Text-Tionary: The Ultimate Decoder of Text Abbreviations


These days the most efficient way to communicate is through instant communication: Texting! But what the heck do all those abbreviations mean? Do you know what this means: BY&M, I H8- S/T, GTTP! Thr Txt u SIT? If not, you need Text-tionary: The ultimate, informative, TEXT abbreviation de-coder, with helpful tips to become an expert texter! So what's the translation? Between you and me I hate small talk. Get to the point. Through text you stay in touch.
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These days the most efficient way to communicate is through instant communication: Texting! But what the heck do all those abbreviations mean? Do you know what this means: BY&M, I H8- S/T, GTTP! Thr Txt u SIT? If not, you need Text-tionary: The ultimate, informative, TEXT abbreviation de-coder, with helpful tips to become an expert texter! So what's the translation? Between you and me I hate small talk. Get to the point. Through text you stay in touch.
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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781452047249
  • Publisher: AuthorHouse
  • Publication date: 7/9/2010
  • Pages: 132
  • Sales rank: 422,007
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.31 (d)

Table of Contents


The Case....................7
So what is texting?....................8
The Joys of Texting....................9
Uses for Texting....................11
Texting Generation....................12
Fastest texter in the world!....................13
The Evidence....................14
Texting Vs. Face-to-Face Communication....................14
Text better than Voicemail....................15
The Benefits of Texting:....................18
Look how far we have come!....................19
The Texting Industry....................20
What's your favorite kind of text message? ....................24
Texting Testimonials/Catching the Texting Bug....................25
Texts & Emergencies....................28
Texting a LOVE STORY....................31
The Verdict....................35
It's Time to Learn to Text!....................35
How to Use the Text-tionary....................37
What's your texting : ) (Personality)?....................39
Annoying Ambiguous Texts/Double Meanings....................41
Texting 101....................43
Text-iquette Says:....................44
Texting Don'ts....................44
Take Shirley's No Phone zone pledge....................50
Texts Gone Wrong: How to fix it & What to Do!....................64
Texting for Dollars: How Texting Can Save You Money....................69
Texting and T.V....................69
Texting .... OVER IT! When it's too much ...!....................70
Text & Have it All....................71
Make your own abbreviations....................72
Abbreviation (Letters)....................73
Intro to Text-tionary web-site....................129
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First Chapter


The Ultimate Decoder of Text Abbreviations
By Shirley Slee


Copyright © 2010 Shirley Slee
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-4724-9

Chapter One

The Case


This is the ultimate pocket book that will have you sending cool, informative, hip text abbreviations in no time. Text-tionary will also help you de-code over 1,000 different text abbreviations. No more guessing WDTM (what does that mean)?

So stretch your thumbs and get ready to learn many new, exciting text abbreviations. Whether you're a first timer, intermediate, or think you're a pro, Text-tionary is for you.

You will learn correct text-etiquette, how not to offend your date, boss, spouse, or friend as well as not sending the ever popular mixed message. One of the most important things to remember when sending a text is MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE SENDING IT TO THE CORRECT PERSON :-! (Foot in mouth).

So, what is texting?

Texting is instant communication. It's fast and efficient, but new abbreviations are being invented every day. Text-tionary decodes any message so you can keep up, and text like you know what you're talking about every time. Even you self-confessed text pros with over 1,000 new abbreviations, smiley faces and numbers, you can't possibly know them all! Try decoding this..... BY&M, I H8- S/T, GTTP! Thr Txt u SIT. (Between you and me I hate small talk get to the point! Through text you stay in touch).

The Joys of Texting

There are many joys of texting, first and foremost cutting out the small talk. For example when confirming an appointment it's so easy to text 3:00 or 5:00? Instead of calling and saying "Hello how are you, I was wondering was the appointment 3 o'clock or 5 o'clock? Ok thank you, talk to you later". Another joy of texting is saying goodbye to the "awkward" moment; if you don't know the person that well it is so much easier to communicate through written word, opposed to actual talking, where long pauses can be really uncomfortable. The ability to edit; think about it, when you're fighting with your spouse or have a disagreement with a friend texting allows you to edit, erase, or send. When in person or talking on the phone you don't get the opportunity to take back what was said. One of the best joys of texting is making an announcement like a birth or engagement, ect ...

Texting can be very useful, it offers companionship and the promise of connectivity. Over 75 billion texts are being sent every month. Times are changing, GWTP (get with the program) ...

You see in the subways, crowded restaurants and more when you're surrounded by other people and don't want to disrupt by yapping on your cell phone, but still need to communicate, text is the way to go! It's more discreet.

Uses for Texting

* Keep in touch * Check in * Send a quick message * Confirm a place and/or time * Cancel a meeting * Send a funny joke * Brighten someone's day * Send little love notes * Make an announcement * Send a quick reminder * Chat for cheap internationally * Send holiday wishes

And yes, some peeps do use texting to break-up but I don't recommend it.

No pen and paper required. All the information is sent right to your phone. It's an instant written record.

Texting Generation

Not only are teenagers sending more texts, but the 20 something's are sending texts like crazy. Not wanting to be left out the 30 something's are learning how to text as well! And the 40 something's are forced to learn since this is the choice of communication of their tweens. 50 something's are texting because the 20's are!

And before you know it Gram's is shooting off texts like a pro! The number of text messages sent grew nearly three times to a level of ten messages per day per mobile subscriber in the last year.

Fastest texter in the world!

Texting hall of famer

...... Fifteen year old Kate Moore from Des Moines, Iowa won the coveted title of fastest texter, as well as a $50,000 dollar prize in the LG National Texting Championship. Kate has had a lot of practice sending out about 500 texts a day. During the competition the contestants were blind-folded while running through an obstacle course. Abbreviations were allowed also accuracy and speed was judged. Kate's final text was, Zippity Dooo Dahh Zippity Ayy ... My oh My, what a wonderful day!

The Evidence

Texting Vs. Face-to-Face Communication

Everything has its pros and cons. The same goes for Texting and face-to-face communication. When you text you minimize social anxiety and it's a lot easier to ask someone out on a date or for a favor than on the phone. It's also easier to say no to a date or a favor on a text than on a phone. And you don't need to worry about popping a breath mint. When you send a good ol SWAK (Sealed with a kiss) through a text.

Through Text you eliminate ...

* Social anxiety * Weird facial expressions * Reading body language * Having to shower

* Potential viruses * STD's * Leaving the couch * Awkward silence

Texting, better than voicemail ...!

Text messages are instant! The recipient of a text sees a flash on their screen immediately opposed to a voice mail they will not listen to until it's convenient. A voice mail requires one to dial the # then listen, erase, or save, if you must remember a phone number or a list this requires a pencil and paper. With a text you read it right away, and have it for future reference! Also you're more likely to respond within minutes ... If you really need to talk, shoot a text with CM, meaning call me. This way when it's convenient they will give you a call, or if they are not responding, you can text LVM (leaving voice mail). One of the best reasons, you don't have to listen to the stupid recorded voice saying ... "If you're not happy with your lame message and want to erase it press ... #7. It wastes 25 seconds of your time ... x's that by 12 a day, and heck you could have slept in 5 minutes longer.

11 Reasons why!

1. Saves time

2. Faster response time

3. Save important info, for future reference

4. Real time communication

5. Yes or no answers

6. Don't have to stress about how corny your message sounds!

7. Not as confrontational

8. Voice mail is so yesterday!

9. Voice mail was the way our elders sent messages!

10. If you're not keeping up you're falling behind!!

11. Stay in the know while @ office

Text preference

"I would prefer a friend send a text versus leaving a voicemail message any day. I hate voicemail messages but a text you can immediately respond to. Most of the time, all people are saying in the voicemail message is 'Hi, hope you're well. Give me a call'. Now why can't that be said in a text? Quick decisions like where we are going to meet for lunch can also be made via text. Living in the NYC area, I just don't have the time to stop to listen to messages and time to call back every person who left a message. It's simply unrealistic when

I'm catching trains and buses to get to appointments. I don't sit at a desk all day so texting is the best thing since sliced bread". Thanks.


The Benefits of Texting:

* It's fun. * It's quick and instant communication * You get your answer right away. * Allows you to stay in constant contact * Don't have to spell everything correctly * Track, I mean check on kids more easily * You have a hard copy of a conversation * Great black mail

Look how far we've come! Smoke messages-

From the past to the future! Texting in the sky, Native Americans were ahead of the game by sending messages through smoke signals. By dosing the fire with grass, or buffalo manure, messages could be sent through the smoke. In general smoke signals were used to transmit news, signal danger, or gather people to a common area.

The Texting Industry ...

One-in-four children under the age of eight have a cell phone. This number skyrockets to 89% by the time they reach the age of 11 or 12. 70% of American users sent at least 1 text message every single day. As of June 2008, over 1 trillion SMS messages were sent compared to just 363billion in 2007 and 18 Billion in December 2006. According to the Nielsen Company almost 80 messages a day, more than double the average of a year earlier. US Mobile 'Text Message' User Median age is 38 yrs old. (And you thought it was just tweens) 49% M / 51% F.

Industry Watch

As of quarter two 2008, a typical U.S. mobile subscriber sends or receives 357 text messages per month, compared to placing or receiving 204 phone calls. Though the number of calls has remained relatively steady, the number of text messages is up 450% from just two years prior.

Hot Texting News

Santa Baby, did you get my text??? Every year around Christmas time the Postal Service is bombarded with hundreds of thousands of letters to Santa! In order to save many trees, and not clog the mail service, many cell phone companies have offered a texting option, in which kids can text, their requests to #1224! A random text is sent in return, to ensure the kiddies that Jolly Old Saint Nick got the message.

Cowboys Text too!

"My boyfriend (seems silly to call him that-we're 57-but love makes you feel young!!) was picking me up at work on Friday for a fun night out. I sent him a text stating I was ready. He had been texting me and also his CPA - also a woman - a few times that afternoon. He texted back "OK, baby-I'm comin' to getcha" (we are Texans, and, as such don't acknowledge proper spelling or grammar all the time). Of course, this text went to his CPA-a nice lady, but a little reserved. She was a bit taken aback to be approached by her client in that manner. But, in the spirit of understanding, she texted back "You obviously have the WRONG woman!". I'm just glad the message was Grated....and we are very careful about what we text to each other these days!" *Kelly P.* age 57

Texting Highs

When you hear your phone beep that a text came through do you drop everything you're doing and run to the phone to see who it is? If so, you're experiencing a texting high. It's like getting a letter in the mail only better because you didn't have to wait two days for it to arrive.

What's your favorite kind of text?

* A picture message * The kind that keep on firing back ?? * Any kind * One that doesn't bother you while your chillaxing * Informative * Forwards * Love texts * Sound texts * Naughty * Positive one * Smiley face with wink * All abbreviations so I can de-code * Uplifting quotes

Texting Testimonials /Catching the Texting Bug

"I am 98% deaf in one ear, and 42% deaf in the other ear....Text messaging has opened up so much more communication for me. I use to avoid talking on the phone to people, esp. on cell phones, because I struggled so much with hearing all the words that people say! I wing a lot of conversations due to having to constantly ask them to repeat themselves! People get frustrated very quickly with you if you don't hear them the 2nd or 3rd time! I totally LOVE LOVE LOVE Texting! It has improved my social life so much!" *Clay* Age 27 Sand Diego, Ca.

It's so much easier to carry on a good conversation through text messaging. You'll find that you are so much wittier and interesting, through the written word. Rather than having to speak and respond on the spot, you can take a minute to think over your answers! Also, when you don't really feel like talking, you can simply respond to the question instead of having to carry on a ten minute long "polite" conversation!

"Texting has literally changed my life. It's allowed me to keep up with my friends and family who are spread throughout the country. I have a stronger relationship with my cousin and brother because of texting. Before texting, I never really talked to anyone in my family on the phone besides my mom, grandma, and dad. Living away from everyone, it's hard to keep up. Now that texting is around I know more about their lives than I ever have before. Texting has brought us closer. It also helps me keep up with my old college friends. Texting is a great way to keep up with people between phone calls. I also use texting for shopping. For example, I signed up thru the Ikea's website and now I get a text message from them any time they're having a sale or a special event. The reason I love texting is because it allows me to live my life and still keep up with my friends and family. That's really important to me". *Jennifer Blanchard*

Texts & Emergencies

Text messaging can help families stay in touch in the wake of a disaster, according to a national safety group. The Safe America Foundation announced a campaign to train families about alternate ways of staying in touch if traditional communication methods are not working. In the event of an emergency communication may go down, textmessages may still 'get through' or be held in the cue for delivery once service is restored. It is noted that having parents learn how to text message is a valuable safety tool as it may be the only lifeline to their children. The organization's Web site offers a tutorial in emergency text messaging www.safeamericaprepared.org. 911 texting is particular helpful to the country's deaf and hard-of-hearing residents, who have had to rely on more cumbersome methods to reach 911.

"As a First Aid instructor, I have been waiting for this technological update for quite some time. I can think of so many instances when someone may be able to text 911 instead of calling! A great example is if you are choking and are unable, to cough, speak, or breathe! If you are not near a land line to call 911, what better way to get some help coming your way? I will be happy to know that at least one person can be saved/helped with this new development. That one life will be worth all the money spent on this new way of reaching a 911 operator." *Chris S.*

Saving Africa through Text....

Matt Berg, one of Times Magazine 100 most influential people, is looking after 100,000 children, and women in Kenya, Africa! He's the technology director for ChildCount. ChildCount uses texting as a way for health care workers to exchange important health information regarding patient's diagnoses. In only nine months 20,000 nutrition screenings have taken place, 500 cases of malnutrition, as well as 2,000 cases of malaria. Way to go Matt!!!! Just think how much more info the doctors could exchange if they had a Text-tionary.


Excerpted from Text-tionary by Shirley Slee Copyright © 2010 by Shirley Slee. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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