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TExES Generalist EC-6 (191)

TExES Generalist EC-6 (191)

4.6 8
by Luis A. Rosado, Editors of Editors of REA

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REA's TExES Generalist (191) Early Childhood to Grade 6 Test Prep
Gets You Certified and in the Classroom!

Nationwide, more than 4 million teachers will be needed over the next decade, and all must take appropriate tests to be licensed. REA gets you ready for your teaching career with our outstanding library of Teacher Certification test preps.


REA's TExES Generalist (191) Early Childhood to Grade 6 Test Prep
Gets You Certified and in the Classroom!

Nationwide, more than 4 million teachers will be needed over the next decade, and all must take appropriate tests to be licensed. REA gets you ready for your teaching career with our outstanding library of Teacher Certification test preps.

Our TExES test prep is designed to help teacher candidates master the information on the Generalist EC-6 (191) exam and get certified. It's perfect for college students, teachers, and career-changing professionals who are looking to become Texas Early Childhood and Elementary Grade teachers.

Written by leading teaching experts and fully aligned with the latest test specifications, our comprehensive review guides you through all the topics tested on the exam: English language arts and reading, math, social studies, science, fine arts, health, theater, and physical education.

The book includes a diagnostic test and two full-length practice tests that feature every type of question, subject area, and skill you need to know for the exam. Our practice tests replicate the TExES question format, allowing you to assess your skills and gauge your test-readiness.

Every practice exam comes with detailed feedback on every question. We don't just say which answers are right-we explain why the other answer choices are wrong-so you'll be prepared on test day. Our detailed answers let you identify your strengths and weaknesses while building your skills. This complete test prep package comes with a customized study schedule and REA's test-taking strategies and tips.

This test prep is a must-have for anyone who wants to teach EC-6 in Texas!

Product Details

Research & Education Association
Publication date:
TExES Teacher Certification Test Prep Series
Edition description:
Second Edition, Revised
Product dimensions:
8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range:
18 Years

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Passing the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6

Congratulations! By taking the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 exam, you’re on your way to a rewarding career as a teacher. Our book gives you everything you need to succeed on this important exam, bringing you one step closer to being certified to teach in the state of Texas. Our TExES test prep package includes:

• a complete overview of the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 exam

• a comprehensive review of every domain

• diagnostic test to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and focus your study

• two full-length practice tests based on the official exam with detailed answer explanations

How to Use This Book
About the Review

The review chapters in this book are designed to help you sharpen the basic skills needed to pass the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 exam. The TExES 191 is composed of five domains and 46 competencies. Each of the skills required for all five domains is discussed at length to optimize your understanding of what the 191 Generalist EC–6 test covers.

Keep in mind that your schooling has taught you most of what you need to know to answer the questions on the test. The education classes you took should have provided you with the know-how to make important decisions about situations you will face as a teacher. Our review is designed to help you fit the information you have acquired into specific competency components. Studying your class notes and textbooks together with our reviews will give you an excellent foundation for passing the exam.

About the Practice Tests
The best way to personalize your study plan is to get feedback on what you know and what you don’t know. This book gives you a diagnostic practice test plus two full-length practice tests with detailed answer explanations.

Before you review with the book, take the diagnostic test. Score your exam, then review the parts of the book where you’re weakest and focus your study on the areas where you need the most review.

After reviewing with the book, take practice tests 1 and 2 to ensure that you have mastered the material and are ready for test day. Review the detailed answer explanations to identify any other areas where you need extra study, and read those sections of the review chapters again.

An Overview of the Test
What is Tested on the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 exam?
The TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 exam measures the knowledge and skills that an entry-level educator in Texas public schools must possess. The test is a requirement for candidates seeking a Generalist EC−6 certificate. The paper-based version of the exam is administered twice a year at several locations throughout Texas. A computer-based examination is also available throughout the year at numerous locations.

Below are the five domains used as the basis for the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 examination, as well as the percentage of the total test questions for each domain. These domains and the competencies rooted in them represent the knowledge that teams of teachers, subject area specialists, and district-level educators have determined to be important for beginning teachers.

I. English Language Arts and Reading 32%

II. Mathematics 19%

III. Social Studies 19%

IV. Science 18%

IV. Fine Arts, Health, Physical Education, and Theater 12%

What is the Format of the TExES?
The TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 test includes 125 scorable multiple-choice items and approximately 15 non-scorable items used for field testing. Your final scaled score will be based only on the scorable items.

All multiple-choice questions are designed to assess your knowledge of the domains and related skills reviewed in this book. In general, the multiple-choice questions are intended to make you think logically. You are expected to demonstrate more than an ability to recall factual information; you may be asked to think critically about the information, analyze it, consider it carefully, compare it with knowledge you have, or make a judgment about it.

Answering the multiple-choice questions is straightforward. Each question will have four choices labeled A, B, C, and D. Mark your answer choice directly below each test item on the computer screen or on your paper answer sheet. The test is scored based on the number of questions you answer correctly, and no points are deducted for wrong answers. Therefore, do not leave any item unanswered, since you are not penalized for guessing.

You should have plenty of time to complete the test, but be aware of the amount of time you are spending on each question so you allow yourself time to complete the whole test. Maintain a steady pace when answering questions and use your time efficiently.

When Should the TExES Be Taken?
Traditionally, teacher preparation programs determine when their candidates take the required tests for teacher certification. These programs will also clear you to take the examinations and make final recommendations for certification to the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC). For those seeking certification right out of college, the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6 is generally taken just before graduation. Taking all TExES examinations is a requirement to teach in Texas, so if you are planning on being an educator, you must take and pass these tests.

The TExES Registration Bulletin offers more information about test dates and locations, as well as information on registration and testing accommodations—for those with special needs. The registration bulletin is available at http://cms.texes-ets.org/registrationbulletin/.

Registration bulletins are also available at the education departments of Texas colleges and universities. To address issues that cannot be solved at the teacher preparation program level, you can contact the offices of SBEC at (888) 863-5880 or (512) 469-8400. You can also find information about the test and registration on the SBEC website at http://cms.texes-ets.org/.

How Do I Register for the Test and Is There a Registration Fee?
The TExES exams are administered by Educational Testing Service (ETS) and they have very specific rules for registering for the test. It is important that you read the registration information on their website (http://cms.texes-ets.org/texes) and follow the instructions given there. To register for an exam, you must create an account in the ETS online registration system. Registration will then be available to you online, 24/7, during the regular, late, and emergency registration periods. You must pay a registration fee to take the TExES, and you will also incur additional late fees if registering after the scheduled date.

Scoring the TExES (191) Generalist EC–6 Test
There are 140 multiple-choice questions on each practice test. You must get 98 of those questions correct to score at the 70% level and 112 questions to score at the 80% level. Scores in these ranges suggest that you are developing an understanding of the content of the test covered in this book. On the actual test, 15 of the 140 questions are being field-tested and will not be scored. The test is scored on a 100-300 point scale, with a minimum passing score of 240 points. If you do not get a passing score on the diagnostic test or the practice tests, study the detailed explanations for the questions you answered incorrectly. Note which types of questions you answered wrong, and re-examine the corresponding review content. After further review, you may want to retake the practice tests.

When Will I Receive My Score Report?
As part of the registration process to take TExES examinations, all test-takers set up an account with the testing agency (ETS) in which they are assigned a username and password. Use this account to access your score report information on the ETS/TExES website. Score reports will be posted by 5 p.m. Central Time on the score reporting date and will be available for 90 days.

Your score report will indicate whether you have passed the test. This report will also give you the following information:

• A total test scaled score is reported on a scale of 100–300. The minimum passing score is a scaled score of 240. This score represents the minimum level of competency required to be an entry-level educator in this field in Texas public schools.

• Your performance in the major content domains of the test and in the specific competencies of the test is reported. This information may be useful in identifying strengths and weaknesses and can be used in preparing for the test should you need to retake it.

• Information to help you interpret your results.

Can I Retake the Test?
If you don’t do well on the TExES, don’t panic! You can take it again, and in fact many candidates do. You can register to retake it at any subsequent test administration. To retake a test, submit a new registration along with the correct payment. It is recommended that you wait for your scores before reregistering.

Studying for the TExES 191 Generalist EC–6
When Should I Start Studying?
It is never too early to start studying for the TExES. The earlier you begin, the more time you will have to sharpen your skills. Do not procrastinate. Cramming is not an effective way to study, since it does not allow you the time needed to learn the test material. It is very important for you to choose the time and place for studying that works best for you. Be consistent and use your time wisely. Work out a study routine and stick to it.

When you take the diagnostic test and practice tests, simulate the conditions of the actual test as closely as possible. Turn your television and radio off, and sit down at a quiet table free from distraction.

As you complete each test, review your score reports, and thoroughly review the explanations to the questions you answered incorrectly. However, do not review too much at any one time. Concentrate on one problem area at a time by reviewing the question and explanation, and by studying our review until you are confident that you have mastered the material. Give extra attention to the reviews that cover your areas of difficulty, as this will build your skills in those areas.

Meet the Author

Dr. Luis A. Rosado is the Director of the Center for Bilingual and ESL Education
and Professor in the College of Education and Health Professions (COEHP), at the University
of Texas at Arlington. He holds degrees from the University of Puerto Rico, Boston
State College, and Texas A&M University–Kingsville. He has published in the areas
of pedagogy and professional responsibilities, parental involvement, cross-cultural communication,
and Spanish linguistics and Spanish for bilingual teachers. Dr. Rosado has
over 25 years of teaching experience at the elementary, high school, and college levels.
He has taught in Puerto Rico, Massachusetts, and Texas.

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TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) - The Best Teachers' Test Prep for the TX TExES Generalist EC-6 (191) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Penguin_88 More than 1 year ago
This was a great buy. Take the time to work through the material as suggested in the beginning of the book and be amazed at how well you do on the exam. I would and have recommended this book to all those struggling to pass their exam. I have great success with this product. Passed on my first attempt.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TimNevins More than 1 year ago
This TExES generalist ec-6 study guide covered a lot of "might be" content one would guess could show up. Unfortunately, I did not have test prep time to repeat entire college courses and read a textbook. When I prepare for an exam like the TExES test and buy a prep book I want an efficient survey or outline of the content and competencies tested. The Teaching Solutions dot or test success system for TExES generalist does better in giving the core exam content in a user friendly manner. The Barrons book and other study guides for the TExES exam are well written and complete in their summary of broad bodies of academic knowledge. However, it feels to me they stil 'side swipe" around the actual test content. No book will be perfect and this TExES generalist guide is not a bad supplement, but I did not use this to pass my exam.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thanks. Sorry, too many typos for me to understand.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I kjow dis happens to alla deez kinda contests. Know one comes. So no one c<_>ums. Haha. Pun intended. Dont worry. Ur not alone. Dat doesnt mpmean i set dis ting up too doh.