TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) w/CD-ROM - The Best Teachers' Test Prep for the TX TExES Generalist EC-6 (191)

TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) w/CD-ROM - The Best Teachers' Test Prep for the TX TExES Generalist EC-6 (191)

by Luis A. Rosado

REA’s TExES Generalist EC-6 Test Prep Helps You Get Certified!
First Edition with TestWare® CD!

REA’s TExES Generalist Early Childhood to Grade 6 test prep is designed to help teacher candidates pass the TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) exam and start teaching!

Our test prep is perfect for teacher candidates, students, out-of

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REA’s TExES Generalist EC-6 Test Prep Helps You Get Certified!
First Edition with TestWare® CD!

REA’s TExES Generalist Early Childhood to Grade 6 test prep is designed to help teacher candidates pass the TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) exam and start teaching!

Our test prep is perfect for teacher candidates, students, out-of-state teachers, and career-changing professionals who are looking to teach Early Childhood to Grade 6 classes in the state of Texas.

Completely aligned with the TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) exam, our test prep targets exactly what you need to know to excel on the test. A comprehensive review guides prospective Early Childhood to Grade 6 teachers through all the content topics tested, including: English Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education.

The book includes two full-length multiple-choice practice tests that cover everything tested on the official exam, so you can study with confidence. Detailed explanations of answers help teacher candidates identify their strengths and weaknesses while reinforcing their skills and testing their teaching knowledge.

The test prep comes complete with a customized study schedule and REA’s test-taking strategies and tips.Our enhanced TestWare® edition also includes the book’s practice tests on CD with automatic, instant scoring, and on-screen explanations of answers. Our timed, multiple-choice exam format gives you the closest experience to taking the actual test.

This book is a must for anyone seeking certification as an EC-6 teacher in Texas!

REA books and software have proven to be the extra support teacher candidates need to pass their challenging test for state licensure. Our comprehensive test preps are teacher-recommended and written by experts in the field.

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Research & Education Association
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TExES Teacher Certification Test Prep Series
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8.30(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.20(d)
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18 Years

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About This Book and TestWare®
REA’s The Best Teachers’ Preparation for the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 with TestWare® is a comprehensive guide designed to assist you in passing the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 test and thus giving you a springboard to being certified to teach in Texas. To enhance your chances of success in this important step toward your career as a teacher in Texas schools, this test guide along with REA’s exclusive TestWare®:

• Presents an accurate and complete overview of the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 examination.
• Identifies all of the important information and its representation on the exam.
• Provides a comprehensive review of every domain.
• Presents sample questions in the actual test format.
• Provides diagnostic tools to identify areas of strength and weakness.
• Provides a diagnostic test and two full-length practice tests based on the most recently administered TExES.
• Replicates the format of the official exam, including level of difficulty.
• Supplies the correct answer and detailed explanations for each question on the practice test, which enables you to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses.

This guide is the result of analyses of multiple resources. The editors considered the most recent test administrations and professional standards. They also researched information from the Texas Education Agency, professional journals, textbooks, and educators. This guide includes the best test preparation materials based on the latest information available.

About the Test
Below are the domains used as the basis for the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 examination, as well as the percentage of the total test that each domain occupies. These domains and the competencies rooted in them represent the knowledge that teams of teachers, subject area specialists, and district-level educators have determined to be important for  beginning teachers.

Domain                                                       Percentage
1. English Language Arts and Reading           32%
2. Mathematics                                             19%
3. Social Studies                                           19%
4. Science                                                     18%
5. Fine Arts, Health, and Physical Education  12%

Format of the TExES
The TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 test includes 125 scorable multiple-choice items and approximately 15 non-scorable items used for field testing. Your final scaled score will be based only on scorable items. Do not leave any item unanswered, since you are not penalized for guessing. All multiple-choice questions are designed to assess your knowledge of the domains and related skills mentioned above and reviewed in this book. In general, the multiple-choice questions are intended to make you think logically. You are expected in most cases to demonstrate more than an ability to recall factual information; you may be asked to think critically about the information, analyze it, consider it carefully, compare it with knowledge you have, or make a judgment about it.

Answering the multiple-choice questions is straightforward. You will have four choices labeled A, B, C, and D. You must mark your choice on a separate answer sheet, or, on the computer-based version, directly below each test item. You should have plenty of time in which to complete the test, but be aware of the amount of time you are spending on each question so that you allow yourself time to complete the whole test. Although speed is not very important, a steady pace should be maintained when answering questions. Using the practice tests will help you prepare for this task.

When Should the TExES Be Taken?
Traditionally, teacher preparation programs determine when their candidates take the various tests required for teacher certification. These programs will also clear you to take the examinations and make final recommendations for certification to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). For those seeking certification right out of school, the test is generally taken just before graduation.
Taking all TExES examinations is a requirement to teach in Texas, so if you are planning on being an educator, you must take and pass these tests. The TExES is available in paper-based or computer-based formats. The former is usually administered five times a year at several locations throughout Texas. The usual testing day is Saturday, but the test may be taken on an alternate day if a conflict, such as a religious obligation, exists. The computer-based examinations are also available several times a year at specific locations.

The TExES Registration Bulletin offers information about test dates and locations, as well as registration information and how to make testing accommodations for those with special needs. The registration bulletin is available at http://texes.ets.org/registrationBulletin/

Registration bulletins are also available at the education departments of Texas colleges and universities. To address issues that cannot be solved at the teacher preparation program level, you can contact the offices of SBEC at (888) 863-5880 or (512) 469-8400. You can also find information about the test and registration on the SBEC website at http://texes.ets.org.


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