Textbook of Travel Medicine and Health / Edition 2

Textbook of Travel Medicine and Health / Edition 2

by Herbert L. DuPont, Robert Steffen

ISBN-10: 1550091379

ISBN-13: 9781550091373

Pub. Date: 01/28/2001

Publisher: B. C. Decker Incorporated

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B. C. Decker Incorporated
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Table of Contents

1Travel Medicine as a Unique Medical Specialty1
2Health Risks Abroad: General Considerations3
3Travel Industry and Medical Professionals
3.1Responsibilities and Ideal Interaction10
3.2Philosophical and Ethical Considerations of Travel14
4Pretravel Planning16
5Travel and Tourism Patterns20
6Health Information for International Travel27
7Travel Medicine and the Travel Medicine Clinic
7.1Travel Clinics in Europe34
7.2Travel Medicine and Travel Clinics in the U.S. and Canada35
7.3Travel Medicine and the Travel Medicine Clinic in Australia39
7.4Travel and Travel Clinics in Asia41
8Developing Regions46
9Medical Problems of High Altitude51
10Sea and Diving
10.1Physiology and Decompression: Diving-Related Health Problems63
10.2Marine Hazards64
11"Hot and Cold!" Medical Risk of Environmental Extremes72
12Travelers' Diarrhea
12.1Epidemiology and Clinical Aspects78
12.2Prevention of Travelers Diarrhea: Risk Avoidance and Chemoprophylaxis86
12.3Treatment of Traveler's Diarrhea92
13.1Epidemiology and Prevention of Exposure101
13.2Malaria: Chemoprophylaxis108
13.3Treatment of Malaria114
13.4Malaria: Emergency Self-Treatment by Travelers130
13.5Malaria Vaccines137
14Vaccine-Preventable Diseases
14.1Principles and Practices143
14.2The Commercially Available Vaccines154
14.3Future Enteric Vaccines169
14.4Prospects for the Development of Dengue Fever, Neisseria Meningitidis Group B, and HIV Vaccines for Travelers178
15Respiratory Tract Infections183
16Sexually Transmitted Diseases193
17Viral Tropical Infections
17.1Arboviruses and Zoonotic Viruses200
17.2Other Important Viral Infections in Travelers215
18Bacterial Tropical Infections223
19Parasitic Tropical Infections235
20Psychiatric Illness and Stress253
21Accidents, Bites and Stings
21.1Travel-Related Injuries, Epidemiology, and Prevention258
21.2Bites and Stings261
22Travel-Related Illness (Motion Sickness, Jet Lag, Thrombosis, Other)
22.1Aircraft Travel and Related Illness265
22.2Motion Sickness271
23Economic Evaluation in Travel Medicine276
24Compliance with Travel Health Recommendations282
25Very Short-Term Travel287
26Expatriates and Long-Term Travelers291
27Expedition Participants298
28Traveling with Children304
29Pregnancy, Nursing, Contraception, and Travel311
30The Aged, Infirm, or Handicapped Traveler320
31Illness Abroad and Back Home
31.1Medical Emergencies Abroad: Indications for and Logistics of Aeromedical Evacuation329
31.2Medical Care for Foreign Visitors to the United States of America and Canada332
31.3Developing Countries336
32Diagnostic and Management Approaches in Returning Travelers339
33Outbreak Investigations and Management (Airplane, Ship, Other)351
34Travel Medicine 2007357

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