Textbook of Christian Ethics / Edition 2

Textbook of Christian Ethics / Edition 2

by Robin Gill

A new, updated third edition of the most successful and widely used textbook on Christian ethics.

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A new, updated third edition of the most successful and widely used textbook on Christian ethics.

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Bloomsbury Academic
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

System of Analysis3
The Texts: Augustine, Aquinas and Luther30
The Extracts48
Method of Study50
Sect. 1Methodology
Augustine 'God's Foreknowledge and Human Free-will' from The City of God64
Aquinas 'Natural Law' from Summa Theologica76
Luther from Treatise on Good Works88
Bonhoeffer 'Ethics and Christian Ethics' from Ethics107
Fletcher from Situation Ethics113
Copleston 'Objections to Natural Law' from Aquinas120
John Paul II 'The Crisis of Moral Truth' from Veritatis Splendor127
Fiorenza 'Ethics and Feminist Theology'133
Sect. 2Politics, Economics and Justice
Augustine 'The Earthly and Heavenly Cities' from The City of God151
Aquinas from On Princely Government164
Luther from Trade and Usury176
Barth 'God's Judgment on Political Revolutions' from The Epistle to the Romans206
Berdyaev 'Politics and the Spirit' from Freedom and the Spirit213
Niebuhr 'The Conflict Between Individual and Social Morality' from Moral Man and Immoral Society218
Temple from Christianity and Social Order224
John XXIII 'Towards a World Government' from Pacem in Terris231
Miranda 'Justice and Almsgiving' from Marx and the Bible241
Sect. 3War and Peace
Augustine 'The Just War' from Reply to Faustus the Manichaean266
Aquinas 'War, Christians and the Clergy' from Summa Theologica277
Luther from Whether Soldiers, too, Can be Saved289
Welty 'Wars of Aggression and Defence' from A Handbook of Christian Social Ethics313
Ramsey from Who Speaks for the Church?321
US Catholic Bishops from The Challenge of Peace328
Hauerwas 'Pacifism: Some Philosophical Considerations'339
Bonino 'Liberation Theology and Peace' from Revolutionary Theology Comes of Age345
Sect. 4The Environment
Augustine from The Literal Meaning of Genesis367
Aquinas 'Creation and Divine Providence' from Summa Contra Gentiles380
Luther from Commentary on Genesis (1.26-31)390
White 'The Theological Roots of our Ecological Crisis'408
Gregorios 'Ecology and the World Council of Churches'417
Abraham 'Liberation and Eco-Justice'427
Clark 'Christian Responsibility for the Environment'436
McFague 'An Earthly Theological Agenda'444
Sect. 5Human Life and Interpersonal Relationships
Augustine 'Suicide' from The City of God466
Aquinas 'Fornication and Marriage' from Summa Contra Gentiles479
Luther from On the Jews and Their Lies495
Fletcher 'Euthanasia' from Morals and Medicine515
Ware 'Marriage and Divorce - an Orthodox Perspective'522
Paul VI 'Birth Control' from Humanae Vitae533
WCC 'Churches Against Racism'542
Ruether 'Western Christianity and Zionism'549
Bibliography and indexes567

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