sapp   Fiddle
Jimmie Short   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Rusty Gabbard   Rhythm Guitar
Bill Drake   Rhythm Guitar
Ray "Kemo" Head   Steel Guitar
Jerry Byrd & the String Dusters   Steel Guitar
Melvin Leon Short   Rhythm Guitar
Don Davis   Steel Guitar
Billy Robinson   Steel Guitar
Sunshine Trio   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Roy Acuff   Contributor
Justin Tubb   Contributor
Adam Komorowski   Liner Notes,Copy Editing
Carrie Rodgers   Contributor
Tommy "Butterball" Paige   Contributor

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