Textbook Managment for Doctors / Edition 1

Textbook Managment for Doctors / Edition 1

by Tony White

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Saunders, W. B. Company
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Table of Contents

1Medicine before the NHS1
2The evolution of the NHS9
3Doctor's involvement in management - the reality21
4The organizational structure of hospitals33
5Engaging doctors in management47
6Clinical directorates57
7Management development for doctors67
8The roles of medical directors81
9The roles of clinical directors89
10Practical aspects of clinical directors' and medical directors' appointments99
11Giving talks and presentations105
12Effective writing115
13Managing people127
14Interviews and interviewing skills135
15Being interviewed149
16The management of meetings157
17Dealing with the media165
18Educational management173
19Managing for personal effectiveness183
20Team building and performance management191
21Change management201
22Managing a budget211
23Business planning221
24Marketing, marketing strategy and contracts231
25Economics for clinicians241
26Personnel, performance and staff appraisal257
27Quality in health care273
28Managing some legal Issues297
29Risk management313
30Information and information technology in healthcare331
31Management of learning, professional development341
32Further principles for clinical directors359
33Multiprofessional audit367
34Doctors and management in the reformed NHS379
35The Culture of a health commission387
36Clinical and professional freedom399

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