Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology / Edition 1

Textbook of Transpersonal Psychiatry and Psychology / Edition 1

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by Bruce W. Scotton, Allan B. Chinen, John R. Battista

At last, new treatment modalities that acknowledge the importance of the soul and the spirit!See more details below


At last, new treatment modalities that acknowledge the importance of the soul and the spirit!

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Table of Contents

1Introduction and Definition of Transpersonal Psychiatry3
2The Emergence of Transpersonal Psychiatry9
3William James and Transpersonal Psychiatry21
4Freud's Influence on Transpersonal Psychology29
5The Contribution of C. G. Jung to Transpersonal Psychiatry39
6Abraham Maslow and Roberto Assagioli: Pioneers of Transpersonal Psychology52
7The Worldview of Ken Wilber62
8The Consciousness Research of Stanislav Grof75
9Consciousness, Information Theory, and Transpersonal Psychiatry85
10Shamanism and Healing96
11The Contribution of Hinduism and Yoga to Transpersonal Psychiatry104
12The Contribution of Buddhism to Transpersonal Psychiatry114
13Kabbalah and Transpersonal Psychiatry123
14Transpersonal Psychology: Roots in Christian Mysticism134
15Native North American Healers145
16Aging and Adult Spiritual Development: A Transpersonal View of the Life Cycle Through Fairy Tales155
17Meditation Research: The State of the Art167
18Psychedelics and Transpersonal Psychiatry176
19Parapsychology and Transpersonal Psychology186
20Contemporary Physics and Transpersonal Psychiatry195
21The Contribution of Anthropology to Transpersonal Psychiatry207
22Western Analytical Philosophy and Transpersonal Epistemology217
23Diagnosis: A Transpersonal Clinical Approach to Religious and Spiritual Problems231
24Offensive Spirituality and Spiritual Defenses250
25The Phenomenology and Treatment of Kundalini261
26Transpersonal Psychotherapy With Psychotic Disorders and Spiritual Emergencies With Psychotic Features271
27Transpersonal Techniques and Psychotherapy282
28Transpersonal Psychotherapy With Religious Persons293
29The Near-Death Experience as a Transpersonal Crisis302
30Treating Former Members of Cults316
31Psychopharmacology and Transpersonal Psychology327
32Psychedelic Psychotherapy335
33Clinical Aspects of Meditation344
34Guided-Imagery Therapy355
35Breathwork: Theory and Technique366
36Past-Life Therapy377
37Transpersonal Psychiatry in Psychiatry Residency Training Programs388
38Toward a Psychology of Human and Ecological Survival: Psychological Approaches to Contemporary Global Threats396
39Integration and Conclusion409
40An Annotated Guide to the Transpersonal Literature416

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